1. Recent Developments in the Economics of Information

    Recent Developments in the Economics of Information

    Edited by Cristiano Antonelli
    This volume presents a compilation of key papers chronicling the evolution of the economics of information into the economics of knowledge. It traces the unfolding of the fertile ambiguity and ambivalence of the notion of information with the identification and eventual separation of its two basic, quite distinct meanings: knowledge and signals. It documents the progressive understanding that it is not only necessary to search, screen and understand signals, but also to assess and select them so as to distinguish between true, false and fake ones. The capability to process signals and transform them into actual information stems from the stock of competence and knowledge that individuals and organizations possess and mobilize. Together with an original introduction by the editor, this collection will be an indispensable research tool for economists and scholars alike. Learn More
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  2. The Economic Theory of Incentives

    The Economic Theory of Incentives

    Edited by David Martimort
    This comprehensive two-volume research collection recaps major literary contributions to the economic theory of incentives. The carefully selected papers spanning forty years analyse and review collective decision problems in the context of asymmetric information, moral hazard and incomplete contracting. Together with an original introduction by the editor, this collection would be a valuable addition to the bookshelves of any serious scholar and student in the field. Learn More
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  3. The Economics of E-Commerce

    The Economics of E-Commerce

    Edited by Michael R. Baye, John Morgan
    This comprehensive collection, edited by two pioneers of e-commerce, presents thirty of the most important papers written in the fields of economics, marketing and strategy. Topics covered include evaluation of the benefit to consumers of competition and product variety online, examination of auctions and reputational feedback mechanisms designed to mitigate informational asymmetries in online markets, and the debate on digital property rights including privacy, piracy and the open source movement. Together with an original introduction by the editors, this title provides a readily accessible wealth of material on the subject of e-commerce, invaluable to scholars and practitioners alike. Learn More
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  4. Economics of Research and Development

    Economics of Research and Development

    Edited by Bronwyn H. Hall
    Economics of Research and Development is a collection of the major readings in the development of this topic, from its origins in the work of Kenneth Arrow, Robert Solow, and Zvi Griliches to present day concerns with the financing of R&D and measurement of its returns. Topics covered include historical perspectives, market structure and the various ways R&D is conducted, the role of venture capital and government incentives, the measurement of R&D returns including spillovers to other firms or countries and the contribution of R&D to economic growth. The volume serves as an invaluable reference for those who would like to have the seminal papers on R&D collected in a single source. Learn More
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  5. The Economics of Standards

    The Economics of Standards

    Edited by Albert N. Link
    This comprehensive single volume includes seminal articles written by eminent scholars that study the role of standards in the competitive process, the diffusion of standards throughout industry and the role of the public sector in support of standards development. With an original introduction by the editor, this volume is an excellent source of reference and provides an invaluable foundation for students and researchers interested in standards. Learn More
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  6. Trade and Inequality

    Trade and Inequality

    Edited by Pinelopi K. Goldberg
    This volume brings together the most influential theoretical and empirical contributions to the topic of trade and inequality from recent years. Segregating it into four key areas, the collection forms a comprehensive study of the subject, targeted at academic readers familiar with the main trade models and empirical methods used in economics. The first two parts cover empirical evidence on trade and inequality in developed and developing countries, while the third and fourth sections confront transition dynamics following trade liberalization and new theoretical contributions inspired by the previously-discussed empirical evidence, respectively. Learn More
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  7. The Economics of Outsourcing

    The Economics of Outsourcing

    Edited by Leslie P. Willcocks, Mary C. Lacity
    In this wide-ranging collection, Professor Willcocks and Professor Lacity examine the economic determinants and outcomes of outsourcing and offshoring at both the firm and country levels. They provide a comprehensive overview of the topic, offering an interdisciplinary perspective, which covers the empirical and theoretical research not only of economists but also of researchers from other disciplines, most notably business strategy, information systems and international business. Learn More
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  8. Recent Developments in Trade and the Environment

    Recent Developments in Trade and the Environment

    Edited by Brian R. Copeland
    This volume brings together a selection of recent articles by leading scholars on the economics of international trade and the environment. The collection incorporates key papers published between 2000 and 2013 that investigate the major themes in the field including the effects of globalization on environmental outcomes, the effects of environmental policy on international competitiveness, evidence on the pollution haven hypothesis, effects of trade on the sustainability of renewable resources, interaction between trade policy and environmental policy and trade and climate change. Learn More
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  9. Pharmaceutical Economics

    Pharmaceutical Economics

    Edited by William S. Comanor, Stuart O. Schweitzer
    Pharmaceutical Economics begins with an investigation of the structure of the industry and its three main components: the research firms which produce innovative products; the generic drug industry and its expanding role; and the biotech industry, which is regarded as the future for pharmaceuticals. Further sections discuss topics including demand and incentives, pricing and regulation. Learn More
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  10. Economic Analyses of Social Networks

    Economic Analyses of Social Networks

    Edited by Matthew O. Jackson, Yves Zenou
    This comprehensive two-volume set brings together important contributions providing fundamental economic analyses of social networks and the central roles they play in many facets of our lives. Learn More
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  11. The Rise of the Modern Firm

    The Rise of the Modern Firm

    Edited by Geoffrey Jones, Walter A. Friedman
    This authoritative volume focuses on the rise of modern firms, from their early history to the present day. It considers the role of laws and contracts in shaping the growth and influence of business enterprises. It presents entrepreneurs, executives and the firms they controlled as driving actors in national economies and international growth. Learn More
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  12. Inflation and Unemployment: The Evolution of the Phillips Curve

    Inflation and Unemployment: The Evolution of the Phillips Curve

    Edited by Richard G. Lipsey, William Scarth
    This authoritative three-volume collection provides a comprehensive anthology of many of the most important and influential articles written since the publication of Phillips’ 1958 study – the most-cited macroeconomic paper published in the 20th century. Along with an original introduction by the editors, the papers evaluate the original contribution and place it in its historical context. The works also discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the New Classical critique and the expectations augmented Phillips Curve that resulted from it, and critique the part played by the ‘New Keynesian Phillips Curve’ in the New neo-Classical Synthesis that has emerged in macroeconomics. This indispensable volume will be of immense value to students, scholars and practitioners interested in the field of economics, and the Phillips Curve in particular. Learn More
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  13. The New Institutional Economics of Markets

    The New Institutional Economics of Markets

    Edited by Eirik G. Furubotn, Rudolf Richter
    To date, the formulation of a systematic theory of the organization of markets has proved to be a difficult task and remains unfinished. Nevertheless, explanations do exist as to why, under given conditions, the basic activities of trade are organized in one particular fashion rather than another. This invaluable collection of essays brings together important papers by authors working in the tradition of the new institutional economics. The editors have provided an original introduction which presents a comprehensive overview of their selection. Learn More
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  14. Incomplete Markets

    Incomplete Markets

    Edited by Michael Magill, Martine Quinzii
    This two-volume set offers an extraordinary précis of classic articles on the general equilibrium theory of incomplete markets. The first volume presents the contributions to the theory of incomplete markets over a finite horizon. Many of the papers focus on two-period economies. This setting provides the simplest version of the incomplete-market model. However, the study of incomplete markets has evolved from finite to infinite horizon economies. The second volume examines the interesting new technical and conceptual issues that arise from the exploration of incomplete market economies over an open-ended future. Learn More
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  15. The Economics of Networks

    The Economics of Networks

    Edited by Mark Casson, Marina Della Giusta
    This authoritative selection of recent work on the economics of networks will appeal to researchers in microeconomics, spatial and business economics as well as international economics and development. Social scientists and natural scientists will also find the book useful as a guide to the increasing wealth of economic literature on networks. Learn More
    2008   Hardback Price: $ 224.00   Web: $ 201.60
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  16. Pricing Tactics, Strategies, and Outcomes

    Pricing Tactics, Strategies, and Outcomes

    Edited by Michael Waldman, Justin P. Johnson
    The economics literature on pricing and pricing tactics has made huge progress in the last few decades mostly due to the influence of the asymmetric information and game theory revolutions in microeconomic theory. This authoritative two volume collection brings together some classic contributions which predate these revolutions, and older and newer papers which have employed these modern techniques to further our understanding of how pricing works in real world settings. Pricing Tactics, Strategies, and Outcomes approaches the subject mainly from the theoretical perspective, but includes also some important empirical papers. Important topics covered include entry deterrence, reputation formation, product line pricing, collusive behavior, tying and bundling, leasing, and sales and couponing strategies. The book should prove a useful reference tool for marketing students and faculty interested in the literature on pricing. Learn More
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  17. Cartels


    Edited by Margaret C. Levenstein, Stephen W. Salant
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  18. Computing


    Edited by Shane M. Greenstein
    This authoritative book presents a selection of the most important published articles and papers on the computing industry – an industry that after five decades of growth permeates virtually all areas of modern economic activity. Many economists believe the diffusion of computing has been a catalyst and a driver of economic growth. This has stimulated research into the microeconomic determinants and consequences of computing. This collection provides a state-of-the-art survey of advances in applied and empirical approaches to the industrial economics of computing. Learn More
    2006   Hardback Price: $ 308.00   Web: $ 277.20
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  19. Antitrust and Competition Policy

    Antitrust and Competition Policy

    Edited by Andrew N. Kleit
    The antitrust litigation process is, to a large and perhaps surprising degree, driven by the underlying economic literature. The articles in this volume have been chosen to provide a sense of both the history and the current state of thinking about antitrust. Learn More
    2005   Hardback Price: $ 350.00   Web: $ 315.00
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  20. Privatization and Globalization

    Privatization and Globalization

    Edited by Ram Mudambi
    The two most important forces affecting the world economy in the closing decades of the 20th century are globalization and privatization. While proceeding in parallel, these forces have nonetheless had significant interactions with one another, which are examined in this collection. Learn More
    2003   Hardback Price: $ 371.00   Web: $ 333.90
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