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  1. Pre-Classical Economists Volume II:

    Pre-Classical Economists Volume II:

    Edited by Mark Blaug
    Pierre le Pesant Boisguilbert was considered by Marx as one of the founders of classical political economy. His writings contain a large number of concepts and ideas that reappear in the writings of Quesnay, Cantillon and Adam Smith. George Berkeley – a major figure in the history of philosophical idealism – was the author of ‘The Querist’, a treatise on the nature of Irish under-development and cures for Irish poverty. Baron de Montesquieu – one of the great 18th century polymaths – is author of the masterpiece ‘The Spirit of the Laws’ (1748) which, while ostensibly a treatise on law, is actually a study of political organization, types of government, national character and the determining ethos of different societies. It enjoyed enormous success in the 18th century and was almost certainly read and studied by Adam Smith. Learn More
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  2. Growth Theory

    Growth Theory

    Edited by Robert Becker, Edwin Burmeister
    This major three volume work provides a comprehensive and authoritative selection of the most important articles and papers on growth theory. Volume I focuses on theories that attempt to explain the stylized facts of growth. Volume II includes the most important articles on normative models of the growth process. Volume III integrates the positive analysis found in the first volume with the welfare approach found in the second volume. Taken together, these volume depict the development of growth models from the early aggregative theory without explicitly optimizing agents to the current practice of formulating growth models with an explicit microeconomic foundation for consumption and investment decisions. Both the questions and methods of the new equilibrium approach to growth theory are adapted from optimal growth theory. In this sense, the descriptive and normative theories are intertwined and elements of both points of view may be found in each of the three volumes. Learn More
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