1. Paradoxes, Ambiguity and Rationality

    Paradoxes, Ambiguity and Rationality

    Edited by O. F. Hamouda, J. C.R. Rowley
    1997   Hardback Price: $ 273.00   Web: $ 245.70
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  2. Bayesian Analysis in Econometrics and Statistics

    Bayesian Analysis in Econometrics and Statistics

    Arnold Zellner
    This book presents some of Arnold Zellner’s outstanding contributions to the philosophy, theory and application of Bayesian analysis, particularly as it relates to statistics, econometrics and economics. Learn More
    1997   Hardback Price: $ 192.00   Web: $ 172.80
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  3. Foundations of Probability, Econometrics and Economic Games Series

    Foundations of Probability, Econometrics and Economic Games Series

    Edited by O. F. Hamouda, J. C.R. Rowley
    This major new series reprints in book form a selection of the most important and influential articles on probability, econometrics and economic games which cumulatively have had a major impact on the development of modern economics. Many of these articles and papers were originally published in relatively inaccessible journals and will not be available in the archives of many university libraries. Learn More
    1997   Hardback Price: $ 2,200.00   Web: $ 1,980.00
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    Wojciech W. Charemza, Derek F. Deadman
    The second edition of this widely acclaimed text presents a thoroughly up-to-date intuitive account of recent developments in econometrics. It continues to present the frontiers of research in an accessible form for non-specialist econometricians, advanced undergraduates and graduate students wishing to carry out applied econometric research. Learn More
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    1997   Paperback Price: $ 49.00   Web: $ 39.20
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  5. The Foundations of Game Theory

    The Foundations of Game Theory

    Edited by Mary A. Dimand, Robert W. Dimand
    This important three volume set is a collection of key writings on game theory published before 1963. It makes many frequently-cited and historically important articles conveniently available to a wider audience. Learn More
    1997   Hardback Price: $ 994.00   Web: $ 894.60
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  6. Nonlinear Models

    Nonlinear Models

    Edited by Herman J. Bierens, A. R. Gallant
    The papers collected in the two volumes Nonlinear Models focus on the asymptotic theory of parameter estimators of nonlinear single equation models and systems of nonlinear models, in particular weak and strong consistency, asymptotic normality, and parameter inference, for cross-sections as well as for time series. A selection of papers on testing for, and estimation and inference under, model misspecification is also included. The models under review are parametric, hence their functional form is assured to be known up to a vector of unknown parameters, and the functional form involved is nonlinear in at least one of the parameters. Learn More
    1997   Hardback Price: $ 532.00   Web: $ 478.80
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  7. Essays on Game Theory

    Essays on Game Theory

    John F. Nash Jr
    Essays on Game Theory is a unique collection of seven of John Nash’s essays which highlight his pioneering contribution to game theory in economics. Learn More
    1996   Hardback Price: $ 129.00   Web: $ 116.10
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  8. Chaos Theory in Economics

    Chaos Theory in Economics

    Edited by W. D. Dechert
    This important book presents the most important articles by leading scholars in their fields and brings together three basic aspects of research into nonlinear dynamics and economics. Learn More
    1996   Hardback Price: $ 350.00   Web: $ 315.00
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    Carl F. Christ
    Professor Christ’s pioneering contributions to econometrics, monetary and fiscal policies and the government’s budget constraint are thoroughly covered in this volume. Other areas addressed include monetary economics, monetary policy, macroeconomic model building, and the role of the economist in economic policy making. The book also features an original new introduction by the author and a detailed bibliography. Learn More
    1996   Hardback Price: $ 184.00   Web: $ 165.60
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    Yusuf M. Mansur
    The widespread use of fuzzy set theory in almost every science attests to its intuitive appeal and the powerful insights it offers. Despite its relevance as a tool for evaluating non-stochastic behavioural uncertainty and its clear applicability to the business world, fuzzy mathematics has yet to establish itself in mainstream economic analysis. Learn More
    1995   Hardback Price: $ 127.00   Web: $ 114.30
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    Kenneth F. Wallis
    This major volume of essays by Kenneth F. Wallis features 28 articles published over a quarter of a century on the statistical analysis of economic time series, large-scale macroeconometric modelling, and the interface between them. The first part deals with time-series econometrics and includes significant early contributions to the development of the LSE tradition in time-series econometrics, which is the dominant British tradition and has considerable influence worldwide. Later sections discuss theoretical and practical issues in modelling seasonality and forecasting with applications in both large-scale and small-scale models. The final section summarizes the research programme of the ESRC Macroeconomic Modelling Bureau, a unique comparison project among economy-wide macroeconometric models. Learn More
    1995   Hardback Price: $ 170.00   Web: $ 153.00
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    Phoebus J. Dhrymes
    This selection of Professor Dhrymes’s major papers combines important contributions to econometric theory with a series of well-thought out, skilfully executed empirical studies. The theoretical papers focus on such issues as the general linear model, simultaneous equations models, distributed lags and ancillary topics. Most of these papers originated with problems encountered in empirical research. The applied studies deal with production function and productivity topics, demand for labour, arbitrage pricing theory, demand for housing and related issues. Learn More
    1995   Hardback Price: $ 216.00   Web: $ 194.40
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  13. Foundations of Modern Econometrics

    Foundations of Modern Econometrics

    Edited by Olav Bjerkholt
    Ragnar Frisch (1895–1973) played a major role in the foundation of econometrics as a discipline. Joint winner with Jan Tinbergen of the first Nobel prize in economics, he exerted a strong influence both on its development in the 1930s and, as editor of Econometrica for more than twenty years, its subsequent growth following the Second World War. Beginning with his early contributions to utility measurement and index problems, macrodynamics and econometric methods, this outstanding collection of his essays also features his later work on macroeconomic models and planning methods, including programming techniques and preference functions. Learn More
    1995   Hardback Price: $ 380.00   Web: $ 342.00
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    Edited by Nicholas G. Polson, George C. Tiao
    This two volume set is a collection of 30 classic papers presenting ideas which have now become standard in the field of Bayesian inference. Topics covered include the central field of statistical inference as well as applications to areas of probability theory, information theory, utility theory and computational theory. It is organized into seven sections: foundations, information theory and prior distributions; robustness and outliers; hierarchical, multivariate and non-parametric models; asymptotics; computations and Monte Carlo methods; and Bayesian econometrics. Learn More
    1995   Hardback Price: $ 425.00   Web: $ 382.50
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  15. Game Theory and International Relations

    Game Theory and International Relations

    Edited by Pierre Allan, Christian Schmidt
    At the cutting edge of current modelling in international relations using non-cooperative game theory, this collection of original contributions from political scientists and economists explores some of the fundamental assumptions of game theory modelling. It includes a theory of game payoff formation, a theory of preference aggregation, thorough discussions of the effects of interdependence between preferences upon various game structures, in-depth analyses of the impact of incomplete information upon dynamic games of negotiation, and a study using differential games. Numerous illustrations, case studies and comparative case studies show the relevance of the theoretical debate. The chapters are organised to allow readers with a limited knowledge of game theory to develop their understanding of the fundamental issues. Learn More
    1994   Hardback Price: $ 144.00   Web: $ 129.60
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    Edited by Kenneth F. Wallis
    Jan Tinbergen presented the first macroeconometric model of the Dutch economy to a meeting in The Hague in October 1936. Since that time econometric models of national economies have developed enormously and proliferated worldwide, thanks to improvements in economic data, progress in economic theory and econometric methods, a series of revolutions in computing, and the demonstrated usefulness of the end product. Learn More
    1994   Hardback Price: $ 511.00   Web: $ 459.90
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    Edited by Andrew Harvey
    The last 20 years have witnessed a considerable increase in the use of time series techniques in econometrics. The articles in this important set have been chosen to illustrate the main themes in time series work as it relates to econometrics. The editor has written a new concise introduction to accompany the articles. Sections covered include: Ad Hoc Forecasting Procedures, ARIMA Modelling, Structural Time Series Models, Unit Roots, Detrending and Non-stationarity, Seasonality, Seasonal Adjustment and Calendar Effects, Dynamic Regression and Intervention Analysis, Multivariate Models, Causality, Exogeneity and Expectations, State Space Models and the Kalman Filter, Non-Linear and Non-Gaussian Models. Learn More
    1994   Hardback Price: $ 483.00   Web: $ 434.70
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  18. Studies in Econometric Theory

    Studies in Econometric Theory

    Takeshi Amemiya
    Takeshi Amemiya has made a significant contribution to econometric theory over the past 30 years. This volume brings together 34 of his key articles and papers on areas such as limited dependent variables, non-linear simultaneous equations models, time series analysis and error components models. Many of the articles reprinted in this volume are indispensable references for researchers in the relevant fields. The specially written preface outlines the influences and motivations behind Professor Amemiya’s work. Studies in Econometric Theory presents in a single volume the most significant work of one of the most important influential econometricians of our time. Learn More
    1994   Hardback Price: $ 180.00   Web: $ 162.00
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    Edited by Adrian C. Darnell
    The History of Econometrics is a two volume collection of major papers which have shaped the development of this subject. Part I includes articles which together provide an overview of the history of econometrics, part II addresses the relationship between econometrics and statistics, the articles in part III constitute early applied studies and part IV includes articles concerned with the role and method of econometrics. Learn More
    1994   Hardback Price: $ 462.00   Web: $ 415.80
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    Edited by Carl F. Christ
    This title comprises the classic articles on methods of identification and estimation of simultaneous equations econometric models. It includes path-breaking contributions by Trygve Haavelmo and Tjalling Koopmans, who founded the subject and received Nobel prizes for their work. It presents original articles that developed and analysed the leading methods for estimating the parameters of simultaneous equations systems: instrumental variables, indirect least squares, generalized least squares, two-stage and three-stage least squares, and maximum likelihood. Many of the articles are not readily accessible to readers in any other form. Learn More
    1994   Hardback Price: $ 325.00   Web: $ 292.50
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