1. The Economic Theory of Incentives

    The Economic Theory of Incentives

    Edited by David Martimort
    This comprehensive two-volume research collection recaps major literary contributions to the economic theory of incentives. The carefully selected papers spanning forty years analyse and review collective decision problems in the context of asymmetric information, moral hazard and incomplete contracting. Together with an original introduction by the editor, this collection would be a valuable addition to the bookshelves of any serious scholar and student in the field. Learn More
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  2. Game Theory and International Environmental Cooperation

    Game Theory and International Environmental Cooperation

    Edited by Michael Finus, Alejandro Caparrós
    This collection brings together the most important articles on the game theoretic analysis of international environmental cooperation to both confront the cooperative and non-cooperative approaches to this, and demonstrate the diversity of methods used to analyze international environmental agreements. Learn More
    2015   Hardback Price: $ 518.00   Web: $ 466.20
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  3. Economic Analyses of Social Networks

    Economic Analyses of Social Networks

    Edited by Matthew O. Jackson, Yves Zenou
    This comprehensive two-volume set brings together important contributions providing fundamental economic analyses of social networks and the central roles they play in many facets of our lives. Learn More
    2013   Hardback Price: $ 978.00   Web: $ 880.20
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  4. The Economics of Gambling and National Lotteries

    The Economics of Gambling and National Lotteries

    Edited by Leighton Vaughan Williams
    This timely collection will be an immensely valuable resource for academics, policy-makers, those commercially involved in the betting and gaming sectors as well as the interested layman. Learn More
    2012   Hardback Price: $ 343.00   Web: $ 308.70
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  5. Bargaining and the Theory of Cooperative Games: John Nash and Beyond

    Bargaining and the Theory of Cooperative Games: John Nash and Beyond

    Edited by William Thomson
    Building on the pioneering work by the Nobel Memorial Laureate, John Nash, Professor Thomson has brought together a broad selection of seminal articles which analyse and discuss bargaining and the theory of cooperative games. Beginning with a distinguished collection of papers discussing the origins of game theory, this volume systematically explores its development as a tool to illuminate economic behaviour. It includes the work of highly accomplished academics whose discoveries over the years have shaped the direction of this subject. With his insightful introduction, the editor has ensured that this indispensable book is suitable for anyone with an interest in cooperative gaming. Learn More
    2010   Hardback Price: $ 461.00   Web: $ 414.90
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  6. Game Theory and the Law

    Game Theory and the Law

    Edited by Eric B. Rasmusen
    Game Theory and the Law is a collection of previously published articles in which ideas from game theory and the economics of asymmetric information are applied to legal issues. Game theory’s method is to simplify a situation by describing it in terms of players, actions, payoffs, after which the players’ strategic interactions can be described. Whether used explicitly or implicitly, this is a highly useful approach to law. This important volume collects together the classic articles on the subject together with surveys of the approach and illustrative examples of the use of game theory in law. Learn More
    2008   Hardback Price: $ 329.00   Web: $ 296.10
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  7. The Economics of Natural Hazards

    The Economics of Natural Hazards

    Edited by Howard Kunreuther, Adam Rose
    In this two-volume set the editors have brought together some of the most significant previously published papers by leading academics in this field. The Economics of Natural Hazards investigates the impact of natural disasters on national and regional economies. Volume I considers the effects both of the perception of risk and of direct losses and explores the costs of reducing the impact of disasters by, for example, forecasting, self-protection and the building of physical structures. Volume II deals with mitigating the costs of disaster through insurance, including financial coverage for catastrophic loss, and investigates the development of private–public partnerships for managing disasters and the problems of reconstruction and recovery. A final section addresses the particular problems of disasters in developing countries. Learn More
    2004   Hardback Price: $ 546.00   Web: $ 491.40
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  8. Recent Developments in Time Series

    Recent Developments in Time Series

    Edited by Paul Newbold, Stephen J. Leybourne
    This authoritative collection brings together the most important papers in time series econometrics published since 1990. These articles cover a range of central aspects of the field, concentrating in the main on theoretical and methodological developments. Taken together, they provide an overview of the current status of research in time series econometrics, emphasising those areas that appear to have attracted most recent interest in the profession. Learn More
    2003   Hardback Price: $ 630.00   Web: $ 567.00
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  9. The Principal Agent Model

    The Principal Agent Model

    Edited by Jean-Jacques Laffont
    Incentive theory is the most important development in economics in the last forty years. The principal-agent model is the core of this theory. This authoritative collection brings together the essential literature concerning the principal-agent model when no restrictions on the design of the principal’s contract exist in terms of complexity, enforcement or rationality. Learn More
    2003   Hardback Price: $ 378.00   Web: $ 340.20
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  10. The Foundations of Game Theory

    The Foundations of Game Theory

    Edited by Mary A. Dimand, Robert W. Dimand
    This important three volume set is a collection of key writings on game theory published before 1963. It makes many frequently-cited and historically important articles conveniently available to a wider audience. Learn More
    1997   Hardback Price: $ 994.00   Web: $ 894.60
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  11. Theories of Migration

    Theories of Migration

    Edited by Robin Cohen
    In Theories of Migration, Robin Cohen has brought together a substantive body of scholarship from many disciplines and schools of thought which address the failure to produce one satisfactory general theory of migration. Attempts to construct a theory of migration have been constrained by the considerable variety of migrations which have to be considered – professional and unskilled, compelled and voluntary, settler and temporary, internal and international, and finally, illegal and legal. Perspectives arising from all the major social science disciplines are represented in this volume which features over 25 articles originally published in a wide array of professional disciplines. Learn More
    1996   Hardback Price: $ 287.00   Web: $ 258.30
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  12. Game Theory in Economics

    Game Theory in Economics

    Edited by Ariel Rubinstein
    During the 1980s, economic theory has been revolutionised by game theory. The game theory approach is now very widely used throughout the profession and has become a major tool for the construction of new economic models. It is the basic tool in the construction of a modern theory of industrial organisation and it has led to important developments in finance, labour economics and international trade. Learn More
    1990   Hardback Price: $ 380.00   Web: $ 342.00
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