1. Industrial Research and Innovation in Business

    Industrial Research and Innovation in Business

    Edited by D. E.H. Edgerton
    It is commonplace to acknowledge the role of science and technology, and research and innovation specifically, in transforming the twentieth century world. Other studies, however, focuses on scientific and engineering research in general, or technological systems and paradigms, or on government-funded initiatives. Industrial Research and Innovation in Business concentrates on business and its contribution to innovation and its role in producing and using new technologies. Learn More
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    Edited by Edwin Mansfield, Elisabeth Mansfield
    The 25 classic articles in this volume deal with the role of technological change in economic growth, the extent of social and private returns from research and development, the relationship between market structure and technological change, the controversies over intellectual property rights, the processes by which innovations spread, and the management of technology. This volume will prove invaluable to economists, managers and government policymakers. Learn More
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  3. The Economics of Innovation

    The Economics of Innovation

    Edited by Christopher Freeman
    Technical innovations and organizational innovations are of major importance for the competitive performance of firms and of nations and for the long term growth of the world economy. This area of economics has been subjected to an explosion of theoretical and empirical research during the last 30 years by economists in the United States and more recently their colleagues in Europe and Japan. This volume focuses attention on the most significant advances both in theoretical and empirical work published in leading journals of economics as well as in journals dealing with policies for science and technology. It covers all the major developments including evolutionary theory, strategies of firms, path dependency, diffusion of innovations and paradigm change. Learn More
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