1. Handbook on the Economics of Sport

    Handbook on the Economics of Sport

    Edited by Wladimir Andreff, Stefan Szymanski
    This comprehensive Handbook provides a survey of all the major research areas in sports economics written by almost all of the active researchers in this field. It offers not only an accessible insight into the major findings of the literature but also presents some of the world’s principal researchers’ views on the unanswered questions that face us today. Learn More
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    2009   Paperback Price: $ 92.00   Web: $ 73.60
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  2. Transatlantic Sport

    Transatlantic Sport

    Edited by Carlos Pestana Barros, Muradali Ibrahímo, Stefan Szymanski
    This book offers a comparative perspective on the economics of sport and highlights both the similarities and differences in the North American and European models of sport. It tackles policy issues, such as the organising, financing and regulation of team sports alongside theoretical issues regarding income redistribution and competitive balance. It also evaluates the impact of sport and sports events on local communities and the wider economy providing a useful contrast of methods and results on the two continents. Learn More
    2003   Hardback Price: $ 128.00   Web: $ 115.20
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