1. Economics as Anatomy

    Economics as Anatomy

    G. M.P. Swann
    For most of his career, Peter Swann’s main research interest has been the economics of innovation. But he has also been preoccupied with a second question: what is the best way to study empirical economics? In this book, he uses his knowledge of the first question to answer the second. There are two fundamentally different approaches to innovation: incremental innovation and radical innovation – ‘radical’ in the sense that we go back to the ‘roots’ of empirical economics and take a different tack. An essential lesson from the economics of innovation is that we need both incremental and radical innovation for the maximum beneficial effect on the economy. Swann argues that the same is true for economics as a discipline. This book is a much-awaited sequel to Putting Econometrics in its Place which explored what other methods should be used, and why. This book is about the best way of organising the economics discipline, to ensure that it pursues this wide variety of methods to maximum effect. Learn More
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  2. Rational Econometric Man

    Rational Econometric Man

    Edward J. Nell, Karim Errouaki
    This challenging and original book takes a fresh, innovative look at econometrics, and re-examines the scientific standing of structural econometrics as developed by the founders (Frisch and Tinbergen) and extended by Haavelmo and the Cowles modellers (particularly Klein) during the period 1930–1960. Learn More
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  3. Handbook of Research Methods and Applications in Empirical Macroeconomics

    Handbook of Research Methods and Applications in Empirical Macroeconomics

    Edited by Nigar Hashimzade, Michael A. Thornton
    This comprehensive Handbook presents the current state of art in the theory and methodology of macroeconomic data analysis. It is intended as a reference for graduate students and researchers interested in exploring new methodologies, but can also be employed as a graduate text. The Handbook concentrates on the most important issues, models and techniques for research in macroeconomics, and highlights the core methodologies and their empirical application in an accessible manner. Each chapter is largely self-contained, whilst the comprehensive introduction provides an overview of the key statistical concepts and methods. All of the chapters include the essential references for each topic and provide a sound guide for further reading. Learn More
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  4. Putting Econometrics in its Place

    Putting Econometrics in its Place

    G. M.P. Swann
    Putting Econometrics in its Place is an original and fascinating book, in which Peter Swann argues that econometrics has dominated applied economics for far too long and displaced other essential techniques. While Peter Swann is critical of the monopoly that econometrics currently holds in applied economics, the more important and positive contribution of the book is to propose a new direction and a new attitude to applied economics. Learn More
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  5. Valuing Environmental and Natural Resources

    Valuing Environmental and Natural Resources

    Timothy C. Haab, Kenneth E. McConnell
    Non-market valuation has become a broadly accepted and widely practiced means of measuring the economic values of the environment and natural resources. In this book, the authors provide a guide to the statistical and econometric practices that economists employ in estimating non-market values. Learn More
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    Wojciech W. Charemza, Derek F. Deadman
    The second edition of this widely acclaimed text presents a thoroughly up-to-date intuitive account of recent developments in econometrics. It continues to present the frontiers of research in an accessible form for non-specialist econometricians, advanced undergraduates and graduate students wishing to carry out applied econometric research. Learn More
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    Adrian C. Darnell
    This important new dictionary – the first of its kind, now available in paperback - presents an accessible source of reference on the main concepts and techniques in econometrics. Featuring entries on all the major areas in theoretical econometrics, the dictionary will be used by students, both undergraduate and post graduate, to aid their understanding of the subject. Sorted by alphabetical order, each entry is a short essay which is designed to present the essential points of a particular concept or technique and offer a concise guide to other relevant literature. Learn More
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  8. The Limits of Econometrics

    The Limits of Econometrics

    Adrian C. Darnell, J. L. Evans
    This ambitious book focuses on the underlying methodological issues rather than concentrating upon econometric techniques. The limits of econometric investigations are identified through a critical appraisal of three different approaches associated with the work of Professors Hendry, Leamer and Sims. After explaining why the early optimism in econometrics was misplaced, it argues that rejection is not an appropriate response. It offers a rich spectrum of approaches to a problem of central importance in the development of modern economics. Learn More
    1991   Paperback Price: $ 45.00   Web: $ 36.00
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