1. Economic Welfare: Concepts and Measurement

    Economic Welfare: Concepts and Measurement

    Edited by John Creedy
    In conducting a rational analysis of public policy, it is very important to quantify the extent of costs and benefits to individuals resulting from changes in taxes and the price level. Economists seek to provide a money measure of the changing welfare facing different types of individuals. There has been a great deal of research activity in this central area of economics in recent years. Learn More
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  2. The Economics of Housing

    The Economics of Housing

    Edited by John M. Quigley
    Housing is an important commodity in the national accounts of all countries and has generated a high quality specialised literature. The papers in this scholarly collection span a thirty-five year period from 1960 when the field of housing economics was just beginning to attract attention. Topics covered include housing and urban spatial structures, housing supply, the analysis of housing demand and empirical and theoretical studies of housing quality and prices. Learn More
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  3. Cultural Economics

    Cultural Economics

    Edited by Ruth Towse
    These volumes contain a spread of influential articles on economic issues arising in all aspects of the cultural sector – the performing and creative arts, (including the art market); the heritage (museums and monuments) and the media industries (film, TV, recording etc.). Cultural economics, including in this term the economics of the arts, has developed steadily over the last thirty years, with a literature that is theoretical, empirical and institutional. Some of the most prominent economists have written on subjects in this field – Coase, Baumol, Peacock, Robbins, Scitovsky, West and it is now being developed by their successors, of whom Frey and Throsby are the best established. Learn More
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  4. The Economics of the Family

    The Economics of the Family

    Edited by Nancy Folbre
    This collection of essays features the debate among neoclassical, institutionalist and feminist theorists, providing an invaluable guide to the evolution of economic approaches to the family. The clash of paradigms illuminates some issues of profound concern to economics as a whole, such as the relative importance of altruism and self-interest. Learn More
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    Edited by William Darity Jr.
    This two volume set consists of the most significant theoretical and empirical writings on economic discrimination based upon race, gender and ethnicity with an international emphasis. Economics and Discrimination is an essential reference for scholars interested in the analysis of economic inequality between ascriptively differentiated groups. The work of economists spanning the ideological spectrum from John Roemer to Thomas Sowell is represented in the pages of this important title. Learn More
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    Edited by Elchanan Cohn, Geraint Johnes
    Recent Developments in the Economics of Education collects together the most important contributions in this rapidly developing field. Themes covered in this book include: efficiency and equity, externalities and the role of the government in providing education, the relationship between the markets for labour and education, cost functions in the education sector, the market for educators, and the economics of school choice. This volume complements an earlier volume in the series, The Economic Value of Education, edited by Mark Blaug. Learn More
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    Edited by Mark Blaug
    This important reference collection – prepared by a leading authority in the field – presents a careful selection of the most important articles and papers in the economics of education. It focuses in particular on the notion of education as investment rather than consumption. This field was pioneered by three American scholars – Jacob Mincer, Gary Becker and Theodore Schultz – who demonstrated that education is indeed a way in which individuals can invest in themselves in the simple sense of incurring financial costs today in order to enhance potential earnings tomorrow. There is a very strong association between education and earnings in the labour markets in both capitalist and communist countries and it is this generalisation that forms the bedrock of the doctrine of education as human capital. Learn More
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