1. The Economics of Tax Avoidance and Evasion

    The Economics of Tax Avoidance and Evasion

    Edited by Dhammika Dharmapala
    Tax compliance issues enjoy an unprecedented degree of public attention today and are of great importance to governments and policymaking. This single volume provides an overview of some of the most significant contributions to the economic analysis of tax avoidance and evasion and also sheds light on broader questions of social organization, behaviour, and compliance with the law. With an original introduction by the editor, this insightful book provides researchers and students with a guide to the fundamental intellectual developments that have shaped the economic understanding of tax avoidance and evasion, along with a framework for placing these contributions in their intellectual context. Learn More
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  2. Economic Behaviour and Taxation

    Economic Behaviour and Taxation

    Edited by James Alm, J. S. Leguizamon
    Over several decades there have been major changes to the way public economists investigate behavioural responses to taxation. This includes areas such as the supply of labour, charitable giving, savings, capital gains realisations, mobility, bequests, family structure, reported income and tax evasion. Recent research has utilised new data sets and applied new empirical methods, including laboratory experiments, natural field experiments and controlled field experiments. Other disciplines, especially psychology, are increasingly contributing to the application of behavioural (or cognitive) economics, but the lessons from this work are unevenly disseminated. This important volume brings together the most important scholarly articles on how taxes affect individual behaviour, highlighting current knowledge on behavioural responses to taxation, new thinking about the relevant issues and analysis of useful policy options. Learn More
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  3. Tax Reform in Developing Countries

    Tax Reform in Developing Countries

    Edited by James Alm, Jorge Martinez-Vazquez
    In recent decades countries around the world have seen a wide diversity of tax reforms, both in major systematic changes and through more specific areas of tax, such as value-added and income tax. The results of these reforms, however, have been unequal and many issues remain unresolved. With advances in globalization, technology and regional integration, the issue of adapting tax systems in developing countries to new economic environments is becoming ever more pressing. Learn More
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  4. The Economics of Gambling and National Lotteries

    The Economics of Gambling and National Lotteries

    Edited by Leighton Vaughan Williams
    This timely collection will be an immensely valuable resource for academics, policy-makers, those commercially involved in the betting and gaming sectors as well as the interested layman. Learn More
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  5. The Economics of Taxation

    The Economics of Taxation

    Edited by James Alm
    This authoritative two-volume set brings together the most important classic and contemporary papers on taxation and tax policy, written by the world’s leading scholars and practitioners of taxation. Learn More
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  6. Recent Developments in Public Finance

    Recent Developments in Public Finance

    Edited by Vito Tanzi, Howell H. Zee
    This authoritative collection presents seminal papers from leading academics charting recent developments in public finance. The two-volume set encompasses numerous sections including the public sector in a market economy, market imperfections, growth implications of public policies and efficiency and distributive implications of public policies. Professor Tanzi and Dr Zee have selected key papers to reflect the scholarly debates and pivotal arguments surrounding this field of study. This indispensable collection, with an original introduction by the editors, will be of immense value to students, scholars and practitioners interested in this topical and relevant subject. Learn More
    2011   Hardback Price: $ 738.00   Web: $ 664.20
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  7. Effective Federalism and Local Finance

    Effective Federalism and Local Finance

    Edited by Ehtisham Ahmad, Giorgio Brosio
    Fiscal federalism has been the subject of much scholarly debate over the years. These volumes successfully bring together seminal articles from the past fifty years to demonstrate how the focus has evolved from ‘first generation’ to ‘second generation’ theories of intergovermental relations. The editors enhance the collection with detailed analyses of how competition affects relations between varying levels of government, and examine the hypotheses underlying the theory of fiscal federalism. This set of authoritative papers will be an indispensable reference source for scholars and practitioners in this field. Learn More
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  8. Applied Benefit–Cost Analysis

    Applied Benefit–Cost Analysis

    Edited by Andrew Schmitz, Richard O. Zerbe Jr.
    Benefit–cost analysis reduces all of the impacts of a proposed policy change to a common unit of measurement. It is used in a wide variety of fields including agriculture, life and health, transportation and the environment. In this single volume the editors, both leading scholars in their field, present a judicious selection of previously published papers indispensable to the study of applied benefit–cost analysis. The comprehensive collection is an essential resource to scholars, researchers and policymakers alike. Learn More
    2009   Hardback Price: $ 365.00   Web: $ 328.50
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  9. Benefit–Cost Analysis

    Benefit–Cost Analysis

    Edited by Richard O. Zerbe Jr.
    Benefit–cost analysis is at heart a subject of practicality and usefulness. With this in mind, the editor has chosen the most relevant previously published articles for these volumes. Having explored the theoretical and ethical underpinnings of the subject, the book then addresses some major policy issues and debates. These include the institutional arrangements through which benefit–cost analyses would be most useful to the policy and decision process, the need for a set of principles and standards to unify benefit–cost analysis methods, the use of general equilibrium analysis and the proper treatment of uncertainty and risk. Learn More
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  10. International Taxation

    International Taxation

    Edited by James R. Hines Jr
    Scholarly research on taxation is increasingly preoccupied with its global implications. This volume collects the most important and influential recent research on international aspects of taxation. The book offers empirical estimates of the effects of taxation on foreign direct investment, international borrowing, and other forms of tax avoidance. It further focuses on classic studies of tax competition and the latest research on the characteristics of desirable tax policies in open economies. This authoritative collection of articles offers a comprehensive survey of international tax issues, one that is accessible to newcomers to the field but is also of considerable value to seasoned tax professionals. Learn More
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  11. The Economics of Public Private Partnerships

    The Economics of Public Private Partnerships

    Edited by Darrin Grimsey, Mervyn K. Lewis
    This important collection presents an authoritative selection of papers on public private partnerships. The literature is relatively new, and draws on the disciplines of both economics and engineering. As well as examining the recent experience of these schemes – whose evolution has accelerated in recent years – this insightful collection also considers the intellectual origins of the concept, and investigates the organisational and risk management aspects of PPPs. It will be an essential source of reference for all those with an interest in this topical subject. Learn More
    2005   Hardback Price: $ 365.00   Web: $ 328.50
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  12. The Distribution of Tax Burdens

    The Distribution of Tax Burdens

    Edited by Don Fullerton, Gilbert E. Metcalf
    The Distribution of Tax Burdens brings together for the first time the most important published papers on tax incidence written in the past 50 years. The editors, two leading scholars in public finance, have written an authoritative introduction which provides a concise and thorough summary of the key developments in the field during this time. Learn More
    2003   Hardback Price: $ 389.00   Web: $ 350.10
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  13. The Economics of Budget Deficits

    The Economics of Budget Deficits

    Edited by Charles K. Rowley, William F. Shughart II, Robert D. Tollison
    The Economics of Budget Deficits provides a comprehensive overview of the scholarly literature exploring the causes and consequences of deficit spending and the public debt. Incorporating classical, Keynesian and public choice analyses of debt-financed public expenditures, the two volumes contain major theoretical and empirical contributions to the debate. They cover such critical fiscal policy issues as the history and measurement of budget deficits, the question of who bears the burden of the public debt, the use of deficits to solve problems of dynamic policy inconsistency and the relative effectiveness of fiscal rules and constitutional constraints as mechanisms for achieving budget balance. The editors provide an authoritative introduction to the two volumes and separate overviews of each of the seven parts. The Economics of Budget Deficits is an indispensable reference for all scholars and students interested in fiscal policy and for all policymakers. Learn More
    2003   Hardback Price: $ 632.00   Web: $ 568.80
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  14. Cost–Benefit Analysis

    Cost–Benefit Analysis

    Edited by Arnold C. Harberger, Glenn P. Jenkins
    Cost–Benefit Analysis presents an authoritative collection of the most important published articles in the field together with an extensive new introduction by the editors. Whilst focusing on the practical side, looking at applications such as education, transportation and the value of life and health, this important volume also emphasises the essential role of economic theory, with sections on the economic costs of public funds, foreign exchange and labour. The result is an influential selection based on robust and fundamental theoretical propositions – ones that are readily suitable for everyday applications. Learn More
    2002   Hardback Price: $ 426.00   Web: $ 383.40
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  15. The Foundations of Pension Finance

    The Foundations of Pension Finance

    Edited by Zvi Bodie, E. P. Davis
    The Foundations of Pension Finance presents in two authoritative volumes a selection of the most important published articles on systems of retirement income provision – an area that is of vital importance for the future of the economy in general and the financial system in particular. Learn More
    2000   Hardback Price: $ 655.00   Web: $ 589.50
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  16. Probability Concepts, Dialogue and Beliefs

    Probability Concepts, Dialogue and Beliefs

    Edited by O. F. Hamouda, J. C.R. Rowley
    1997   Hardback Price: $ 328.00   Web: $ 295.20
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  17. The Foundations of Public Finance

    The Foundations of Public Finance

    Edited by Peter M. Jackson
    The Foundations of Public Finance presents the most important articles and papers tracing the development of public finance from the earliest tolls and customs duties levied on goods and land to more complex tax systems up to 1950. A signal contribution of this collection is that it allows the founding fathers to describe the development of different schools or doctrines in their own words. It is a fascinating story showing how economic analysis develops partly as a response to the need to gain a deeper insight into practical questions such as ‘how progressive should a tax systems be?’. Learn More
    1996   Hardback Price: $ 518.00   Web: $ 466.20
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    Edited by Elizabeth E. Bailey, Janet Rothenberg Pack
    This collection of important previously published articles reflects the vigorous implementation of privatization in Europe and the deregulation in the United States over the last quarter century. The evolution of the movements is described, both intellectually and politically. Deregulation and privatization are bound together by the economic, political and intellectual underpinnings that gave rise to their implementation. The editors have written a new introduction to accompany the volume. Learn More
    1995   Hardback Price: $ 381.00   Web: $ 342.90
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    Edited by Mark Blaug
    This important reference collection – prepared by a leading authority in the field – presents a careful selection of the most important articles and papers in the economics of education. It focuses in particular on the notion of education as investment rather than consumption. This field was pioneered by three American scholars – Jacob Mincer, Gary Becker and Theodore Schultz – who demonstrated that education is indeed a way in which individuals can invest in themselves in the simple sense of incurring financial costs today in order to enhance potential earnings tomorrow. There is a very strong association between education and earnings in the labour markets in both capitalist and communist countries and it is this generalisation that forms the bedrock of the doctrine of education as human capital. Learn More
    1992   Hardback Price: $ 320.00   Web: $ 288.00
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    Edited by A. B. Atkinson
    These two volumes bring together key articles in the field of modern public finance, a field which has seen a major revival of interest in the past 20 years. The articles reprinted are among those which have shaped its recent development, and include contributions by no fewer than seven Nobel Prize-winners. A.B. Atkinson – widely recognized as a leading authority in the field – has carefully selected a representative coverage of the most important articles and papers and has also included readings which help relate the subject to other areas of economics. The result is a reference collection which will be an essential companion for the specialist and non-specialist alike. Learn More
    1991   Hardback Price: $ 503.00   Web: $ 452.70
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