1. Choice and Economic Welfare

    Choice and Economic Welfare

    Edited by Viktor J. Vanberg
    This important collection brings together the most prominent literature in the field of choice and economic welfare. The volume incorporates material exploring how economics as a scientific enterprise may inform political decision-making. The premise is explored paradigmatically through different interpretations including utility-individualism in the context of welfare economics, preference-individualism in social choice theory, and choice-individualism in constitutional economics. The volume includes founding literature as well as contemporary pieces, which have sparked further discussion in the field. Brought together by an original introduction by the editor, this collection will be a valuable tool for researchers and scholars alike as well as all those gravitating towards this fascinating topic. Learn More
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  2. Globalization and Free Trade

    Globalization and Free Trade

    Edited by Philip Booth, Richard Wellings
    Philip Booth and Richard Wellings have brought together key papers originally published by the Institute of Economic Affairs, which, for the past 50 years, has been vigorously defending the case for free trade, and for globalization more generally. These important papers, which are not widely available, trace the development of the debate on the benefits of free trade during the last 50 years. Learn More
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  3. Economics of Constitutional Law

    Economics of Constitutional Law

    Edited by Richard A. Epstein
    In this thought-provoking collection, Professor Epstein brings together the leading articles which explore the economic approach to the two major issues of constitutionalism. The first volume deals with structural protections that are afforded by the separation of powers, the use of checks and balances, and the institutions of federalism. The second volume deals with the protection of individual rights in connection with property, speech, religion, due process and equality. Both volumes focus on the extent to which assumptions about self-interest and human nature influence the choice of social institutions. They offer extensive comparisons between the classical liberal and social democratic views of constitutional law. Professor Epstein’s lengthy and careful introduction seeks to weave together the diverse approaches to constitutional law exhibited in these volumes. Learn More
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  4. Economics of Property Law

    Economics of Property Law

    Edited by Richard A. Epstein
    This important volume gives a comprehensive overview of the economic foundations of private property law. Beginning with economic and philosophical accounts of the origins of property, the authoritative selection of articles traces the evolution of both private and common property, establishing how they coexist within a mature property rights system. Particular attention is directed towards the regulation of specific types of commons such as pastures, streets and fisheries. The study also examines the rules that govern the acquisition, protection and transfer of private property as part of a coherent system of property rights. Learn More
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  5. Public Choice and Public Law

    Public Choice and Public Law

    Edited by Daniel A. Farber
    Public choice theory has become an increasingly significant aspect of public law scholarship. A more comprehensive knowledge of public institutions and their activities can illuminate our understanding of how legal rules shape the behavior of these institutions. This volume gathers together key papers highlighting the fundamental issues in the evolution of this subject. Learn More
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  6. The Economics of Budget Deficits

    The Economics of Budget Deficits

    Edited by Charles K. Rowley, William F. Shughart II, Robert D. Tollison
    The Economics of Budget Deficits provides a comprehensive overview of the scholarly literature exploring the causes and consequences of deficit spending and the public debt. Incorporating classical, Keynesian and public choice analyses of debt-financed public expenditures, the two volumes contain major theoretical and empirical contributions to the debate. They cover such critical fiscal policy issues as the history and measurement of budget deficits, the question of who bears the burden of the public debt, the use of deficits to solve problems of dynamic policy inconsistency and the relative effectiveness of fiscal rules and constitutional constraints as mechanisms for achieving budget balance. The editors provide an authoritative introduction to the two volumes and separate overviews of each of the seven parts. The Economics of Budget Deficits is an indispensable reference for all scholars and students interested in fiscal policy and for all policymakers. Learn More
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  7. Landmark Papers in Economics, Politics and Law Selected By James M. Buchanan

    Landmark Papers in Economics, Politics and Law Selected By James M. Buchanan

    Edited by James M. Buchanan
    James Buchanan has been a key figure in the integration of the analysis of political decision-making into the corpus of economic theory, the source for what is now called ‘public choice economics’. This notable volume seeks to identify for future generations the landmark contributions to this area made in the twentieth century. Learn More
    2002   Hardback Price: $ 373.00   Web: $ 335.70
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  8. The Economics of Politics

    The Economics of Politics

    Edited by Dennis C. Mueller
    This two-volume anthology contains many of the classic articles from the public choice/rational politics field and includes a new introduction prepared by the editor. Learn More
    2001   Hardback Price: $ 693.00   Web: $ 623.70
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  9. The Economics of Property Rights

    The Economics of Property Rights

    Edited by Svetozar Pejovich
    This authoritative collection presents the most important published articles on the cultural, legal, philosophical and economic dimensions of property rights. It shows how the economics of property rights has enriched our ability to understand as well as to predict a wide range of real world events. Learn More
    2001   Hardback Price: $ 738.00   Web: $ 664.20
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  10. The Economics of Corruption and Illegal Markets

    The Economics of Corruption and Illegal Markets

    Edited by Gianluca Fiorentini, Stefano Zamagni
    This authoritative three volume set brings together the most important published papers on the economic analysis of corruption and illegal markets. It ranges from theoretical issues explaining the nature of corruption to analogies between governments regulating legal markets and organised crime ruling over illegal markets. Particular attention is paid to the effects of standard public policies, such as standard controls or quality standards, on the development of shadow and illegal markets, and consequently on the incentives to invest in bribery and extortion. The book highlights the consequences of corruption both for the efficiency of a market system and on the long run growth of the economy with special reference to developing countries. Learn More
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  11. economic justice

    economic justice

    Edited by Giorgio Brosio, Harold M. Hochman
    This important two volume work includes a comprehensive introduction to the literature by the editors and contains the major articles on economic justice written during the last 50 years. Learn More
    1998   Hardback Price: $ 686.00   Web: $ 617.40
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  12. Political Business Cycles

    Political Business Cycles

    Edited by Bruno S. Frey
    This is a collection of articles on how the government influences the economy in order to secure re-election. The economy is steered such that unemployment and inflation are as low as possible, and the growth of real income as high as possible during the election period. The collection contains forerunners to the analysis of this phenomenon, surveys emphasizing different aspects, empirical and the major theoretical approaches (vote maximization, partisan, and vote-cum-partisan models and rational political business cycles. The collection provides extensions including the role of the central bank, of direct democracy and the particular cycles in East European communist countries. Finally, the policy relevance is discussed. Learn More
    1997   Hardback Price: $ 297.00   Web: $ 267.30
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  13. Constitution, Democracy and State Power

    Constitution, Democracy and State Power

    Edited by Joshua Cohen, Archon Fung
    This important collection addresses these controversies with over fifty articles on basic political institutions such as the rule of law, judicial review, federalism, separation of powers, freedom of speech, elections and parties, direct democracy, organized social groups, and administrative agencies. Learn More
    1996   Hardback Price: $ 1,218.00   Web: $ 1,096.20
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    Edited by Robert D. Tollison, Roger D. Congleton
    This collection brings together the classic papers on the economics of rent seeking. These papers date from Gordon Tullock’s original 1967 paper which first put forth the idea that the pursuit of transfers was socially costly. Other classic papers by Anne Krueger and Richard Posner are included, as well as a series of more recent papers which trace the evolution of the literature on this important innovation in economic theory. Learn More
    1995   Hardback Price: $ 300.00   Web: $ 270.00
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    Edited by Steven G. Medema
    Ronald Coase, the 1991 Nobel laureate in Economics, has had a profound impact on the way that economists and others view both the firm and the relationship between the legal and economic systems. This authoritative collection brings together the diverse body of literature that reflects Ronald Coase’s influence on economic analysis from his early work on the theory of the firm and transaction costs to Coase’s theorem and the development of the field of law and economics. Learn More
    1995   Hardback Price: $ 616.00   Web: $ 554.40
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    Edited by Charles K. Rowley
    This major reference collection presents in three volumes the key articles and papers on social choice theory. Learn More
    1993   Hardback Price: $ 974.00   Web: $ 876.60
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    Edited by Charles K. Rowley
    This title is of this important reference collection focuses on the economics of politics. It centres attention on key debates within the literature, counter-poising the approaches of the major schools with their differing theoretical methods and empirical emphasis. The importance of institutions is noted both in the selection of articles and in the introductory essay which offers a Virginian perspective on the subject. Learn More
    1993   Hardback Price: $ 921.00   Web: $ 828.90
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