1. The Economics of Productivity

    The Economics of Productivity

    Edited by Edward N. Wolff
    The Economics of Productivity provides an anthology of many of the leading papers on productivity analysis Learn More
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    Edited by Mark Casson
    The theory of the firm is one of the most exciting fields of current economic research. Transaction cost theory, agency theory, contract theory and competency-based theories have all made important contributions. Both the classic and key contemporary papers are included hence The Theory of the Firm gathers together in one volume the major key thinking within the literature. The main topics covered are the scope and boundaries of the firm, international organization and information costs, vertical integration, growth competence and flexibility, the employment relation, inter-firm collaboration and networking. A substantial analytical introduction by Mark Casson provides a state-of-the-art review of current thinking in the area. Learn More
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  3. Industrial Research and Innovation in Business

    Industrial Research and Innovation in Business

    Edited by D. E.H. Edgerton
    It is commonplace to acknowledge the role of science and technology, and research and innovation specifically, in transforming the twentieth century world. Other studies, however, focuses on scientific and engineering research in general, or technological systems and paradigms, or on government-funded initiatives. Industrial Research and Innovation in Business concentrates on business and its contribution to innovation and its role in producing and using new technologies. Learn More
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    Edited by Gérard Debreu
    General Equilibrium Theory has been one of the major intellectual developments in economics during the past half-century. The theory of general equilibrium is centred on an inquiry about human societies which has several of the characteristics of a fundamental scientific question. In an economy, a multitude of agents produce, exchange, and consume a large number of commodities. Their decisions are independent of each other and dictated by self-interest. Attempting to answer the question ‘Why is social chaos not the result?’ has required an intensive research effort by several generations of leading economists. This important three volume set gathers together many of the articles that have played an influential role in the history of ideas in the general equilibrium area in the contemporary period. Learn More
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  5. Chaos Theory in Economics

    Chaos Theory in Economics

    Edited by W. D. Dechert
    This important book presents the most important articles by leading scholars in their fields and brings together three basic aspects of research into nonlinear dynamics and economics. Learn More
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    Edited by Wyn P. Grant
    The election of the Clinton administration in the United States and the debate in the European Community about the consequences of the industrial policy clause in the Maastricht treaty have put industrial policy back on the academic and political agenda again. This volume brings together the key articles on industrial policy, ranging from general theoretical perspectives and overviews of the literature to studies of the experience of particular countries, including Japan and the newly industrialising countries of East Asia. Four articles are concerned with the industrial programmes of the European Community. Learn More
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    Edited by David K. Levine, Steven A. Lippman
    The economic landscape of today recognizes a rich and diverse array of private information including information about product and resource quality, technological opportunities, effort levels, productivity and individual preferences. The literature on information is closely tied to that on uncertainty, for without uncertainty there can be no new information with strategic value. Learn More
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    Edited by Jacques-François Thisse, George Norman
    This important two volume set provides the main contributions to product differentiation theory, starting from early works to recent advances. A taxonomy based on modern economic theory puts the papers into a new perspective. The resulting collection of papers gives the reader the fundamental results in the field and an introduction provides a general overview of the topic. Learn More
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  9. Microeconomics


    Edited by Robert E. Kuenne
    This major three volume work contains 54 key papers which reflect the invigoration, innovation and imagination that has characterized the field of microeconomics during the last 50 years. The selections range from literary treatments to the most advanced mathematical presentations. However all readers, regardless of their mathematical sophistication or methodological predilections, will find a large number of the papers interesting and worthwhile in giving an overview of the present state of microeconomics and providing guides to the literature of specialities of particular interest. Learn More
    1990   Hardback Price: $ 693.00   Web: $ 623.70
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  10. Industrial Organization

    Industrial Organization

    Edited by Oliver E. Williamson
    Oliver Williamson is one of the most important industrial economists of our time. He has made a major contribution to economic scholarship and remains at the forefront of research into transaction costs and the theory of the firm. In this volume he has provided a very careful selection of what he considers to be the most important articles and papers in industrial organization. It contains 23 articles, dating from 1937 to 1987. Papers by Kenneth J. Arrow, Ronald H. Coase, Franco Modigliani, Michael Rothschild, Herbert A. Simon, George J. Stigler and Joseph Stiglitz are included in this collection. Learn More
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  11. Neo-Classical Microeconomics

    Neo-Classical Microeconomics

    Edited by Martin Ricketts
    Neo-classical microeconomics has dominated economics as a school of thought since the end of the nineteenth century. Seen as the ‘orthodox’ school, it has been challenged by many of the newer schools that have been developed since, but none has succeeded in supplanting neo-classical microeconomic theory as the foundation stone of economics. Learn More
    1989   Hardback Price: $ 445.00   Web: $ 400.50
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