1. International Securities

    International Securities

    Edited by George C. Philippatos, Gregory Koutmos
    The world of finance has been revolutionized in the last twenty years by factors such as the liberalization and subsequent integration of global financial markets and the advances in computing and communications technology. Thsee important changes have led to a stream of financial innovations and theoretical breakthroughs in the area of pricing diverse financial instruments. More than ever before, we witness a process where international securities are traded in a global marketplace. This comprehensive collection encompasses the most recent contributions in the area of international securities. It includes the most important articles on current issues and future development in this key area of international finance. It will be an essential source of reference to researchers, students and practitioners alike. Learn More
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  2. The Regulation and Supervision of Banks

    The Regulation and Supervision of Banks

    Edited by Maximilian J.B. Hall
    This major four-volume collection will prove invaluable for lecturers, researchers and practitioners. The first volume covers the case for and against banking regulation, touching upon the design of an ‘optimal’ regulatory framework. The second discusses deposit insurance, examining the arguments for and against its adoption and the problems encountered in its implementation. The material in the third volume deals with the vexed issue of capital adequacy assessment, including the roles played by capital and capital regulation and the G10 agreement. The final volume looks at the links between regulation and banking efficiency. Learn More
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  3. The Political Economy of Monetary Union

    The Political Economy of Monetary Union

    Edited by Paul De Grauwe
    The Political Economy of Monetary Union presents an important collection of the most influential articles covering different areas in this expanding field. Learn More
    2001   Hardback Price: $ 315.00   Web: $ 283.50
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  4. Options Markets

    Options Markets

    Edited by George M. Constantinides, A.G. Malliaris
    Options Markets presents an authoritative collection of the most important articles and papers on derivatives published during the last 35 years. These three volumes offer a unique and convenient resource for the reader to review the most important research at the frontier of this rapidly expanding area of financial economics. Topics include the theory, pricing and empirical evidence on equity derivatives, fixed-income derivatives, exotics, real options, numerical methods and risk management. Learn More
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  5. The Legacy of Milton Friedman as Teacher

    The Legacy of Milton Friedman as Teacher

    Edited by J. D. Hammond
    Milton Friedman is beyond question the most famous living economist of the 20th century. He is closely associated with the doctrine of ‘monetarism’ which has been adopted by many governments around the world. Learn More
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  6. The Globalization of Financial Services

    The Globalization of Financial Services

    Edited by Mervyn K. Lewis
    Banking, foreign exchange, bonds, equities and insurance services are now provided through an increasingly global marketplace. In financial services, as in other activities, globalization can be seen as a process opening up national economies and markets, widening the extent and form of cross-border transactions, deepening the international character of productive activity. As such, globalization is propelled by liberalization of trade and deregulation of capital markets, underpinned by technological change which is lowering communication and transport costs and enhancing the international tradeability of services. Learn More
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  7. The Economics of Commodity Markets

    The Economics of Commodity Markets

    Edited by David Greenaway, C. W. Morgan
    This volume presents a collection of the most important published articles in the field, including influential papers by key economists on terms of primary products, commodity price instability, stabilization programmes, trade shocks, futures markets and sectoral studies. Learn More
    1999   Hardback Price: $ 385.00   Web: $ 346.50
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  8. Market Efficiency

    Market Efficiency

    Edited by Andrew W. Lo
    These two volumes bring together the most influential articles surrounding the Efficient Markets Hypothesis debate, from Paul Samuelson’s pathbreaking proof that properly anticipated prices fluctuate randomly to Fischer Black’s study of noise traders, from Eugene Fama’s empirical implementation of the Efficient Markets Hypothesis to Robert Merton’s analysis of stock price volatility. Learn More
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    Edited by Marco Musella, Carlo Panico
    The editors of this important collection bring together a selection of previously published articles which outline the role of the money supply in the economic process from a Post Keynesian perspective, paying particular attention to the writings of Kaldor. The volume begins with literature which evolved since the Radcliffe Report, whilst the remaining chapters are divided into sections on the Post Keynesian Critique of the Monetarist Positions, Reactions to the ‘Monetarist Experiment’ and The Recent Post Keynesian Debate. Learn More
    1996   Hardback Price: $ 380.00   Web: $ 342.00
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  10. Fiscal and Monetary Policy

    Fiscal and Monetary Policy

    Edited by Thomas Mayer, Steven M. Sheffrin
    This two volume set reprints 28 papers on fiscal and monetary policy interpreted broadly enough to include such issues as the effects of government debt and intergenerational accounting. It emphasizes problems that are not specific to a particular country but are relevant for all developed market economies. Fiscal and Monetary Policy is divided into three parts: the first deals with the problems that are common to both fiscal and monetary policies; the second deals with fiscal policy; and the third with monetary policy. Learn More
    1995   Hardback Price: $ 410.00   Web: $ 369.00
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    Edited by Michael Parkin
    The Theory of Inflation presents in one volume a comprehensive description of the historical inflation record, surveys the current state of knowledge on the fundamental forces that cause inflation and the mechanisms that propagate it, and examines the costs of inflation and the problems of achieving price stability. Learn More
    1994   Hardback Price: $ 370.00   Web: $ 333.00
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    Edited by Michael Collins
    The role and performance of central banks has always been of critical concern to economists and politicians alike. The post-War concensus that viewed central banks as engaging in discretionary economic management has been replaced by controversy over the best means of controlling monetary growth and stopping inflation. Learn More
    1993   Hardback Price: $ 665.00   Web: $ 598.50
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    Edited by Barry Eichengreen
    This important volume collects, for the first time, key essays and papers on monetary regime transformations by economists, historians and political scientists alike. The inflation of the 1970s prompted considerable research by economists on monetary regimes and their transformation. However, empiricists who take seriously the notion that monetary regimes matter must necessarily examine long spans of data and, by implication, analyse historical experience. Empirical research on monetary regimes necessarily is historical research. Learn More
    1992   Hardback Price: $ 330.00   Web: $ 297.00
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    Edited by Geoffrey Jones
    This important title focuses on the origins, growth and impact over time of multinational banks. Why have banks established branches in foreign countries? What do such banks do? How have they performed? What has been the developmental impact of international banking? How has multinational banking changed over time? Why have banking activities clustered in international financial centres such as New York, Tokyo and London? The articles in this selection cover a wide range of national experiences including those of the United States, Canada, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. The volume brings together literature from a range of disciplines, including banking, economics and business history in a comprehensive collection of the best articles published on the development of multinational banks. Learn More
    1991   Hardback Price: $ 340.00   Web: $ 306.00
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  15. Monetary Theory

    Monetary Theory

    Edited by Thomas Mayer
    This volume takes as its central core the question of how changes in the supply or demand for money and for other financial assets affect prices, output and interest rates. The topics covered include the microeconomics of money, the role of money in portfolios, money demand functions, the quantity theory of money, and the relation of money to interest rates. Professor Mayer has prepared a highly authoritative selection of the most important articles and papers which will be indispensable to economists with an interest in monetary economics. Learn More
    1990   Hardback Price: $ 285.00   Web: $ 256.50
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  16. Monetarism


    Edited by Alec Chrystal
    Monetarism has had a major impact on the thinking of political leaders and the conduct of economic policy during the last decade. These two volumes trace the origin and development of monetarism from the work of David Hume and Irving Fisher through to the very recent research by eminent contemporary economists including among others Milton Friedman, Robert Lucas, Rudiger Dornbusch and Thomas Sargent. Wide-ranging and comprehensive in scope, the book covers both the theoretical and empirical aspects of monetarism as well as its implications for economic policy. Learn More
    1990   Hardback Price: $ 504.00   Web: $ 453.60
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