1. Game Theory and the Law

    Game Theory and the Law

    Edited by Eric B. Rasmusen
    Game Theory and the Law is a collection of previously published articles in which ideas from game theory and the economics of asymmetric information are applied to legal issues. Game theory’s method is to simplify a situation by describing it in terms of players, actions, payoffs, after which the players’ strategic interactions can be described. Whether used explicitly or implicitly, this is a highly useful approach to law. This important volume collects together the classic articles on the subject together with surveys of the approach and illustrative examples of the use of game theory in law. Learn More
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  2. Economics of Administrative Law

    Economics of Administrative Law

    Edited by Susan Rose-Ackerman
    All representative democracies must balance democratic accountability against the competent implementation of complex statutes. Achieving this balance in administrative law will be aided by drawing on insights from economics and political economy. This important volume collects the best work in this area and is of significance for scholars of public law and economics around the world. The editor’s authoritative selection of papers, anchored in the American system of administrative law, mixes theoretical, legal, and empirical studies by leading interdisciplinary scholars. It thus provides an up-to-date introduction to modern work in the economics of administrative law. Learn More
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  3. Economics of Evidence, Procedure and Litigation

    Economics of Evidence, Procedure and Litigation

    Edited by Chris W. Sanchirico
    Over the last three decades, the use of mathematical methods and logic and the innovative application of game theoretic, economic and statistical methods have reshaped the way scholars of legal evidence and procedure think about core features of the current legal system and the construction of an ideal justice system. In this comprehensive collection, Professor Sanchirico has brought together the major breakthroughs in this exciting confluence of scholarly methods and concerns. Learn More
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  4. Economics of Labor and Employment Law

    Economics of Labor and Employment Law

    Edited by John J. Donohue III
    For this comprehensive collection, the editor has selected some of the most important labor law and economics papers today. This two-volume set tracks the development of the theoretical and empirical scholarship on labor law across a number of disciplines, bringing together traditional legal theory and labor economics, along with more recent findings in behavioral economics. Learn More
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  5. Economics of Tort Law

    Economics of Tort Law

    Edited by Alan O. Sykes
    This two-volume collection, prepared by a leading scholar in this field, brings together the seminal articles on the law and economics of tort law. The selection of papers addresses topics such as the Coase theorem, the choice between property and liability rules, the difference between negligence and strict liability, the economics of causation, damages and vicarious liability and the economics of affirmative duties. This is a classic collection that provides an essential foundation in the core issues fundamental to an understanding of tort law. Learn More
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  6. Economics of Conflict of Laws

    Economics of Conflict of Laws

    Edited by Erin A. O’Hara
    For this important collection, Professor O’Hara has selected some cutting-edge previously-published work on the application of economic analysis to the conflict of laws. This authoritative two-volume set offers theoretical and empirical insights into existing approaches to choice of law and the effects of conflicting choice-of-law approaches on judicial decision-making. It investigates several competing proposals for more efficient choice-of-law systems, including a special section on torts. Further topics include evaluations of contract clauses (including choice-of-law and choice-of-forum provisions), and the effects of party choice on jurisdictional competition by states to provide more desirable laws, with examples relating to securities regulation, bankruptcy rules, law firm rules of ethics, same-sex marriage laws and asset protection trust law. A game theoretic analysis of interstate judgment recognition is also included. Learn More
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  7. Economics of European Union Law

    Economics of European Union Law

    Edited by Paul B. Stephan
    This authoritative selection of articles includes topics such as the politics of European federalism, the law and economics of immigration policy, judicial review and corporate governance in the European Union. Professor Stephan’s perceptive introduction highlights the interrelated aspect of these subjects and the potential conclusions to be drawn from the volume as a whole. Learn More
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  8. Economics of Property Law

    Economics of Property Law

    Edited by Richard A. Epstein
    This important volume gives a comprehensive overview of the economic foundations of private property law. Beginning with economic and philosophical accounts of the origins of property, the authoritative selection of articles traces the evolution of both private and common property, establishing how they coexist within a mature property rights system. Particular attention is directed towards the regulation of specific types of commons such as pastures, streets and fisheries. The study also examines the rules that govern the acquisition, protection and transfer of private property as part of a coherent system of property rights. Learn More
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  9. Economics of Federalism

    Economics of Federalism

    Edited by Bruce H. Kobayashi, Larry E. Ribstein
    This insightful and authoritative two-volume set examines the major issues and theories concerning federal political systems. The book covers the two main branches in the economics literature. Learn More
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  10. Public Choice and Public Law

    Public Choice and Public Law

    Edited by Daniel A. Farber
    Public choice theory has become an increasingly significant aspect of public law scholarship. A more comprehensive knowledge of public institutions and their activities can illuminate our understanding of how legal rules shape the behavior of these institutions. This volume gathers together key papers highlighting the fundamental issues in the evolution of this subject. Learn More
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  11. Economics of Family Law

    Economics of Family Law

    Edited by Margaret F. Brinig
    The articles within this book explore a range of family law issues and include discussions on a variety of topics including cohabitation, births outside marriage, courtship, premarital contracting, marriage and parenting. The volume includes papers on the division of responsibilities between family and state, the effects of no-fault divorce, alimony, property division and child custody. There are also works on intergenerational transfers and the elderly. Learn More
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  12. The Evolution of Efficient Common Law

    The Evolution of Efficient Common Law

    Edited by Paul H. Rubin
    This volume contains a selection of the most important articles on the issue of the evolution of the common law. The notion that evolutionary forces would lead to common law efficiency has been very influential in the study of the economics of law. Even those scholars who do not believe that the law is efficient will find it useful to consider the evolutionary forces identified in this volume. Learn More
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  13. Social Norms, Nonlegal Sanctions, and the Law

    Social Norms, Nonlegal Sanctions, and the Law

    Edited by Eric A. Posner
    This authoritative collection brings together a careful selection of previously published articles that use economics to analyze the interaction of law, on the one hand, and social norms and nonlegal sanctions on the other. The articles cover a range of foundational questions. What are social norms and nonlegal sanctions? Do strong laws undermine social norms, thus weakening other valuable forms of social cooperation? Can laws be used to exploit existing social norms, so that the laws are more effective than they would be otherwise? The contributing authors use a variety of economic models and concepts to address these questions. Learn More
    2007   Hardback Price: $ 357.00   Web: $ 321.30
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  14. Economics of Contract Law

    Economics of Contract Law

    Edited by Douglas G. Baird
    This important volume presents a rich collection of ideas on and insights into the law and economics of contracts. It includes material relevant to a large number of legal fields. Many of the articles are classics that have, over the years, become focal points for continuing debate; others provide an easily accessible account of particular areas. The editor’s comprehensive introduction provides an overview of law and economics scholarship in contracts over the past few decades and a portal into an evolving field. Learn More
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  15. Law and Economic Development

    Law and Economic Development

    Edited by Hans-Bernd Schäfer, Angara V. Raja
    This authoritative collection demonstrates the increasing application of the law and economics methodology to the problems of developing countries. At the foundation of this application is the institutional approach to economic development, which emphasises the success or failure of key institutions in facilitating development. The impact on future research will be far-reaching and is expected to dominate the debate on development issues for a long time to come. Learn More
    2006   Hardback Price: $ 357.00   Web: $ 321.30
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  16. Economic Foundations of Injury and Death Damages

    Economic Foundations of Injury and Death Damages

    Edited by Roger T. Kaufman, James D. Rodgers, Gerald D. Martin
    This volume is a first-rate collection of classic articles covering all major aspects of calculating economic damages in injury and death cases. Selected by some of the foremost practitioners in the field, the 53 articles discuss the concepts, methodologies and reasoning used by forensic economists: they examine issues involving life and worklife expectancy, earnings and earnings capacity, fringe benefits, medical and personal care costs, taxes, discounting, personal consumption, household services, hedonic damages, and the relationship of forensic economics to ethics and the law. Learn More
    2006   Hardback Price: $ 378.00   Web: $ 340.20
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  17. Comparative Law and Economics

    Comparative Law and Economics

    Edited by Gerrit De Geest, Roger J. Van den Bergh
    This is an authoritative collection on comparative law and economics, a new research field in which differences among legal systems are analysed using an economic methodology. Comparative law and economics brings comparative law to a higher scientific level, and enriches traditional comparative economics, in which insufficient attention has been paid to legal environments. Learn More
    2004   Hardback Price: $ 861.00   Web: $ 774.90
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  18. Regulation, Economics and the Law

    Regulation, Economics and the Law

    Edited by Anthony I. Ogus
    Regulation, Economics and the Law presents a selection of the most important published articles on key issues arising in the design of social regulation. It focuses in particular on interventionist measures used to protect primarily the environment, health and safety and consumers. Professor Ogus uses both public interest and private interest theory to investigate and evaluate the legal forms and procedures. The volume covers, on the one hand, traditional ‘command-and-control’ techniques, such as licensing and standards, and on the other, newer techniques, such as economic incentives and emissions trading. Rulemaking procedures, institutional structures and the impact of international competition are also considered. Learn More
    2001   Hardback Price: $ 273.00   Web: $ 245.70
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