1. Health Care and Public Policy

    Health Care and Public Policy

    David Reisman
    Health Care and Public Policy is a comprehensive and intelligible cross-disciplinary account of the objectives of health care policy (medical, social, economic) and of the policy-tools that government can employ (cost–benefit analysis, entry barriers, competition) in order to ensure that scarce resources are not wasted nor needy social groups deprived of basic and affordable care. Learn More
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  2. Regulating Aged Care

    Regulating Aged Care

    John Braithwaite, Toni Makkai, Valerie Braithwaite
    This book is a major contribution to regulatory theory from three members of the world-class regulatory research group based in Australia. It marks a new development in responsive regulatory theory in which a strengths-based pyramid complements the regulatory pyramid. Learn More
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  3. Government and Public Health in America

    Government and Public Health in America

    Ronald Hamowy
    How involved should the government be in American healthcare? Ronald Hamowy argues that to answer this pressing question, we must understand the genesis of the five main federal agencies charged with responsibility for our health: the Public Health Service, the Food and Drug Administration, the Veterans Administration, the National Institutes of Health, and Medicare. In examining these, he traces the growth of federal influence from its tentative beginnings in 1798 through the ambitious infrastructures of today – and offers startling insights on the current debate. Learn More
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  4. The Dictionary of Health Economics

    The Dictionary of Health Economics

    Anthony J. Culyer
    Anthony Culyer has amassed a wealth of information and facts within these pages, and yet has not been reluctant to include comment on issues and ideas. This makes the Dictionary eminently readable and all the more interesting. Learn More
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  5. Innovation and Knowledge Management

    Innovation and Knowledge Management

    J. D. Johnson
    Modern organizations must constantly adapt to survive in today’s rapidly changing environment. A stagnant organization that cannot innovate to meet evolving conditions will eventually find itself no longer competitive in an increasingly complex and technologically sophisticated economy. Innovation and Knowledge Management focuses on three issues critical to success: knowledge management, innovation, and consortia. Learn More
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  6. Health Policy and High-Tech Industrial Development

    Health Policy and High-Tech Industrial Development

    Edited by Marco R. Di Tommaso, Stuart O. Schweitzer
    By weaving together the fields of health economics, industrial organisation and industrial development, this book describes the benefits of promoting a country’s health industry as a way of stimulating its high-technology industrial capacity. The authors illustrate that the development of a country’s health industry not only improves the country’s health status, but also promotes an industry with relatively stable, high-wage employment, creates the potential for exporting goods and services, and produces scientific spillovers that will favourably impact other high-technology industries. Learn More
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  7. The Public Financing of Pharmaceuticals

    The Public Financing of Pharmaceuticals

    Edited by Jaume Puig-Junoy
    This book provides a complete approach to the economics of financing medicines and policy implications for the efficiency and equity of health systems. In all health systems with majority public financing, pharmaceutical reimbursement is one of the key factors in policies of change and transformation of health services in order to face the future with guarantees of financial sustainability. Learn More
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  8. Innovation in the Pharmaceutical Industry

    Innovation in the Pharmaceutical Industry

    Takuji Hara
    Innovation in the Pharmaceutical Industry traces the discovery and development of drugs in Japan and the UK both historically and sociologically. It includes sixteen case studies of major pharmaceutical developments in the twentieth century, encompassing, amongst others, beta-blockers, beta-stimulants, inhaled steroids and histamine H2-antagonists. Learn More
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  9. The Economics of Health Care in Asia-Pacific Countries

    The Economics of Health Care in Asia-Pacific Countries

    Edited by Teh-Wei Hu, Chee-Ruey Hsieh
    This book presents quantitative research on various aspects of health care reform and health policy in Asia-Pacific countries such as China, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and the US – nations diverse in their economic development, social demographic structure and health care expenditures. Learn More
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  10. The Economic Analysis of Substance Use and Abuse

    The Economic Analysis of Substance Use and Abuse

    Edited by Michael Grossman, Chee-Ruey Hsieh
    This book extends the frontiers of research on the economics of substance use and abuse in a variety of extremely significant ways. It focuses on the determinants and consequences of the consumption of cigarettes, alcohol, betel quid, and illicit drugs in the United States, Great Britain and Taiwan. The authors use a variety of empirical techniques to examine the roles of price, advertising, risk perception, time preference and forward-looking behaviour in consumption decisions and the effects of these decisions on labour market outcomes, unintended pregnancies and criminal violence. Learn More
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  11. Reforming Health Care Systems

    Reforming Health Care Systems

    Edited by Anthony J. Culyer, Adam Wagstaff
    Reforming Health Care Systems brings together the work of leading economic scholars on the reform and development of the United Kingdom’s National Health Service and the implications of this process for health care systems worldwide. Learn More
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    Edited by Anthony J. Culyer
    Health economics has, in recent years, become a major area of research in economics. This important collection presents a careful selection of the best articles and is classified according to eight fields within health economics. It thus provides a comprehensive cross-section of the large and disparate literature on the subject. It forms, in a real sense, a book which will be invaluable for teachers and researchers who wish to have these frequently cited articles easily to hand. It will be essential for the many economists who will have difficulty in gaining access to the very diverse sources from which the material has been drawn. Learn More
    1991   Hardback Price: $ 480.00   Web: $ 432.00
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