1. Truth versus precision in economics

    Truth versus precision in economics

    Thomas Mayer
    This engaging and intelligent book provides an accessible, down to earth assessment of the role of formalism and rigour in economics. Learn More
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  2. Capitalism as a Moral System

    Capitalism as a Moral System

    Spencer J. Pack
    This powerful and thoroughly documented book overturns many long-held beliefs about Adam Smith. Spencer Pack demonstrates that contrary to popular myth, Adam Smith was not a dogmatic defender of laissez-faire capitalism and neither was he in favour of regressive taxation. The book stresses for the first time the many qualms and problems – indeed the profound ambiguity – which Adam Smith felt toward the capitalist system. Learn More
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    Edited by Neil de Marchi, Mark Blaug
    The methodology of economics has long been dominated by the writings of Karl Popper and Imre Lakatos, two outstanding philosophers of science in the post-war period. This major new book focuses on the application of Lakatosian principles of appraisal to modern economics. An international group of distinguished economists have applied Lakatos’s methodology of scientific research programs to a variety of economic theories, such as game theory, demand theory, consumption analysis, job search theory, equilibrium unemployment theory, the new classical macroeconomics, experimental economics, Austrian economics, Walrasian stability analysis and Sraffian economics. The introduction and afterword by the editors place the papers in the context of the recent rapidly evolving methodological controversy in economics. Taken as a whole, the book makes a powerful statement of the case for assessing rival economic theories with the aid of an explicit philosophy of science. Learn More
    1991   Hardback Price: $ 205.00   Web: $ 184.50
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