1. Foundations of Social Capital

    Foundations of Social Capital

    Edited by Elinor Ostrom, T. K. Ahn
    The selected articles embed the concept in core theoretical work in economics, political science, sociology, development theory, and philosophy. Topics include: contemporary conceptual and philosophical foundations; forms of social capital; and the relation of social capital to both development and democracy. Learn More
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  2. Competing Capitalisms: Institutions and Economies

    Competing Capitalisms: Institutions and Economies

    Edited by Richard Whitley
    This authoritative collection brings together the leading contributions to the comparative study of forms of capitalism. An introductory essay presents the context in which these contributions developed, discusses the major issues raised by such comparative work, and suggests likely future developments. Learn More
    2002   Hardback Price: $ 574.00   Web: $ 516.60
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  3. The Economic Theory of Auctions

    The Economic Theory of Auctions

    Edited by Paul Klemperer
    This major two volume collection presents some of the most influential theoretical and empirical papers on the economic theory of auctions. Learn More
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  4. The Foundations of Evolutionary Economics: 1890–1973

    The Foundations of Evolutionary Economics: 1890–1973

    Edited by Geoffrey M. Hodgson
    In the last two decades of the twentieth century evolutionary economics has become one of the most important and exciting developments in social science. It is associated with a huge theoretical, empirical and policy literature. Yet relatively little is known about the development of the foundations of evolutionary economics over the preceding 100 years. The gap is filled by this collection of essays by Thorstein Veblen, John Commons, John Maurice Clark, Alfred Marshall, John Atkinson Hobson, Joseph Schumpeter, Armen Alchian, Edith Penrose, Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen, Friedrich Hayek among others. An original introduction by the editor places these contributions in their historical context. Learn More
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  5. Economic Sociology

    Economic Sociology

    Edited by Richard Swedberg
    This volume contains many of the classic articles in economic sociology, both from the early period (especially Max Weber and Joseph Schumpeter) and from the current generation (such as Mark Granovetter and Viviana Zelizer). Learn More
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    Edited by Jean-Pascal Bénassy
    The macroeconomics of imperfect competition is a field which has witnessed an almost exponential growth in the last twenty years. The reason for this success is simple as this field combines two important, and hitherto incompatible, features: On one hand, like Walrasian or new classical macroeconomics it has fully rigorous microeconomic foundations. On the other hand, like Keynesian macroeconomics (which itself lacked such foundations) it can produce underemployment of resources and macroeconomic coordination failures. This successful blend of the General Equilibrium, Keynesian and Imperfect Competition traditions has become a most influential paradigm in macroeconomics. Learn More
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  7. The Economics of Institutions

    The Economics of Institutions

    Edited by Geoffrey M. Hodgson
    The Economics of Institutions is a collection of key essays in the field of both ‘new’ and ‘old’ institutional economics. Learn More
    1993   Hardback Price: $ 360.00   Web: $ 324.00
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  8. Industrial Organization

    Industrial Organization

    Edited by Oliver E. Williamson
    Oliver Williamson is one of the most important industrial economists of our time. He has made a major contribution to economic scholarship and remains at the forefront of research into transaction costs and the theory of the firm. In this volume he has provided a very careful selection of what he considers to be the most important articles and papers in industrial organization. It contains 23 articles, dating from 1937 to 1987. Papers by Kenneth J. Arrow, Ronald H. Coase, Franco Modigliani, Michael Rothschild, Herbert A. Simon, George J. Stigler and Joseph Stiglitz are included in this collection. Learn More
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