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  1. Liberalization and its Consequences

    Liberalization and its Consequences

    Edited by Werner Baer, Joseph L. Love
    The essays in this volume describe, analyse and compare the achievements and the failures of societies that adopted market-based economies within a democratic polity after a long period of communist rule (Russia and Eastern Europe) or military authoritarianism (Latin America). Together, they also trace the rocky course of liberal economic policies over the whole twentieth century. Learn More
    2001   Hardback Price: $ 165.00   Web: $ 148.50
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  2. Economic Growth and Change

    Economic Growth and Change

    Edited by John Adams , Francesco Pigliaru
    The pursuit of economic growth is at the top of every nation’s policy agenda at the end of the 20th century. This authoritative and comprehensive book goes beyond the narrowly-based convergence model of economic growth by considering global, national and regional patterns of growth from a comparative perspective. Learn More
    1999   Hardback Price: $ 208.00   Web: $ 187.20
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