1. The Economics of Language

    The Economics of Language

    Edited by Donald M. Lamberton
    The economics of language remains neglected territory. Language makes information operational. As a social technology, it is a resource of the symbolic species – some argue it defines the human species. Language affects ability to find employment; cultural identity, effective communication in business, international trade, and tourism; negotiations and settlement procedures; political activity; and conflict within and between nations. Learn More
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  2. The Economics of Advertising

    The Economics of Advertising

    Edited by Kyle Bagwell
    This book brings together over thirty of the most influential previously published articles on the economics of advertising. Topics covered include an exploration of the welfare consequences of persuasive advertising and informative advertising; an analysis of informative advertising in search-goods markets and as a signal of quality in experience-goods markets; and an examination of the use of advertising to deter entry to the market by rivals, to pre-empt rivals or conversely to collude with them. The volume features both theoretical and empirical contributions to these topics. Learn More
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  3. Competition


    Edited by Jack High
    Competition follows the development of the idea, as an analytical tool and also as a policy ideal, from Adam Smith through the marginal revolution to the modern concept of perfect competition. The editor’s original introductory essay shows how the scope of competition has narrowed in modern times. It also emphasizes the distinctions between competition as an end state and competition as a process. Learn More
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  4. The Economics of Increasing Returns

    The Economics of Increasing Returns

    Edited by Geoffrey Heal
    The Economics of Increasing Returns presents an authoritative collection of the most significant papers by leading scholars in this key area of economics. Learn More
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  5. Recent Developments in Game Theory

    Recent Developments in Game Theory

    Edited by Eric S. Maskin
    During the 1980s, economic theory has been revolutionised by game theory. The game theory approach is now very widely used throughout the profession and has become a major tool for the construction of new economic models. It is the basic tool in the construction of a modern theory of industrial organisation and it has led to important developments in finance, labour economics and international trade. This major new collection – prepared by a leading international authority – is oriented towards researchers, professors and graduate students who are interested in the interface between game theory and economic theory. They include the seminal and most important recent papers on the development and application of game theory in economics. Learn More
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  6. Foreign Direct Investment and Technological Change

    Foreign Direct Investment and Technological Change

    Edited by John Cantwell
    This comprehensive new collection provides a careful selection of the major writings to have appeared in the field of foreign direct investment (FDI) and technological change since 1966. Learn More
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  7. Corporate Governance

    Corporate Governance

    Edited by Kevin Keasey, Steve Thompson, Mike Wright
    This major four volume collection presents the most important classic and contemporary papers on corporate governance – an area that has attracted worldwide interest in the 1990s. Learn More
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  8. The Economics of Transaction Costs

    The Economics of Transaction Costs

    Edited by Oliver E. Williamson, Scott E Masten
    Transaction cost economics began to take shape around thirty years ago and has since been established as an essential tool used to illuminate a wide range of problems in economics and other social sciences. This paperback reader for students and scholars presents, in a convenient and accessible form, the articles which together form the foundations of research in transaction cost economics. Learn More
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  9. Service Industries in the Global Economy

    Service Industries in the Global Economy

    Edited by John R. Bryson, Peter W. Daniels
    Service Industries in the Global Economy is a comparative international reference collection which identifies and reprints the most important articles on services and the service economy published by geographers, economists and sociologists. The focus is on the growth and evolution of service activities in the advanced economies of Europe, North America and the Pacific Rim within the framework of the global economy. Learn More
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  10. The Economics of Marketing

    The Economics of Marketing

    Edited by Martin Carter, Mark Casson, Vivek Suneja
    The Economics of Marketing is an authoritative collection of previously published articles which demonstrates the contribution of economics to the field of marketing. It includes articles that deal with the economic history of marketing practices and contains both classical and contemporary economic analyses relevant to marketing management. Learn More
    1998   Hardback Price: $ 399.00   Web: $ 359.10
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  11. Industrial Policy and Competitive Advantage

    Industrial Policy and Competitive Advantage

    Edited by David B. Audretsch
    The emergence of industrial policy as a central issue among not just policy makers but the intellectual community as well reflects not only concerns about the international competitiveness of firms and nations but also unemployment and growth. Learn More
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  12. Culture, Social Norms and Economics

    Culture, Social Norms and Economics

    Edited by Mark Casson
    Economists have often been accused of failing to take full account of culture and social norms in their explanations of human behaviour. Cultural factors are playing an increasingly important role in economic theorizing and are achieving greater recognition as determinants of economic performance. As such these volumes will be a landmark and will provide easy access to the most important articles in this expanding field. Learn More
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  13. The Economics of Communication and Information

    The Economics of Communication and Information

    Edited by Donald M. Lamberton
    This wide-ranging collection charts the responses of the economics discipline to these changes, initially slowly but with gathering pace, as communication and information have moved from the sidelines to centre stage. Learn More
    1996   Hardback Price: $ 308.00   Web: $ 277.20
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  14. The Economics of Training

    The Economics of Training

    Edited by Orley C. Ashenfelter, Robert J. LaLonde
    These two volumes bring together theoretical and empirical papers on the economics of training. The first volume comprises of papers that discuss the economic theory underlying firms’ and individuals’ decisions to provide or acquire training. In particular, they offer differing perspectives on human capital theory. This volume also includes papers examining the design of both experimental and nonexperimental strategies for estimating the effects of training. The second volume consists of studies that estimate the impact of both public and private provided training on earnings. Most of the volume is devoted to studies that illustrate nonexperimental evaluations of training. However, because experiments have become an important part of this literature, the volume includes papers that provide a detailed evaluation of one well-known social experiment, and that use experiments to evaluate the non-experimental evaluations of training. Learn More
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    Edited by Zoltán J. Ács
    For years the small-firm sector of the economy remained an enigma. However, recently researchers have assembled a far better understanding of the economic role of small firms. One of the surprising findings is that small and medium-sized firms, and entrepreneurship, have become increasingly more important to the economies of both developed and developing countries than previously acknowledged. The purpose of these volumes is to bring together for the first time this diffuse and rich literature on the whole subject of small firms and economic growth. This volume will provide a basic resource for all those engaged with the subject as students, teachers and researchers. Learn More
    1996   Hardback Price: $ 721.00   Web: $ 648.90
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    Edited by Melvin L. Greenhut, George Norman
    The Economics of Location traces developments in location theory, the economics of space and value and spatial microeconomics from its early beginnings in the work of von Thünen to the most recent applications in modern industrial organization and international trade. Learn More
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    Edited by Oliver E. Williamson, Scott E. Masten
    This important two volume set contains a selection of key articles on transaction cost economics by distinguished scholars including Ronald Coase, Herbert Simon, Kenneth Arrow and Richard A. Posner. As well as addressing key areas such as private ordering and credibility, contracts and organization, internal organization, vertical integration and contracting, the editors have each compiled a new introduction to accompany the set. Learn More
    1995   Hardback Price: $ 728.00   Web: $ 655.20
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    Edited by Wyn P. Grant
    The election of the Clinton administration in the United States and the debate in the European Community about the consequences of the industrial policy clause in the Maastricht treaty have put industrial policy back on the academic and political agenda again. This volume brings together the key articles on industrial policy, ranging from general theoretical perspectives and overviews of the literature to studies of the experience of particular countries, including Japan and the newly industrialising countries of East Asia. Four articles are concerned with the industrial programmes of the European Community. Learn More
    1995   Hardback Price: $ 315.00   Web: $ 283.50
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  19. Monopoly and Competition Policy

    Monopoly and Competition Policy

    Edited by F. M. Scherer
    This two-volume set brings together for the first time a collection of seminal writings dealing with the development of competition policy in Europe, the United States and Japan. It begins by reproducing the writings of leading philosophers and scholars on the rationale and desirability of competition in market economies. These interpretations range in time of origin from ancient Greece through to Adam Smith and James Madison to very recent contributions in the competition policy debate. Having established relevant philosophical foundations, the compendium presents analyses by leading British, American, German and Japanese scholars on the interpretation and administration of laws concerning price-fixing and other restrictive agreements, market dominance and monopolization, predatory practices and mergers. Learn More
    1993   Hardback Price: $ 651.00   Web: $ 585.90
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  20. Industrial and Organizational Psychology

    Industrial and Organizational Psychology

    Edited by Cary Cooper
    This major two volume work includes the leading articles in industrial and organizational psychology published during the last two decades. Cary Cooper – recognized as a leading authority in the field – has, in consultation with a number of other eminent psychologists, selected the most important articles and papers representing the leading conceptual and empirical contributions. They include topics concerned with individual, group and organizational behavior, and subjects which are increasingly very topical such as occupational stress, job design and performance appraisal. This two volume set will be an essential reference point for both academics and practitioners working in the field of industrial and organizational psychology. Learn More
    1991   Hardback Price: $ 672.00   Web: $ 604.80
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