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  1. Teaching Economics

    Teaching Economics

    Edited by William E. Becker, Michael Watts, Suzanne R. Becker
    This fascinating sequel to the 1998 Teaching Economics to Undergraduates provides more alternatives to the lecture and chalkboard approach that dominates university economics teaching. Distinguished contributing authors provide a wide range of innovative teaching techniques and examples aimed at more effectively engaging undergraduates in the learning of economics. Learn More
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  2. Economic Foundations of Injury and Death Damages

    Economic Foundations of Injury and Death Damages

    Edited by Roger T. Kaufman, James D. Rodgers, Gerald D. Martin
    This volume is a first-rate collection of classic articles covering all major aspects of calculating economic damages in injury and death cases. Selected by some of the foremost practitioners in the field, the 53 articles discuss the concepts, methodologies and reasoning used by forensic economists: they examine issues involving life and worklife expectancy, earnings and earnings capacity, fringe benefits, medical and personal care costs, taxes, discounting, personal consumption, household services, hedonic damages, and the relationship of forensic economics to ethics and the law. Learn More
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  3. Endogenous Time Preferences in Social Networks

    Endogenous Time Preferences in Social Networks

    Marianna A. Klochko, Peter C. Ordeshook
    Marianna Klochko and Peter Ordeshook address an under-studied issue from rational choice theory – the common assumption that individual time preferences are exogenous and fixed. They then present empirical evidence to suggest that this is not the case, exploring a computer simulation model that allows for the evolutionary change of time preferences. This is done, moreover, in the context of social networks that are themselves endogenously determined. Learn More
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  4. Economics Uncut

    Economics Uncut

    Edited by Simon W. Bowmaker
    This highly innovative and intriguing book applies principles of microeconomics to unusual settings to inspire students, teachers and scholars alike in the ‘dismal science’. Leading experts show how economics reaches into the strangest of places and throws light onto the occasionally dark side of human nature. Learn More
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  5. Economy and Morality

    Economy and Morality

    Yuichi Shionoya
    Economy and Morality is a remarkable contribution to economic ethics exploring key philosophical issues including efficiency versus justice and liberty versus excellence. Its unique emphasis is the economics of virtue, which is concerned with the virtuous utilization of economic resources for human development, and applied to the reform of the welfare state. Learn More
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  6. Discussing Economics

    Discussing Economics

    Michael K. Salemi, W. L. Hansen
    Discussing Economics treats discussion – meaning formal consideration of questions about a reading – as a new approach to learning economics. Setting out a detailed approach modeled on the ideas of Mortimer Adler and the Great Books Foundation, the authors explain why instructors should organize discussion around interpretive questions, how to plan and lead discussion, and how to integrate it into a course. They then provide a guide to over 60 classic and contemporary readings that span much of the undergraduate economics curriculum. For each, they provide a synopsis, learning objectives, recommended questions, and discussion suggestions Learn More
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  7. Empirical Methods in International Trade

    Empirical Methods in International Trade

    Edited by Michael G. Plummer
    Internationalization of the world economy has made trade a key factor in the growth potential of nearly every nation’s economy. Hence, economists have become increasingly interested in the determinants of international trade and competitiveness. Empirical Methods in International Trade captures the many aspects of this trend in globalization through practical techniques well-founded in economic theory. The authors, comprising some of the most influential applied international economists of their generation, use cutting-edge models to develop empirical approaches to critical aspects of economic interchange. These approaches are developed and explained carefully with the goal of making them accessible to a wide audience. Learn More
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  8. Economic Policy under Uncertainty

    Economic Policy under Uncertainty

    Edited by Peter Mooslechner, Helene Schuberth, Martin Schürz
    Economic Policy under Uncertainty maintains that the question of truth and accountability has not received particular attention in the literature on economic methodology. It goes on to argue that pragmatic theories relate concepts of truth to the beliefs, thoughts and intentional actions of individuals, blurring the relationship between theory and practice. Learn More
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  9. The Elgar Companion To Economics and Philosophy

    The Elgar Companion To Economics and Philosophy

    Edited by John B. Davis, Alain Marciano, Jochen Runde
    The Elgar Companion to Economics and Philosophy aims to demonstrate exactly how these two important areas have always been linked, and to illustrate the key areas of overlap. The contributors are well-known and distinguished authors from a variety of disciplines, who have been invited both to survey and to provide a personal assessment of current and prospective future states of their respective areas of philosophical interest. Learn More
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  10. Recent Developments in Growth Theory

    Recent Developments in Growth Theory

    Edited by Daron Acemoglu
    This two-volume collection examines the major developments in growth theory over the past decade. Key papers by leading scholars cover new trends in theoretical and empirical research. The first volume shows how new research has improved our understanding of the empirical patterns of economic growth and has posed new challenges for theory. The second volume contains articles which have pushed the theory of economic growth in new directions and work which has responded to the challenges raised by empirical research. Learn More
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  11. Schumpeter’s Market

    Schumpeter’s Market

    David Reisman
    Schumpeter was an interdisciplinary political economist who made institutional transformation the centrepiece of his theory of supply and demand. This comprehensive monograph reconstructs and assesses Schumpeter’s contribution to the restless economics of entrepreneurship, disequilibrium and search. Examining the evidence from all of Schumpeter’s published work, the book fills a significant gap in the literature of economic thought. Partly because Schumpeter was so prolific, partly because he touched on so many interrelated topics, there have been few books that have sought to span the whole of this important author's influential insights. Learn More
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  12. Shadow Prices for Project Appraisal

    Shadow Prices for Project Appraisal

    Elio H. Londero
    Capitalizing on the extensive experience of the author in estimating shadow prices, Shadow Prices for Project Appraisal forges a bridge between theory and practice, explaining what shadow (or accounting) prices are, how they are used, and how they can be estimated. Learn More
    2003   Hardback Price: $ 146.00   Web: $ 131.40
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  13. The Economics of Structural Change

    The Economics of Structural Change

    Edited by Harald Hagemann, Michael Landesmann, Roberto Scazzieri
    The Economics of Structural Change shows the central role that compositional dynamics plays in the analysis of fluctuations, development, employment and economy-environment interactions. Volume I covers concepts and theories in the economics of structural change; Volume II includes specific contributions to structural theories of growth, cycles and technological change; Volume III focuses on specific areas in the empirics of structural change analysis. Learn More
    2003   Hardback Price: $ 1,022.00   Web: $ 919.80
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  14. An Encyclopedia of Macroeconomics

    An Encyclopedia of Macroeconomics

    Edited by Brian Snowdon, Howard R. Vane
    The Encyclopedia of Macroeconomics is an authoritative and invaluable reference source on macroeconomics, which embraces definitions of terms and concepts, conflicting ideological approaches and the contributions of major thinkers. Comprehensive in scope, it contains over 300 short entries and more than 100 specially commissioned main entries from an internationally renowned group of scholars. Learn More
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  15. Conventions and Structures in Economic Organization

    Conventions and Structures in Economic Organization

    Edited by Olivier Favereau, Emmanuel Lazega
    This book contributes to the current rapprochement between economics and sociology. It examines the fact that individuals use rules and interdependencies to forward their own interests, while living in social environments where everyone does the same. The authors argue that to construct durable organizations and viable markets, they need to be able to handle both. However, thus far, economists and sociologists have not been able to reconcile the relationship between these two types of constraints on economic activity. Learn More
    2003   Hardback Price: $ 175.00   Web: $ 157.50
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  16. Advanced Macroeconomics

    Advanced Macroeconomics

    Patrick Minford, David Peel
    Since the rational expectations revolution in macroeconomics, the subject has changed massively, adopting the principles behind the revolution and building on them in a spectacular way. In this accessible and informative book, the authors guide the student through what has become the conceptual and mathematical maze of modern macroeconomics. It is intended primarily for the postgraduate student but will also be useful for upper level undergraduates. It explains the basics of each topic and provides a solid grounding for the student to tackle more complex and detailed material in the area. Learn More
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  17. Reconstructing Economic Theory

    Reconstructing Economic Theory

    Allen Oakley
    This book applies a critical focus on the extent to which methodological practices in mainstream economic theory impede our understanding of substantive economic phenomena as the products of human action. Economists, in general, work with a concept and representation of the human agent that is palpably unrealistic. Most do so, not out of ignorance, but rather to maintain the pretence that economics is the only true science among the social sciences because it enforces the use of rigorous and formalist methods of argument. Learn More
    2002   Hardback Price: $ 155.00   Web: $ 139.50
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  18. Reforming Economics and Economics Teaching in the Transition Economies

    Reforming Economics and Economics Teaching in the Transition Economies

    Edited by Michael Watts, William B. Walstad
    This comprehensive and impressive volume presents the first book-length, multi-country investigation of reform of economic education in transition economies. Authors from the West and from transition economies describe the major changes in economics content and instruction that occurred in schools and universities throughout nations in Eastern and Central Europe and the former Soviet Union from 1989 to 2000. Learn More
    2002   Hardback Price: $ 136.00   Web: $ 122.40
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  19. The Economics of Language

    The Economics of Language

    Edited by Donald M. Lamberton
    The economics of language remains neglected territory. Language makes information operational. As a social technology, it is a resource of the symbolic species – some argue it defines the human species. Language affects ability to find employment; cultural identity, effective communication in business, international trade, and tourism; negotiations and settlement procedures; political activity; and conflict within and between nations. Learn More
    2002   Hardback Price: $ 196.00   Web: $ 176.40
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  20. Is There Progress in Economics?

    Is There Progress in Economics?

    Edited by Stephan Boehm, Christian Gehrke, Heinz D. Kurz, Richard Sturn
    This thought-provoking book discusses the concept of progress in economics and investigates whether any advance has been made in its different spheres of research. The authors look back at the history, successes and failures of their respective fields and thoroughly examine the notion of progress from an epistemological and methodological perspective. Learn More
    2002   Hardback Price: $ 176.00   Web: $ 158.40
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