1. Entrepreneurship


    Mark Casson
    In this important new book, Mark Casson argues that the fundamental significance of entrepreneurship requires it be fully integrated into core social science disciplines such as economics and sociology, as well as into economic and business history. This book shows how this can be done. It formalises the role of the entrepreneur as innovator, risk-taker and judgemental decision-maker, and relates these functions to the size and growth of the firm. Mark Casson discusses entrepreneurship as a form of strategic networking, showing how entrepreneurs gain access to established networks in order to source information, and then create their own networks to exploit this information. Applying these insights to historical evidence leads to a radical re-interpretation of key issues in economic and business history, including the emergence of trading companies, the spread of empires, the rise of the modern corporation and the globalisation of the firm. Learn More
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  2. Entrepreneurship and Innovations in Functional Regions

    Entrepreneurship and Innovations in Functional Regions

    Edited by Charlie Karlsson, Roger R. Stough, Borje Johansson
    In recent decades, the world has witnessed the emergence of a global knowledge economy in which functional regions increasingly play a role as independent and dynamic market places. These are integrated with other functional regions by means of flows of information, knowledge, and commodities. This contemporary and illuminating book provides a state-of-the-art overview of current research on innovation and entrepreneurship in functional regions. Learn More
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  3. Entrepreneurship, Investment and Spatial Dynamics

    Entrepreneurship, Investment and Spatial Dynamics

    Edited by Peter Nijkamp, Ronald L. Moomaw, Iulia Traistaru-Siedschlag
    Enlargement of the EU increases economic diversity and inequality between countries and regions, making cohesion difficult. This book attempts to provide a deeper understanding of the interaction between investment, knowledge spillovers and entrepreneurship; a crucial factor in reducing the economic disparity caused by the geographic expansion of the EU. Learn More
    2006   Hardback Price: $ 128.00   Web: $ 115.20
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  4. Entrepreneurship and Regional Economic Development

    Entrepreneurship and Regional Economic Development

    Edited by Henri L.F. de Groot, Peter Nijkamp, Roger R. Stough
    In a shrinking and increasingly globalised world, it is vital for any entrepreneur to carefully select the location at which production or other economic activities will occur. This book provides a theoretical and empirical analysis of entrepreneurial behaviour in a spatial context, and links it to important new fields in economics such as endogenous growth theory, the new economic geography and evolutionary theory. Learn More
    2004   Hardback Price: $ 167.00   Web: $ 150.30
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  5. The Entrepreneur

    The Entrepreneur

    Mark Casson
    This thoroughly revised and updated new edition of Mark Casson’s modern classic The Entrepreneur presents a novel synthesis of the ideas of Joseph Schumpeter, Frank Knight and Friedrich Hayek, according to which the defining characteristic of the entrepreneur is the exercise of judgement in business decisions. Learn More
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  6. Entrepreneurship and the Firm

    Entrepreneurship and the Firm

    Edited by Nicolai J. Foss, Peter G. Klein
    While characteristically ‘Austrian’ themes such as entrepreneurship, economic calculation, tacit knowledge and the temporal structure of capital are clearly relevant to the business firm, Austrian economists have said relatively little about management, organization, and strategy. This innovative book features 12 chapters that all seek to advance the understanding of these issues by drawing on Austrian ideas. Learn More
    2002   Hardback Price: $ 141.00   Web: $ 126.90
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  7. Entrepreneurial Competition and Industrial Location

    Entrepreneurial Competition and Industrial Location

    Michael Peneder
    Entrepreneurial Competition and Industrial Location explores the notion of entrepreneurial competition from its theoretical foundations in early Austrian and contemporary evolutionary economics. Focusing on the structural development of the intangible factors of production such as labour skills, advertising and research and development, the book’s empirical implications are tested in a comparative study of competitive performance in the EU, Japan and the USA. Typical mechanisms of external spillovers, shaping industrial location by means of Marshallian cluster formation, highlight the dimension of industrial location. Peneder finally employs the three evolutionary principles of variation, cumulation and selection to establish entrepreneurship, learning and fair markets as the main pillars of modern competitiveness policy. This volume paves the way for a better understanding of the market process, demonstrating the importance of intangible factors as sources of competitive advantage both by conclusive theoretical argument and careful empirical investigation. Learn More
    2001   Hardback Price: $ 127.00   Web: $ 114.30
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  8. The Economic Impact of New Firms in Post-socialist Countries

    The Economic Impact of New Firms in Post-socialist Countries

    Edited by Horst Brezinski, Michael Fritsch
    The Economic Impact of New Firms in Post-Socialist Countries analyses the emergence and contribution of new entrepreneurs in the transforming economies of Eastern Europe. Small firms and new enterprises are widely assumed to play an important role in the process of economic development and transformation. The contributors to this volume investigate how far small and newly founded enterprises have compensated for losses in employment and contributed to economic recovery in Eastern Europe. Learn More
    1996   Hardback Price: $ 155.00   Web: $ 139.50
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