1. The Globalization of Higher Education

    The Globalization of Higher Education

    Edited by Roger King, Simon Marginson, Rajani Naidoo
    This comprehensive book provides a collection of the critical papers that have been published in the fast-growing field of the globalization of higher education. They include work by a variety of noted scholars, such as Altbach, Clark and Marginson, which cover key areas of theoretical and substantive interest. This volume, along with an original introduction, will be of relevance to academics, researchers and students undertaking higher education research, as well as to the wider social science and public policy communities. Learn More
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  2. Education and Economic Performance

    Education and Economic Performance

    Edited by Alison Wolf, Sandra McNally
    Throughout the developed and developing worlds, education spending is seen as a key tool for government policy makers in the quest for economic growth. Promoting ‘human capital’ development is a prime objective for economic and education ministries. The seminal articles in this essential volume include early classics which explain why education became central to productivity debates and more recent papers which elucidate the enormous controversies in this important field. Learn More
    2011   Hardback Price: $ 381.00   Web: $ 342.90
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  3. Modern Classics in the Economics of Education

    Modern Classics in the Economics of Education

    Edited by Clive R. Belfield
    For this collection, Clive Belfield has selected the most significant recently published articles on the economics of education. Contemporary in the best sense, the articles analyse current concerns, building on what has been established to date and foreshadowing future developments. The articles address important questions, such as the microeconomic outcomes of education, whether education promotes economic growth, and how education systems should be organized in order to meet efficiency and equity goals. Learn More
    2006   Hardback Price: $ 534.00   Web: $ 480.60
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  4. The Economics of Higher Education

    The Economics of Higher Education

    Edited by Clive R. Belfield, Henry M. Levin
    Higher education is beginning to play an increasingly important role in the process of globalization, which promotes information technologies, development and diffusion of innovations and the ability of economies to benefit from rapid shifts in the production of goods, services, and ideas. In this volume the editors have brought together some of the most significant previously published academic papers describing how highly skilled graduate labour impacts on the economy. Topics covered include the economic benefits of higher education, student choice of subject and university, the technology of higher education, empirical research on the cost functions faced by universities, the funding and financing of university education, the market for higher education and how universities compete. Learn More
    2003   Hardback Price: $ 426.00   Web: $ 383.40
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