1. Towards a New Economics

    Towards a New Economics

    Kenneth E. Boulding
    In the first part of the book, Professor Boulding pushes economics towards a more evolutionary type of theory, towards a greater interest in the real world and towards some fairly specific theoretical positions. He stresses the importance of positive-feedback as well as equilibrium processes. The second part focuses on the grants economy, that is the study of the economics of one-way transfers. In part three, he turns his attention to international economic relations particularly the economics of conflict in unilateral national defence. The final part is on ecological systems, stressing that economies are essentially an eco-system of commodities, part of the total eco-system of the world, which is undergoing a constant and irreversible evolutionary change. Learn More
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    Edited by Fred Moseley, Edward N. Wolff
    Has the rate of profit been falling in industrialised countries? What are the factors that are responsible for its increase over time and what factors account for its decline. The rate of profit is a key economic variable. It directly affects the rate of economic growth, both as a source of funds and as an inducement for new investment. It also bears on the distribution of income between wage earners and owners of capital. Learn More
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    Edited by Egon Matzner, Wolfgang Streeck
    This important book goes beyond generalizations and takes a hard-headed look at the real strengths and weaknesses of Keynesian demand management and supply side economics. Keynesianism has failed to reconcile high levels of competitiveness with full employment. This was confirmed in the 1980s by the performance of the UK, the US and West Germany. Sweeping de-regulation has not proved to be an adequate solution. Learn More
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  4. Keynes’s Third Alternative

    Keynes’s Third Alternative

    Amitava K. Dutt, Edward J. Amadeo
    This important new book – the first of its kind – provides a detailed analysis and critical appraisal of the neo-Ricardian Keynesians and the post Keynesians. After placing them in the context of modern schools of macroeconomics, it discusses their contributions including the neo-Ricardian synthesis of Sraffa’s ideas on the heterogeneity of capital goods and Keynes’s ideas on effective demand, and the post Keyensian analysis of the role of historical time, money and uncertainty in Keynes’s work. In conclusion, it suggests a synthesis of their views which could be seen as a starting point for an important challenge to mainstream economics. Learn More
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