1. Trade Costs and Facilitation: Open Trade and Economic Development

    Trade Costs and Facilitation: Open Trade and Economic Development

    Edited by Jean-Christophe Maur, John S. Wilson
    The need for countries to facilitate trade and to reduce the transactions costs plaguing trade is receiving a lot of interest in policy circles, and in particular in the WTO, where trade facilitation has been one of the few good stories in recent multilateral negotiations. Is this interest justified? What have economic theory and empirical findings to contribute to our understanding of the value of free trade? This authoritative two-volume set, edited by two leading scholars in the field, offers a collection of seminal articles that have led our economic thinking on these issues and encouraged a new and growing literature. This important work, along with an original introduction by the editors, is of immense value to scholars and practitioners interested in the topic of trade costs and facilitation. Learn More
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  2. Empirical International Trade

    Empirical International Trade

    Edited by Daniel M. Bernhofen
    During the last decade, international trade has witnessed a dramatic transition from a field dominated by theory to one dominated by empirics linked to theory. Learn More
    2010   Hardback Price: $ 392.00   Web: $ 352.80
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  3. Globalization and Free Trade

    Globalization and Free Trade

    Edited by Philip Booth, Richard Wellings
    Philip Booth and Richard Wellings have brought together key papers originally published by the Institute of Economic Affairs, which, for the past 50 years, has been vigorously defending the case for free trade, and for globalization more generally. These important papers, which are not widely available, trace the development of the debate on the benefits of free trade during the last 50 years. Learn More
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  4. The WTO, Intellectual Property, E-Commerce and the Internet

    The WTO, Intellectual Property, E-Commerce and the Internet

    Edited by Rohan Kariyawasam
    In the face of an increasing threat from separate bilateral trade negotiations the World Trade Organization (WTO), more than any other international institution, is set to have a significant impact on the trade in technology in the decade ahead. Alert to this potential, Rohan Kariyawasam brings together articles on international economic law and policy that touch on issues as diverse as telecommunications, e-commerce, information technology and technology transfer. This two-volume set navigates an innovative discussion of these sectors, their effect on international trade and the role of the WTO in promoting the worldwide trade of electronic goods and services. The papers will have relevance for regulators, lawyers advising both in private practice and in-house, academics, students and those in the NGO sector with an interest in trade and technology. Learn More
    2009   Hardback Price: $ 544.00   Web: $ 489.60
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  5. The WTO and Accession Countries

    The WTO and Accession Countries

    Edited by Carlos A. Primo Braga, Oliver Cattaneo
    In this essential two-volume collection, the editors include key papers on the domestic and global challenges of WTO accession. The first volume explores the intertwined economic, legal, and political dimensions of the process. The second volume explores country case studies and sector-specific issues such as agriculture, services and intellectual property. Learn More
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  6. Globalization and Productivity

    Globalization and Productivity

    Edited by David Greenaway, Holger Görg, Richard Kneller
    This two-volume set is an indispensable selection of recent and classic research papers exploring the link between globalization and productivity growth. The editors’ careful selection includes articles that focus on the impact of globalization on aggregate productivity, openness, international technology diffusion, and trade adjustment and productivity growth. Other topics include inward and outward foreign direct investment, international outsourcing and the critical relationship between exporting and productivity. The set will be an essential reference point for researchers, students and policy-makers concerned with globalization and productivity. Learn More
    2008   Hardback Price: $ 581.00   Web: $ 522.90
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  7. Purchasing Power Parity

    Purchasing Power Parity

    Edited by Meher Manzur
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  8. The WTO, Economic Interdependence, and Conflict

    The WTO, Economic Interdependence, and Conflict

    Edited by Marc L. Busch, Edward D. Mansfield
    Scholars and policymakers have long been interested in the relationship between international institutions, foreign trade, and interstate conflict. This timely volume presents the most important published articles that address these crucial issues. The articles are organized into three parts. The first part presents and evaluates the core theoretical arguments about the linkage between foreign economic relations and political–military hostilities. The second part addresses the origins of various international institutions designed to influence global commerce, how these institutions operate, and the extent to which they shape the flow and content of overseas trade. The final part analyzes how economic disputes are settled within the World Trade Organization. Learn More
    2007   Hardback Price: $ 350.00   Web: $ 315.00
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  9. International Taxation

    International Taxation

    Edited by James R. Hines Jr
    Scholarly research on taxation is increasingly preoccupied with its global implications. This volume collects the most important and influential recent research on international aspects of taxation. The book offers empirical estimates of the effects of taxation on foreign direct investment, international borrowing, and other forms of tax avoidance. It further focuses on classic studies of tax competition and the latest research on the characteristics of desirable tax policies in open economies. This authoritative collection of articles offers a comprehensive survey of international tax issues, one that is accessible to newcomers to the field but is also of considerable value to seasoned tax professionals. Learn More
    2007   Hardback Price: $ 308.00   Web: $ 277.20
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  10. The International Monetary Fund and the World Economy

    The International Monetary Fund and the World Economy

    Edited by Graham Bird, Dane Rowlands
    A large and growing academic literature seeks to analyse the key aspects of the International Monetary Fund’s operations from both theoretical and empirical perspectives. This two-volume set draws together what are generally acknowledged to be the most important contributions. In the main it focuses on the economics of the IMF but also reflects the fact that a full understanding of the Fund will only be achieved if its political dimensions are also addressed. The collected articles demonstrate the way in which research on the IMF has evolved over time. They cover the role of the IMF, the determinants of IMF lending, conditionality and the implementation and effects of IMF programs, the prolonged use of IMF resources as well as the IMF’s own reserve asset, the Special Drawing Right. No serious student of the IMF will want to be without this up-to-date and comprehensive collection. Learn More
    2007   Hardback Price: $ 623.00   Web: $ 560.70
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  11. The WTO and Labor and Employment

    The WTO and Labor and Employment

    Edited by Drusilla K. Brown, Robert M. Stern
    The central focus of this collection is to provide the reader access to the seminal papers analyzing the accommodation of labor interests within the WTO. This comprehensive volume establishes an understanding of the interaction between global goods, capital and labor markets and the national government institutions that regulate their function. In selecting papers for this volume, the editors have identified the most important contributions to the debate. Learn More
    2007   Hardback Price: $ 357.00   Web: $ 321.30
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  12. The WTO and Poverty and Inequality

    The WTO and Poverty and Inequality

    Edited by L. A. Winters
    This comprehensive two-volume collection presents key papers on the relationship between international trade and trade policy on the one hand, and poverty and inequality on the other. These relationships highlight the connections between the WTO and income distribution. The analytical and policy context of the volumes is laid out by the editor’s introduction and by the first two articles of the collection. Learn More
    2007   Hardback Price: $ 623.00   Web: $ 560.70
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  13. The WTO and Reciprocal Preferential Trading Agreements

    The WTO and Reciprocal Preferential Trading Agreements

    Edited by Caroline Freund
    This insightful volume is a careful selection of the major contributions to the controversy as to whether regional trade agreements harm the multilateral system of trade negotiation. It focuses on key topics such as: the theory of preferential trade agreements; regionalism and multilateralism; the effects of regionalism on the multilateral system; the effects of multilateralism on regionalism; rules of origin and empirical analyses. Scholars and practitioners alike will find this an invaluable set of papers. Learn More
    2007   Hardback Price: $ 392.00   Web: $ 352.80
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  14. Trade Preferences and Differential Treatment of Developing Countries

    Trade Preferences and Differential Treatment of Developing Countries

    Edited by Bernard Hoekman, Çağlar Özden
    The editors have written an authoritative new introduction which illuminates their choice and highlights the contribution of each article. Learn More
    2007   Hardback Price: $ 329.00   Web: $ 296.10
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  15. The WTO, Safeguards, and Temporary Protection from Imports

    The WTO, Safeguards, and Temporary Protection from Imports

    Edited by Chad P. Brown
    Temporary protection from fairly traded imports under the World Trade Organization (WTO) typically refers to a national government's use of a ‘safeguard’ tariff, quota or tariff rate quota. Safeguard provisions allow a WTO member’s national government to investigate whether a domestic industry is injured because of fairly traded, but imported goods; and then impose a temporary unilateral import restriction that would otherwise be in violation of market access commitments. This book presents some of the key theoretical and empirical research articles in the economics, legal and policy literature examining the structure and use of such temporary import protection programmes. Learn More
    2006   Hardback Price: $ 287.00   Web: $ 258.30
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  16. The WTO’s Core Rules and Disciplines

    The WTO’s Core Rules and Disciplines

    Edited by Kym Anderson, Bernard Hoekman
    The development of the modern global trading system has been extremely rapid – and not without controversy. The WTO (and its precursor, the GATT) have provided not only a set of multilateral rules and disciplines but also a forum for negotiation and a legal mechanism to settle trade-related disputes. Learn More
    2006   Hardback Price: $ 595.00   Web: $ 535.50
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  17. Critical Perspectives on Globalization

    Critical Perspectives on Globalization

    Edited by Marina Della Giusta, Uma S. Kambhampati, Robert H. Wade
    This authoritative edited volume offers, for the first time, a selection of critical perspectives on globalization. These critiques incorporate work from radical and feminist scholars opposing the new liberal ideology underlying globalization. It also sheds new light on the different types of costs and risks of globalization in terms of environment, health hazards, international terrorism and cultural homogenization. The book is intended for a wide audience and will be of interest to students and researchers in economics, politics, international relations, geography and development studies, as well as policy makers and activists in governmental and non-governmental organizations. Learn More
    2006   Hardback Price: $ 357.00   Web: $ 321.30
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  18. Global Supply Chain Management

    Global Supply Chain Management

    Edited by Masaaki Kotabe, Michael J. Mol
    Global Supply Chain Management brings together in two authoritative volumes the best and most interesting academic work on global supply chain management from international business and international management, marketing, strategic management, operations management, purchasing and supply management, and economics. Learn More
    2006   Hardback Price: $ 546.00   Web: $ 491.40
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  19. Open Economy Macroeconomics

    Open Economy Macroeconomics

    Edited by Norman C. Miller
    For this two-volume set the editor has selected the key contributions to the field of open economy macroeconomics which have been made over the past half century and more. The articles selected cover traditional open economy models, first generation intertemporal open economy models, the structure of open economy macro-models, some controversies and puzzles, and second generation intertemporal models. Learn More
    2006   Hardback Price: $ 553.00   Web: $ 497.70
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  20. The WTO and Government Procurement

    The WTO and Government Procurement

    Edited by Simon J. Evenett, Bernard Hoekman
    This volume is a careful selection of the leading legal and economic papers analysing international discrimination in government purchasing. It also includes the WTO agreement that seeks to curb such discrimination. Studies of individual country experiences are also featured, adding a practical dimension to what often appears to be a narrow technical debate. This authoritative and wide-ranging volume will provide trade negotiators, other government officials including purchasing officers, and scholars with a thorough grounding so as to effectively assess proposals for further international rules on government procurement practices, be they in bilateral, regional, or multilateral arenas. Learn More
    2006   Hardback Price: $ 294.00   Web: $ 264.60
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