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  1. Innovation and Entrepreneurship

    Innovation and Entrepreneurship

    Edited by David B. Audretsch, Oliver Falck, Stephan Heblich
    This comprehensive volume integrates pathbreaking and seminal scholarship from two interrelated fields – innovation and entrepreneurship – with the chapters providing a compelling link between the two. The editors seek to introduce and contextualize some of the most important research. Topics covered include: history of thought, innovation and growth, the innovation process, role models of the entrepreneur, knowledge flows and institutions. Learn More
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  2. Cases in Technological Entrepreneurship

    Cases in Technological Entrepreneurship

    Edited by Claudio Petti
    The book examines from different perspectives a number of fundamental issues in the process of transforming technological innovations into profits. Key cases and field insights from distinguished contributors show the role and the practices of government bodies, universities, private investors and companies within the transformation of new ideas into value, in start-ups as well as in incumbents. The book takes a systemic view of technological entrepreneurship, positioning the topic at the interface between entrepreneurial and strategic perspectives within the emergent strategic entrepreneurship field. Learn More
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  3. Entrepreneurship and Openness

    Entrepreneurship and Openness

    Edited by David B. Audretsch, Robert E. Litan, Robert Strom
    A growing body of evidence has documented the critical role that entrepreneurs play in fostering economic growth. But entrepreneurs can only be expected to take risks in ‘open settings’, where individuals and firms are free to contract with one another. In this important book, leading economists explain and document the role of open markets, within and across national boundaries, in facilitating entrepreneurship, innovation and economic growth. The main message of this book is especially timely given growing concerns in developed countries in particular about off-shoring and openness to trade. Learn More
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  4. Universities, Knowledge Transfer and Regional Development

    Universities, Knowledge Transfer and Regional Development

    Edited by Attila Varga
    The transfer of new, economically useful knowledge from universities to the regional economy has recently attracted the attention of academics, professionals and policymakers alike. This book focuses on three issues at the centre of current research: the geography of academic knowledge transfers, the mechanisms of these transfers with regard to academic entrepreneurship and graduate mobility, and policy experience in university-based regional economic development. Learn More
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  5. Creating Value through Innovation

    Creating Value through Innovation

    Angelo Dringoli
    In open and dynamic markets, only innovation can give a firm a competitive advantage and with it the superior cash flows that generate value. Using analytical models, this timely book analyses the conditions under which innovation strategy can create and maintain value, based on different environmental dynamics. Quantitative models are used to determine the value of innovation strategies in highly dynamic and competitive industries. These clearly reveal the economic variables and relations upon which the strategy depends, and the conditions for creating sustainable value within the firm. Learn More
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  6. The Economics of Innovation

    The Economics of Innovation

    G. M.P. Swann
    This major textbook provides a comprehensive yet accessible introduction to the economics of innovation, written for students with some basic knowledge of economics. G.M. Peter Swann contends that innovation is one of the most important economic and business phenomena of our time and a topic of great practical and policy interest, with widespread implications for our economy and society. This book engages with the reader to explore some of the key economic issues concerning innovation. Learn More
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  7. Uneven Paths of Development

    Uneven Paths of Development

    Banji Oyelaren-Oyeyinka, Rajah Rasiah
    This book focuses on what can be learned from the complex processes of industrial, technological and organizational change in the sectoral system of information hardware (IH). The IH innovation system is deliberately chosen to illustrate how sectors act as seeds of economic progress. Detailed firm-level studies were carried out in seven countries, three in Africa (Nigeria, Mauritius and South Africa) and four in Asia (China, Taiwan, Malaysia and Indonesia). Learn More
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  8. The Innovation Imperative

    The Innovation Imperative

    Edited by Göran Marklund, Nicholas S. Vonortas, Charles W. Wessner
    As a result of globalization, strategies for investments in innovation capabilities have gained considerably in importance for businesses, research institutions and policymakers. Public policy has to provide conditions for investments in R&D and innovation that are internationally attractive and effective in stimulating innovation, economic growth and job-creation. This book focuses on the changing roles and challenges of innovation and growth policy, and the strategies and measures that are critical in a globalizing world. It provides guidance for innovation policy strategy formulations and design of innovation policy measures. Learn More
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  9. Handbook of Research on Innovation and Clusters

    Handbook of Research on Innovation and Clusters

    Edited by Charlie Karlsson
    The role of innovations and clusters has increasingly dominated local and regional development policies in recent decades. This authoritative and accessible Handbook considers important aspects of high-tech clusters, analyses insightful cluster case studies, and provides a number of recommendations for cluster policies. Learn More
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  10. Innovation in Low-Tech Firms and Industries

    Innovation in Low-Tech Firms and Industries

    Edited by Hartmut Hirsch-Kreinsen, David Jacobson
    It is a general understanding that the advanced economies are currently undergoing a fundamental transformation into knowledge-based societies. There is a firm belief that this is based on the development of high-tech industries. Correspondingly, in this scenario low-tech sectors appear to be less important. A critique of this widely held belief is the starting point of this book. It is often overlooked that many of the current innovation activities are linked to developments inside the realm of low-tech. Thus the general objective of the book is to contribute to a discussion concerning the relevance of low-tech industries for industrial innovativeness in the emerging knowledge economy. Learn More
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  11. The Dynamics of Standards

    The Dynamics of Standards

    Edited by Tineke M. Egyedi, Knut Blind
    This book addresses the new field of standards dynamics. It focuses in particular on the tension between standards and change. Standards are points of reference and should therefore be inherently stable (at least to a certain degree). However, technologies change at an increasing pace, particularly in the field of information technology (IT). Learn More
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  12. Intellectual Property Rights, Innovation and Software Technologies

    Intellectual Property Rights, Innovation and Software Technologies

    Elad Harison
    This book examines the effects of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs), namely patents and copyrights, on innovation and technical change in information technologies. It provides new insights on the links between markets, technologies and legislation by applying a variety of empirical and analytical methods. The book also explores the success of the Open Source movement to establish an alternative regime for IPRs by illuminating the rationale behind it and illustrating how Open Source can strategically be used by firms. Learn More
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  13. The Genesis of Innovation

    The Genesis of Innovation

    Edited by Blandine Laperche, Dimitri Uzunidis, G. N. von Tunzelmann
    The genesis and diffusion of innovation depends upon the density of the cognitive and market relationships among individuals, organisations and institutions at both the micro- and macro-economic level. By addressing the nature of these relationships, which include cooperation, competition and power, this book presents an important and progressive enquiry into the economic and social origins of innovation. Learn More
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  14. Innovation for a Low Carbon Economy

    Innovation for a Low Carbon Economy

    Edited by Timothy J. Foxon, Jonathan Köhler, Christine Oughton
    This book shows that although innovations in energy systems represent a core contribution to achieving national and international energy policy goals, theoretical approaches to understanding innovation differ radically between separate disciplinary perspectives. The need for greater mutual learning between these approaches is met within this study as international academics from economic, institutional and management backgrounds share and analyse their respective approaches, knowledge and insights. Learn More
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  15. The Economics of Innovation Policy

    The Economics of Innovation Policy

    Edited by Albert N. Link
    For this invaluable collection, Professor Link has selected the most significant articles that have emerged in the last fifty years in the field of innovation policy. The first volume addresses the foundations of innovation policy and covers essential topics such as governments’ role in innovation, the patent system and fiscal policies that promote innovation. The second volume explores specific innovation policies and their social impact, including public research and development, the changing role of universities in the innovation process and technology transfer policies. In his introduction, Professor Link offers an authoritative and insightful overview of innovation policy in industrialized nations, identifying at least two paradigms that motivate governments’ role in innovation policy. Learn More
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  16. Diversity in the Knowledge Economy and Society

    Diversity in the Knowledge Economy and Society

    Edited by Elias G. Carayannis, Aris Kaloudis, Åge Mariussen
    The key message of this book is that heterogeneity should be seen as an intrinsic and indispensable element of knowledge systems. The authors address the concept of heterogeneity in a multi-disciplinary fashion, including perspectives from evolutionary economics and innovation system studies, and relate this approach to existing theories in a broad range of fields. Learn More
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  17. Systems of Innovation

    Systems of Innovation

    Christopher Freeman
    Books on innovation have proliferated in the last quarter of a century, during what the author describes as ‘the Schumpeterian Renaissance’. This volume provides an authoritative account of many of these new developments and represents the foundation of much ongoing research on innovation. Learn More
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  18. The Economic Theory of Invention and Innovation

    The Economic Theory of Invention and Innovation

    Edited by Albert N. Link
    This comprehensive collection presents the classic articles in the economics of invention and innovation. It covers topics related to sources of inventive and innovative activity, including exogenous and endogenous innovation, with an emphasis on R&D activity and the diffusion of new techniques. Professor Link has prepared an original introduction, which offers an authoritative overview of a subject that is of growing importance to both economists and management scientists. Learn More
    2008   Hardback Price: $ 285.00   Web: $ 256.50
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  19. Innovation and Economic Development

    Innovation and Economic Development

    Edited by Lynn K. Mytelka
    This wide-ranging collection approaches innovation and development with a focus upon the developing world and includes a number of articles from eminent scholars in developing countries. With papers ranging from 1973, the book provides an authoritative account of how thinking has evolved in this area. It provides a firm theoretical foundation in innovation systems, processes, institutions and policies from the perspective of developing countries. Topics include capacity building, learning, industrial development, agricultural innovation and sustainable development. The collection will provide a valuable reference to new students, postgraduates and professional economists seeking to broaden and deepen their knowledge of development and innovation in the developing world. Learn More
    2008   Hardback Price: $ 330.00   Web: $ 297.00
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  20. The Technology Imperative

    The Technology Imperative

    Gregory Tassey
    The convergence of technology-based competitive capabilities among the world’s economies has drastically altered the required economic growth strategies in industrialized nations. Based on a variety of corporate and government investment trend data and comparisons among national growth strategies, Gregory Tassey examines how this convergence has created an imperative for new growth models and strategies. In particular, he analyzes the major policy mechanisms for stimulating R&D investment and improving R&D efficiency over technology life cycles, detailing the needed changes. Learn More
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