1. Islamic Banking

    Islamic Banking

    Mervyn K. Lewis, Latifa M. Algaoud
    The prohibition of interest is the feature of Islamic banking which most distinctly sets it apart from conventional banking. To Western eyes, this seems a strange restriction, but Christian countries themselves maintained such a ban for 1,400 years. Islamic Banking asks why Islam has been able to maintain its stand. The book explores the intricacies of Islamic law and the religious and ethical principles underpinning Islamic banking. It then considers the analytical basis of Islamic banking and financing in the light of modern theories of financial intermediation, and identifies the conceptual issues to be overcome.   Learn More
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  2. Economic Capital and Risk Management in Islamic Banking

    Economic Capital and Risk Management in Islamic Banking

    Abdul Ghafar Ismail Ghafar Ismail, Muhamed Zulkhibri
    Providing clarity and an in-depth understanding of the differences between Islamic banking and conventional banking systems, this timely book examines Islamic economic capital from a variety of perspectives. It offers insight into the wider geographical context of Islamic banking beyond the Middle East and Southeast Asia, exploring other emerging economies. Learn More