1. Choice Modelling: Foundational Contributions

    Choice Modelling: Foundational Contributions

    Edited by David A. Hensher, John M. Rose
    Choice modelling is an area of growing popularity as many researchers and consultants seek to find better ways to explain the choices made by individuals, households and firms in many application contexts such as transportation, health services, environmental science, marketing, finance, economics, tourism, vacationing, education and employment. Choice modelling as a field began as long ago as 1927 but it was the research in the 1960s and 1970s that cemented the field as a dominant one for studying choice. This authoritative volume, along with an original introduction by the editors, brings together seminal papers that laid out the main features of the booming literature on discrete choice modelling. This timely collection will be of immense value to anyone with an interest in this evolving field of study. Learn More
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  2. The Economics of Pollution Control

    The Economics of Pollution Control

    Edited by Kathleen Segerson
    This volume includes a series of previously published papers that both illustrate basic principles in the economics of pollution control and represent recent advances in the field over the last fifteen years. This authoritative collection includes seminal papers, written by leading scholars in the field, which relate to the overarching issue of designing pollution control policies to reduce environmental threats. The editor successfully covers a wide range of contemporary contexts and issues and includes both theoretical papers and empirical analyses of the impacts of pollution control policies. This volume will serve as an excellent source of reference for researchers, advanced students and practicing economists interested in a contemporary overview of the field. Learn More
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  3. The Economics of Climate Change

    The Economics of Climate Change

    Edited by Graciela Chichilnisky
    This two-volume collection brings together critical essays on the economics of climate change, describing advances in the field ranging from the Kyoto Protocol carbon market, to sustainability criteria, international trade, and the management of catastrophic risks. Learn More
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  4. The Economics of Traffic Congestion

    The Economics of Traffic Congestion

    Edited by Erik Verhoef
    This essential two-volume collection contains the most influential articles written over the past eight decades that contribute to an understanding of the economics of traffic congestion. The first volume explores the classic contributions on congestion and road pricing and includes papers in dynamic models and second-best congestion pricing. The second volume analyses ownership arrangements such as private roads, investment and financing, urban land use, social acceptability and distributional aspects of road pricing. Learn More
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  5. Economics of Water Resources

    Economics of Water Resources

    Edited by R. Q. Grafton
    R. Quentin Grafton brings together more than 90 previously published articles in this two volume collection on the economics of water resources. The articles featured cover a vast range of subjects, locations and methodologies and are divided into nine broad theme areas including environmental valuation, water pollution, irrigation, residential and non-residential water use and water pricing and management. Learn More
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  6. Economics of Environmental Law

    Economics of Environmental Law

    Edited by Richard R.W. Brooks, Nathaniel O. Keohane, Douglas A. Kysar
    This two-volume set presents essential articles from both the leading edge of methodological innovation in environmental law and economics and the bedrock of theory upon which all such innovations are built. An impressive collection that is indispensable to policymakers, scholars and those with an interest in the developments in this ever-important field. Learn More
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  7. The Economics of Hazardous Waste and Contaminated Land

    The Economics of Hazardous Waste and Contaminated Land

    Edited by Hilary Sigman
    Professor Sigman has selected the most authoritative previously published papers for this pathbreaking collection. This timely book examines private decision-making and government policy for the management of hazardous waste, the clean-up of contaminated land and the redevelopment of brownfield sites. Issues explored include the success of economic incentive policies such as ‘green taxes’ and tort liability, environmental decentralization and attitudes toward risk by both regulators and households. The additional focus on empirical analysis will help economists understand this challenging public policy area and will make economic insights accessible to policymakers. Learn More
    2008   Hardback Price: $ 285.00   Web: $ 256.50
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  8. Land Use Planning

    Land Use Planning

    Edited by Hugo Priemus, Kenneth Button, Peter Nijkamp
    This is an authoritative collection of papers that are generally regarded as landmarks in the history of land use planning in the western world. A wide variety of leading articles have been selected for this comprehensive volume, which covers topics such as: urban form and urban dynamics; urban development and methods of urban analysis; land use planning methods and network cities and urban networks. The articles span both time and geography and will appeal to scholars and practitioners alike. Learn More
    2007   Hardback Price: $ 287.00   Web: $ 258.30
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  9. The Economics of Leisure

    The Economics of Leisure

    Edited by Clem Tisdell
    This authoritative two-volume collection presents a comprehensive set of key articles that address the economics of leisure, arranged in a manner that facilitates the understanding of the subject. The editor’s perceptive introduction highlights the contribution of each article, provides an assessment of the current state of the available literature and draws attention to those areas that are worthy of more research effort. Learn More
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  10. The Political Economy of Environmental Regulation

    The Political Economy of Environmental Regulation

    Edited by Robert N. Stavins
    In the environmental realm, questions of political economy emerge along three fundamental dimensions, which are closely interrelated but conceptually distinct: (1) the degrees of government activity; (2) the form of government activity; and (3) the level of government that has responsibility. The first three parts of the book deal respectively with these three fundamental dimensions of inquiry. The fourth part of the book examines the use of economic analysis in contemporary environmental policy. Learn More
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  11. The Economics of Natural Hazards

    The Economics of Natural Hazards

    Edited by Howard Kunreuther, Adam Rose
    In this two-volume set the editors have brought together some of the most significant previously published papers by leading academics in this field. The Economics of Natural Hazards investigates the impact of natural disasters on national and regional economies. Volume I considers the effects both of the perception of risk and of direct losses and explores the costs of reducing the impact of disasters by, for example, forecasting, self-protection and the building of physical structures. Volume II deals with mitigating the costs of disaster through insurance, including financial coverage for catastrophic loss, and investigates the development of private–public partnerships for managing disasters and the problems of reconstruction and recovery. A final section addresses the particular problems of disasters in developing countries. Learn More
    2004   Hardback Price: $ 546.00   Web: $ 491.40
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  12. Recent Developments in Environmental Economics

    Recent Developments in Environmental Economics

    Edited by Michael Hoel
    This two-volume collection includes the most important and influential contributions to environmental economics during the last ten years. The articles cover a broad range of topics, and the collection gives an excellent overview over the present state of knowledge in the field. These timely volumes will be invaluable to students and researchers alike. Learn More
    2004   Hardback Price: $ 588.00   Web: $ 529.20
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  13. Environment in the New Global Economy

    Environment in the New Global Economy

    Edited by Peter M. Haas
    International environmental threats have commanded widespread attention since the late 1960s. A number of unprecedented environmental disasters have galvanized public concern, and have reached the international political agenda in part through the activities of new environmental social movements in the industrialized countries. Environment in the New Global Economy is designed as a reference source for both students, researchers and policymakers concerned with the political dimension of international environmental problems. Peter Haas has selected those previously published articles which are seminal in the development of this new field and which have either generated widespread debate or represent a clear application of major approaches to the understanding of these new issues. He has also provided an authoritative introduction to complement his selection. Learn More
    2003   Hardback Price: $ 686.00   Web: $ 617.40
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  14. Recent Developments in Transport Economics

    Recent Developments in Transport Economics

    Edited by Kenneth Button
    The past decade has seen both some new trends in the economics of transportation and the reinforcement of work from previous periods. Econometrics and innovative programming techniques have developed the work on production efficiency and interest in demand analysis has continued. Of increasing importance in recent years are the environmental implications of transportation as well as safety and security concerns. Economists are also addressing the problems of congestion with particular regard to new policy initiatives which tie transportation more closely to land-use patterns and telecommunications. In this volume Kenneth Button brings together some of the most significant previously published articles by leading academics in all these crucial areas. Learn More
    2003   Hardback Price: $ 392.00   Web: $ 352.80
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  15. Urban Transport

    Urban Transport

    Edited by Piet Rietveld, Kenneth Button, Peter Nijkamp
    Urban Transport reprints the most important papers in the field of transport that have a special focus on urban issues. It is in urban areas that many transportation problems are most acute. Learn More
    2003   Hardback Price: $ 371.00   Web: $ 333.90
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  16. Transport and Information Systems

    Transport and Information Systems

    Edited by Roger R. Stough, Yoshiro Higano, Kenneth Button, Peter Nijkamp
    The subjects of transport and information systems have long been closely linked because they are both complements and substitutes for each other and thus offer potential for more efficient and productive traffic demand management. This important new collection examines the substitution and complementarity hypotheses as well as the impact of new information technology on transport and the increasing adoption of information technology in transportation systems. Learn More
    2003   Hardback Price: $ 350.00   Web: $ 315.00
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  17. Governing the Global Environment

    Governing the Global Environment

    Edited by Carlo Carraro
    The governance of the global environment is one of the major policy issues of the new century. Global environmental problems are increasingly important because of their impact on industrial activities, infrastructures, ecosystems, natural resources, biodiversity and human health. These problems can be managed and solved only though international co-operation, policy co-ordination, voluntary, widespread and equitable participation in the decision making process. Learn More
    2003   Hardback Price: $ 385.00   Web: $ 346.50
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  18. Transport Logistics

    Transport Logistics

    Edited by Alan McKinnon, Kenneth Button, Peter Nijkamp
    This comprehensive and integrated collection includes a wide range of previously published articles from logistics management, operations research and economics journals, as well as the mainstream transport literature. The volume is divided into 13 sections covering the full spectrum of research in the field, including the modelling of freight flows, just-in-time delivery, modal split, vehicle routing and utilisation, the environmental impact of freight transport operations, city logistics and telematics and the deregulation of freight markets. Learn More
    2003   Hardback Price: $ 371.00   Web: $ 333.90
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  19. Transport Infrastructure

    Transport Infrastructure

    Edited by Roger R. Stough, Roger Vickerman, Kenneth Button, Peter Nijkamp
    The editors have brought together in Transport Infrastructure a set of classic readings in the literature which show the development of analysis in this field. Learn More
    2002   Hardback Price: $ 357.00   Web: $ 321.30
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  20. Railways


    Edited by Chris Nash, Mark Wardman, Kenneth Button, Peter Nijkamp
    This authoritative new collection gathers together the issues important to the understanding of the challenges and problems of modern rail transport. Learn More
    2002   Hardback Price: $ 287.00   Web: $ 258.30
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