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    Martin Myant
    Transforming Socialist Economies presents – for the first time – an account of the initial attempts to transform the centrally planned economies of Czechoslovakia and Poland into modern capitalist economies. Learn More
    1993   Hardback Price: $ 155.00   Web: $ 139.50
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  2. Mixed Economies in Europe

    Mixed Economies in Europe

    Edited by Wolfgang Blaas, John Foster
    The end of the cold war has created a new and unprecedented type of mixed economy in Eastern Europe. This innovative up-to-date book questions whether the former Eastern block countries will follow the path of West European mixed economies, or if a quite different economic system will emerge. Mixed Economies in Europe presents new work by distinguished authors who offer an evolutionary perspective on the dynamics of mixed economies. In so doing, they provide a unique, policy-orientated assessment of the formation and transformation of mixed economies in both Eastern and Western Europe. In particular, they emphasise the importance of institutional arrangements and regulatory frameworks. Learn More
    1993   Hardback Price: $ 146.00   Web: $ 131.40
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  3. Economics, Bounded Rationality and the Cognitive Revolution

    Economics, Bounded Rationality and the Cognitive Revolution

    Herbert A. Simon, Massimo Egidi, Ricardo Viale, Robin Marris
    The purpose of this book is to publish the ideas of the late Herbert Simon and sympathetic economists, on the subject of bounded rationality, economics, cognitive science and related disciplines, and to reprint some of Professor Simon’s classic papers which have appeared in journals not widely read by economists. Learn More
    2008   Paperback Price: $ 57.00   Web: $ 45.60
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  4. Rethinking Economics

    Rethinking Economics

    Edited by Geoffrey M. Hodgson, Ernesto Screpanti
    Rethinking Economics is a major contribution to the reconstruction of an economic theory appropriate to the 21st century. Just as major changes are occurring in the world economy, economics itself is on the brink of change. Orthodox economics is now widely criticized for its sterility and its limited applicability to real-world economic problems. Standard theoretical tools such as general equilibrium theory are now regarded, even by their leading practitioners, as highly limited and problematic. Learn More
    1991   Hardback Price: $ 134.00   Web: $ 120.60
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