1. Constitutions, Markets and Law

    Constitutions, Markets and Law

    Edited by Stefan Voigt, Hans-Jürgen Wagener
    The papers assembled in this volume deal with the question of what individual transition processes have taught us in terms of constitution-building. The book contains analyses of post 1989 constitutional developments in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe from the perspectives of varied disciplines; including academics, politicians and the judiciary. Learn More
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  2. The Economics of Harmonizing European Law

    The Economics of Harmonizing European Law

    Edited by Alain Marciano, Jean-Michel Josselin
    One of the major effects of the continual process of European integration is the growing importance of transnational institutions and the accompanying legal harmonization. Such institutional changes have led to a seemingly irreversible transformation in public decision making, whereby power at the national level is displaced to the European and regional levels. This essential book provides a law and economics analysis of the challenges arising from these shifts in authority. Learn More
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  3. Economic Efficiency in Law and Economics

    Economic Efficiency in Law and Economics

    Richard O. Zerbe
    In this path-breaking book, Richard Zerbe introduces a new way to think about the concept of economic efficiency that is both consistent with its historical derivation and more useful than concepts currently used. He establishes an expanded version of Kaldor–Hicks efficiency as an axiomatic system that performs the following tasks: the new approach obviates certain technical and ethical criticisms that have been made of economic efficiency; it answers critics of efficiency; it allows an expanded range for efficiency analysis; it establishes the conditions under which economists can reasonably say that some state of the world is inefficient. He then applies the new analysis to a number of hard and fascinating cases, including the economics of duelling, cannibalism and rape. He develops a new theory of common law efficiency and indicates the circumstances under which the common law will be inefficient. Learn More
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  4. The Economic Structure of the Law

    The Economic Structure of the Law

    Edited by Richard A. Posner, Francesco Parisi
    Judge Richard A. Posner is internationally regarded as a leading exponent and a founding father of the law and economics movement. This volume draws together a selection of his most important papers on the methodology and the theory of law and economics to create a valuable collection for scholars and practitioners in the field. It includes a coherent and informative introduction by Professor Francesco Parisi containing salient insights into Judge Posner’s work. Learn More
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  5. Inflation and the Enforcement of Contracts

    Inflation and the Enforcement of Contracts

    Shirley Renner
    This important book tackles the problem of inflation in contract law – whether, and to what extent, contract rules should take inflation into account. Learn More
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