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  1. Population Ageing, Pensions and Growth

    Population Ageing, Pensions and Growth

    John Creedy, Ross Guest
    This highly topical book explores key issues in evaluating the long-run implications of population ageing for pensions, taxation, intergenerational equity and social welfare. Learn More
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  2. Taxing the Working Poor

    Taxing the Working Poor

    Achim Kemmerling
    In most industrialized countries the tax burden of poor people has increased dramatically over the last few decades. This book analyses both the political origins of this increase and its consequences for the labour market. Learn More
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  3. Education and Inequality Across Europe

    Education and Inequality Across Europe

    Edited by Peter Dolton, Rita Asplund, Erling Barth
    The relationship between education and income inequality is of fundamental importance. In this book, an international group of renowned contributors focus on patterns of inequality and their relationship to education using recent data from European countries. The fresh and unique research deals with important topics such as: wage and education inequality, differences in earnings related to gender, the role of labour market institutions, demographic and cohort effects on inequality, intergenerational education and income mobility, the extent of ‘overeducation’ and job and life satisfaction inequality. Learn More
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  4. Migration and Human Capital

    Migration and Human Capital

    Edited by Jacques Poot, Brigitte Waldorf, Leo van Wissen
    Throughout the world, migration is an increasingly important and diverse component of population change, both at national and sub-national levels. Migration impacts on the distribution of knowledge and generates externalities and spillover effects. This book focuses on recent models and methods for analysing and forecasting migration, as well as on the basic trends, driving factors and institutional settings behind migration processes. Learn More
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  5. Innovating European Labour Markets

    Innovating European Labour Markets

    Edited by Peter Ester, Ruud Muffels, Joop Schippers, Ton Wilthagen
    This book examines innovative theoretical perspectives and novel labour market policy responses to Europe’s changing work demands, employment careers and life courses. It presents creative ideas and recommendations for flexicurity policies at various levels and in different social and economic contexts. The driving factors determining the performance of dissimilar pathways in Europe are identified in regard to their impact on the flexibility/security nexus. Key issues in the current European policy debate are addressed, including how innovative policies are designed in the areas of working time, education, work–life balance, employment relations, retirement and migration, how they are put into practice and what determines their level of success. Learn More
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  6. Segmented Labor Markets and Labor Mobility

    Segmented Labor Markets and Labor Mobility

    Edited by Michael Reich
    For this insightful collection, Professor Reich has selected some of the most significant published articles on labor mobility and segmented markets. The book investigates the development of this important field from the pioneering papers on labor market segmentation analysis of the 1970s, through the early debates to the later theoretical models and econometric evidence. The second volume offers an overview of the evolution from segmentation to flexibility in labor markets up to the present day and explores topics such as the growth of temporary jobs in Europe, the influence of gender, immigration and race, later econometric controversies and the phenomenon of flexicurity. Learn More
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  7. New Directions in the Study of Work and Employment

    New Directions in the Study of Work and Employment

    Edited by Charles J. Whalen
    Charles Whalen’s book identifies avenues leading to the revitalization of industrial relations as an academic discipline. The contributors, a stellar assemblage of the field’s leading scholars, demonstrate there is much work to be done: the scope and intellectual content of industrial relations need to be reconsidered; academic and social institutions must be reshaped; and new conceptual and practical issues demand attention. Learn More
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  8. Flexibility and Employment Security in Europe

    Flexibility and Employment Security in Europe

    Edited by Ruud Muffels
    This book seeks to gain a better understanding of the paradoxical relationship between the alleged need of European labour markets to become more flexible and the way in which national policies pursue this aim without jeopardising existing high standards of income and employment security. Special interest is devoted to the way in which countries opt for different policy routes to cope with the aim of balancing flexibility and security goals in their respective labour market and social protection policies. The contributions in this book all try to unveil the particular changes or transitions occurring in the various labour markets, to learn about their medium and longer term effects and the role of institutions and policies to cushion the adverse consequences of these changes. By studying some ‘best practices’ in Denmark, Canada and Australia they also draw some important lessons about the reasons why national policies might either fail or better cope with the challenges Europe face today. Learn More
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  9. Restructuring Work and Employment in Europe

    Restructuring Work and Employment in Europe

    Edited by Bernard Gazier, Frédéric Bruggeman
    This detailed, comprehensive study on downsizing in Europe is underpinned by cross-national, interdisciplinary empirical research on restructuring management in five European countries: Belgium, France, Germany, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. It contains systematic national comparative overviews, and transversal analyses of more than 30 in-depth case studies, taking into account a broad range of perspectives across professional human resources managers, unions’ representatives, local and national civil servants, social workers and physicians. The authors examine strategic choices and practices in national and local contexts, showing that the practice of restructuring is not as heterogeneous as many previous studies have indicated or predicted. Systematic policy proposals for better economic and social management of restructuring are also prescribed. Learn More
    2008   Hardback Price: $ 186.00   Web: $ 167.40
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  10. The Working Poor in Europe

    The Working Poor in Europe

    Edited by Hans-Jürgen Andreß, Henning Lohmann
    For a long time in-work poverty was not associated with European welfare states. Recently, the topic has gained relevance as welfare state retrenchment and international competition in globalized economies has put increasing pressures on individuals and families. This book provides explanations as to why in-work poverty is high in certain countries and low in others. Learn More
    2008   Hardback Price: $ 165.00   Web: $ 148.50
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  11. Full Employment in Europe

    Full Employment in Europe

    Günther Schmid
    Transitional Labour Markets (TLM) – defined as legitimate, negotiated and politically supported sets of various employment options in critical events over the life course – are an essential ingredient of modern full employment strategies. After assessing the European Employment Strategy, this book offers a detailed comparative analysis of employment performance for selected European member states and the United States. It suggests that successful employment systems arise from a new paradigm of flexibility and security (‘flexicurity’) the balance of which varies according to countries’ institutional paths. Whilst there is no ‘best practice’, TLM theory does provide normative and analytical principles that can be generalised for various institutional settings. The book also provides good practice examples for managing critical transitions over the life course – from education to employment, from one job to another, from unemployment to employment, from private activities to gainful work and from employment to retirement – and develops the contours for extending unemployment insurance to work–life insurance. Learn More
    2008   Hardback Price: $ 181.00   Web: $ 162.90
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  12. Young Workers in the Global Economy

    Young Workers in the Global Economy

    Edited by Gregory DeFreitas
    Featuring new findings and fresh insights from an international roster of labor economists, including such eminent authors as Morley Gunderson, Harry Holzer, and Paul Ryan, this book delves into a uniquely wide range of high-profile labor issues affecting youth in the US, Canada, Europe, and Japan – from declining job, wage, and training prospects to workplace health hazards, immigration, union activism, and new policy strategies. This widely accessible introduction to the latest research in the area presents original empirical economic studies in an engaging style. Learn More
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  13. Full Employment Abandoned

    Full Employment Abandoned

    William Mitchell, Joan Muysken
    This book dismantles the arguments used by policy makers to justify the abandonment of full employment as a valid goal of national governments. Bill Mitchell and Joan Muysken trace the theoretical analysis of the nature and causes of unemployment over the last 150 years and argue that the shift from involuntary to ‘natural rate’ conceptions of unemployment since the 1960s has driven an ideological backlash against Keynesian policy interventions. Learn More
    2008   Hardback Price: $ 146.00   Web: $ 131.40
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  14. Economics of Labor and Employment Law

    Economics of Labor and Employment Law

    Edited by John J. Donohue III
    For this comprehensive collection, the editor has selected some of the most important labor law and economics papers today. This two-volume set tracks the development of the theoretical and empirical scholarship on labor law across a number of disciplines, bringing together traditional legal theory and labor economics, along with more recent findings in behavioral economics. Learn More
    2007   Hardback Price: $ 490.00   Web: $ 441.00
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  15. Recent Developments in Labor Economics

    Recent Developments in Labor Economics

    Edited by John T. Addison
    This comprehensive set of papers charts the main developments in contemporary labour economics, with an emphasis on issues of measurement. Topics covered in the first volume include the effects of adjustment costs on employment and the modeling of family choice in labor supply. Key themes explored in the second volume include the role of unobserved worker characteristics in obscuring the tradeoff between wages and benefits, payment systems in circumstances where results are verifiable and nonverifiable, formal unemployment duration analysis, and sex biased hiring. The third volume tackles some of the more controversial themes in modern labour economics. The editor has provided an insightful new introduction which gives a comprehensive overview of the themes discussed. Learn More
    2007   Hardback Price: $ 1,001.00   Web: $ 900.90
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  16. The WTO and Labor and Employment

    The WTO and Labor and Employment

    Edited by Drusilla K. Brown, Robert M. Stern
    The central focus of this collection is to provide the reader access to the seminal papers analyzing the accommodation of labor interests within the WTO. This comprehensive volume establishes an understanding of the interaction between global goods, capital and labor markets and the national government institutions that regulate their function. In selecting papers for this volume, the editors have identified the most important contributions to the debate. Learn More
    2007   Hardback Price: $ 357.00   Web: $ 321.30
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  17. Recent Developments in the Economics of Training

    Recent Developments in the Economics of Training

    Edited by Francis Green
    This two volume collection covers important developments in the theory and empirical analysis of training since the start of the 1990s. It includes the seminal articles on training theory in the context of imperfect markets, which are essential for understanding social interventions in the private market. Learn More
    2007   Hardback Price: $ 581.00   Web: $ 522.90
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  18. The Labour Market and Economic Development of Taiwan

    The Labour Market and Economic Development of Taiwan

    Edited by Joseph S. Lee
    An integrated labour market model (a revision of the Harris–Todaro dualistic labour market model) is presented which can be used to analyze labour market operation in other developing countries. The effectiveness of various policies adopted by the Taiwanese government in tackling high unemployment rates are examined and the findings shed light on public policies in other developing and newly industrialized countries. Learn More
    2007   Hardback Price: $ 164.00   Web: $ 147.60
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  19. The Evaluation of Active Labour Market Policies

    The Evaluation of Active Labour Market Policies

    Edited by Jaap de Koning
    This book argues that active labour market policies are necessary to improve the position of the unemployed but have so far performed relatively poorly. The contributing authors seek ways to improve active labour market policy and consider three means of doing so: improving the quality by better targeting and by better-designed measures, more efficient implementation and delivery, and better performance by benchmarking the various implementation agencies involved. Learn More
    2007   Hardback Price: $ 184.00   Web: $ 165.60
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  20. Redesigning the Welfare State

    Redesigning the Welfare State

    Hans-Werner Sinn, Christian Holzner, Wolfgang Meister, Wolfgang Ochel, Martin Werding
    Redesigning the Welfare State argues that the current high level of unemployment in Germany not only creates a major challenge for the German welfare state, but is to a good extent caused by the way the country's welfare system is designed. Learn More
    2006   Hardback Price: $ 127.00   Web: $ 114.30
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