1. Recent Developments in the Economics of Structural Change

    Recent Developments in the Economics of Structural Change

    Edited by Kei-Mu Yi, Michael Sposi, Jing Zhang
    This informative one-volume collection brings together the most prominent papers within the economics of structural change and growth. This collection focuses on research that investigates the causes and consequences of structural change with either theoretical or calibrated models, mindfully including some of the most celebrated literature over the last two decades. The volume covers the impact structural change has on an array of economic factors including convergence, per capita income and spatial development. Prefaced by an original introduction from the editors, this collection would be well suited to scholars and macro-development economists wishing to extend their knowledge of this compelling topic. Learn More
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  2. Teaching College Economics

    Teaching College Economics

    Edited by Paul W. Grimes
    This authoritative volume presents a collection of classic and contemporary research articles examining the common ground that all academic economists share: the college classroom. This compilation includes readings covering all aspects of modern economic education research – from building theoretical models of student learning, to evaluating the long-run impact of economic knowledge on individual behavior. The articles are organized to serve as a comprehensive guide for researchers who are interested in conducting classroom research. Specific attention is given to the growing literature that evaluates the effectiveness of modern technology and alternative pedagogies on student learning of economics.  With an original introduction by the editor, this volume brings together – for the first time in one place – an essential collection of economic education research by the leading authors in the field. Learn More
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  3. Comparative Economic Systems

    Comparative Economic Systems

    Edited by Paul D. Aligica, Peter J. Boettke
    The search for alternatives to capitalism and the problem of comparative assessment of the performance of socialist and capitalist systems have inspired one of the richest and most remarkable episodes in the history of economic thought. By the mid 20th century an entire field had emerged, conceptualizing, theorizing, monitoring, and analyzing the largest and most consequential social and economic natural experiment in human history: Real-life Socialism. This volume focuses on the fundamental literature associated with the comparative study of socialist and capitalist systems. It features both a well-rounded inquiry of the modern history of economic thought, as well as a vibrant and critical disentanglement of the role of the economic system from the role of environment and policy decisions, as determinants of economic performance. Together with an original introduction by the editors, this collection will be an interesting and invaluable research resource for libraries, academics and students alike. Learn More
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  4. The Economic Role of the State

    The Economic Role of the State

    Edited by Peter J. Boettke, Peter T. Leeson
    The Economic Role of the State presents a comprehensive collection of seminal works from David Hume through to Barry Weingast. Including an original introduction, the volume covers the main theories and justifications for and against state intervention as they have developed over two centuries. It also incorporates an institutional approach to the role of the state in enforcing ‘the rules of the game’ of the economy as well as examining specific issues including market failure, rent-seeking and regulation. Economists and political scientists alike will find this to be the ideal guide to the classic and modern arguments surrounding the state’s role in the economy. Learn More
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  5. Economic Models of Law

    Economic Models of Law

    Edited by Thomas J. Miceli, Matthew J. Baker
    The economic approach to law relies on the use of economic models, mostly mathematical, for understanding the nature and function of law. The articles in this collection reflect state-of-the-art modeling techniques and explore how to use these to both formulate important questions and resolve particular legal issues. Following an original introduction by the editors, the volume spans the many sub-areas of law and economics (with papers in torts, contracts, property, crime, and legal procedure) and includes a wide range of papers, incorporating classics and some less well-known papers. Learn More
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  6. Chicago Price Theory

    Chicago Price Theory

    Edited by J. D. Hammond, Steven G. Medema, John D. Singleton
    This comprehensive three-volume collection brings together the most important papers from leading economists published in the past 120 years covering a wide range of topics and issues. Along with an original introduction by the editors, this authoritative set will be of immense value to students, researchers, scholars and practitioners interested in ‘Chicago Price Theory’. Learn More
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  7. Mathematics and Modern Economics

    Mathematics and Modern Economics

    Edited by Geoffrey M. Hodgson
    In this topical collection, Professor Hodgson brings together the seminal classic and recent essays published since 1945 on the role of mathematics in economics, by leading authors including six Nobel Laureates, and from a variety of perspectives. Learn More
    2012   Hardback Price: $ 373.00   Web: $ 335.70
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  8. Experimental Law and Economics

    Experimental Law and Economics

    Edited by Jennifer H. Arlen, Eric L. Talley
    During the last two decades researchers in the field of experimental law and economics have made significant contributions to our knowledge of human behaviour and its interaction with legal and regulatory environments. This collection of previously published papers examines the use of laboratory experiments to test and develop these theories about how people behave, including their responses to legal rules. Learn More
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  9. Purchasing Power Parity

    Purchasing Power Parity

    Edited by Meher Manzur
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  10. New Developments in Experimental Economics

    New Developments in Experimental Economics

    Edited by Enrica Carbone, Chris Starmer
    The use of experimental approaches in economics is growing at a remarkable rate and the technique is increasingly recognised as an important research tool with wide-ranging applications. Set against the rapid pace and wide scope of experimental research, this two-volume work provides a valuable overview of advances in key research areas over the last decade. The coverage ranges from new work in traditional areas of application (choice, markets and games) to innovative applications of experiments at the interface of economics and neuroscience. The editors, both internationally renowned for their research in experimental economics, have drawn together a fascinating collection which provides broad insight into a field which is reshaping conventional understandings of what economics is, and how economies work. The collection will provide a valuable reference of interest to new students of experimental economics and to postgraduates and professional economists seeking to broaden and deepen their knowledge of new developments. Learn More
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  11. Recent Developments in Economic Methodology

    Recent Developments in Economic Methodology

    Edited by John B. Davis
    This important collection tackles the main developments and contributions by the leading individuals in the field of economic methodology since 1990. Learn More
    2006   Hardback Price: $ 1,012.00   Web: $ 910.80
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  12. Economic Foundations of Injury and Death Damages

    Economic Foundations of Injury and Death Damages

    Edited by Roger T. Kaufman, James D. Rodgers, Gerald D. Martin
    This volume is a first-rate collection of classic articles covering all major aspects of calculating economic damages in injury and death cases. Selected by some of the foremost practitioners in the field, the 53 articles discuss the concepts, methodologies and reasoning used by forensic economists: they examine issues involving life and worklife expectancy, earnings and earnings capacity, fringe benefits, medical and personal care costs, taxes, discounting, personal consumption, household services, hedonic damages, and the relationship of forensic economics to ethics and the law. Learn More
    2006   Hardback Price: $ 412.00   Web: $ 370.80
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  13. Recent Developments in Growth Theory

    Recent Developments in Growth Theory

    Edited by Daron Acemoglu
    This two-volume collection examines the major developments in growth theory over the past decade. Key papers by leading scholars cover new trends in theoretical and empirical research. The first volume shows how new research has improved our understanding of the empirical patterns of economic growth and has posed new challenges for theory. The second volume contains articles which have pushed the theory of economic growth in new directions and work which has responded to the challenges raised by empirical research. Learn More
    2004   Hardback Price: $ 777.00   Web: $ 699.30
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  14. The Economics of Structural Change

    The Economics of Structural Change

    Edited by Harald Hagemann, Michael Landesmann, Roberto Scazzieri
    The Economics of Structural Change shows the central role that compositional dynamics plays in the analysis of fluctuations, development, employment and economy-environment interactions. Volume I covers concepts and theories in the economics of structural change; Volume II includes specific contributions to structural theories of growth, cycles and technological change; Volume III focuses on specific areas in the empirics of structural change analysis. Learn More
    2003   Hardback Price: $ 1,112.00   Web: $ 1,000.80
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  15. The Economics of Language

    The Economics of Language

    Edited by Donald M. Lamberton
    The economics of language remains neglected territory. Language makes information operational. As a social technology, it is a resource of the symbolic species – some argue it defines the human species. Language affects ability to find employment; cultural identity, effective communication in business, international trade, and tourism; negotiations and settlement procedures; political activity; and conflict within and between nations. Learn More
    2002   Hardback Price: $ 213.00   Web: $ 191.70
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  16. The Foundations of Long Wave Theory

    The Foundations of Long Wave Theory

    Edited by Francisco Louçã, Jan Reijnders
    This two volume set is a comprehensive collection of historical and contemporary articles which highlight the theoretical foundations and the methods and models of long wave analysis. After examining the beginnings of long wave theory, the book includes discussions of time series methods and non-linear modelling, with an exploration of economic development in its historical context. It investigates the process of evolution and mutation in industrial capitalism over the last two hundred years. Contemporary reviews and critiques of long wave theory are also included. It makes available for the first time much important material that has hitherto been inaccessible. The book will be of immense value to all students and scholars interested in the history of economic thought, time series analysis and evolutionary or institutionalist analysis. Learn More
    1999   Hardback Price: $ 632.00   Web: $ 568.80
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    Edited by Jane Humphries
    This collection surveys the contributions which economists have made to our understanding of gender. The articles reflect both the strengths and weaknesses of mainstream economics in conceptualizing and explaining gender differences. They include selections from and commentaries on the classics which illustrate relevant aspects of the methodological development of economics; important treatments of the key issues such as female labour supply and male-female wage differences; recent feminist charges that economics is methodologically unsuited to the analysis of gender; and evidence on the historical significance of women’s work. Learn More
    1995   Hardback Price: $ 340.00   Web: $ 306.00
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    Edited by Bruce J. Caldwell
    This landmark book presents a careful selection of the most important literature in the philosophy and methodology of economics – an area that has grown explosively in the last twenty years. This important and timely three volume reference collection contains the best of the recent work together with a number of classic articles by economists and philosophers. It focuses in the main on articles and papers that have not been previously reprinted and presents in an accessible form important material that is scattered throughout the literature. Learn More
    1993   Hardback Price: $ 860.00   Web: $ 774.00
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    Edited by Edmund S. Phelps
    Recent Developments in Macroeconomics will be an essential reference source for students, instructors and researchers concerned with new initiatives at the frontier of modern macroeconomic theory. Learn More
    1991   Hardback Price: $ 815.00   Web: $ 733.50
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