1. Sport Management

    Sport Management

    Edited by George B. Cunningham
    Sport Management provides an insightful overview of the sport management discipline. The collection includes influential articles and chapters from leading scholars in the field, covering a wide array of issues. In adopting a multilevel approach, this volume explores this topical field and addresses sport management issues at the societal, organisational, and individual level. Learn More
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  2. Recent Developments in the Economics of Sport

    Recent Developments in the Economics of Sport

    Edited by Wladimir Andreff
    In this authoritative collection, Professor Andreff presents the most significant articles published over the last decade or so by leading scholars in the field of sports economics. The volumes cover a wide spectrum of approaches to the subject. Some articles delve more deeply into existing issues such as the economic impact of professional sport, sports events and sports facilities. Some extend sports economics into new areas such as the measurement of the overall US sports economy, the economic underdevelopment of sports in developing countries and the global trade in sports goods. Others offer a synthetic view of important recent developments in the field, including the demand for sport, facility finance, the economics of promotion and relegation in sports leagues and competitive balance. Learn More
    2011   Hardback Price: $ 677.00   Web: $ 609.30
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  3. The Economics of Leisure

    The Economics of Leisure

    Edited by Clem Tisdell
    This authoritative two-volume collection presents a comprehensive set of key articles that address the economics of leisure, arranged in a manner that facilitates the understanding of the subject. The editor’s perceptive introduction highlights the contribution of each article, provides an assessment of the current state of the available literature and draws attention to those areas that are worthy of more research effort. Learn More
    2007   Hardback Price: $ 595.00   Web: $ 535.50
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  4. The Economics of Association Football

    The Economics of Association Football

    Edited by Bill Gerrard
    This authoritative two volume collection pulls together the work of leading sports economists over the last five decades to answer these and other questions using consumer theory, labour economics, industrial organisation and a range of other theoretical insights combined with econometric analysis. These innovative volumes bring together a careful synthesis of applied economics that will be of interest to all those concerned with analysing the real world. Learn More
    2006   Hardback Price: $ 548.00   Web: $ 493.20
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  5. The Economics of Sport

    The Economics of Sport

    Edited by Andrew Zimbalist
    The economics of sport exploded onto the academic teaching and research scene in the 1990s. This decade of intellectual effervescence is encapsulated in this state-of-the-art collection which reprints both classic work and more recent papers which may achieve classic status in the future. Andrew Zimbalist – widely recognised to be the leading authority in the field – has prepared a selection of articles which mark an important milestone in the development of sports economics. It will be an essential source of reference to a rapidly growing and widely dispersed literature. Learn More
    2001   Hardback Price: $ 747.00   Web: $ 672.30
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