1. Economic Analysis for International Trade Negotiations

    Economic Analysis for International Trade Negotiations

    James D. Gaisford, William A. Kerr
    Economic Analysis for International Trade Negotiations provides an analytical framework in which to examine the complex economic issues which arise in international trade negotiations. This framework is developed using examples arising from current contentious issues in the international trade in agricultural products including market access, subsidies, non-tariff barriers, health regulations and biotechnology. The volume concludes with a discussion on the future of trade. Learn More
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  2. Food Security in Asia

    Food Security in Asia

    Edited by Wen S. Chern, Colin A. Carter, Shun-Yi Shei
    Food security can be defined as the perceived availability of a high-quality, domestically-produced staple food supply which will maintain the existing standard of living. This book provides a forum for a panel of distinguished authors to debate such issues as whether or not many developed countries in Asia – such as Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, China, Hong Kong and Singapore – have legitimate concerns about their food security. They find, controversially, that this issue is of importance to all countries, not just to developing countries lacking the income to acquire an adequate food supply. Learn More
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  3. Agricultural Policy

    Agricultural Policy

    Edited by Wyn P. Grant, John T.S. Keeler
    Agricultural politics and policy retain a central place in the politics of advanced industrial societies. Governments in most countries continue to subsidise agricultural production and regulate markets for farm commodities. The growth of concern about the environmental impact of agriculture has added a new dimension to the sector’s politics. Tensions between the US and the EU over the protection of agriculture remain a major feature. New Zealand offers an interesting example of an experiment with deregulated and liberalised agriculture, while Japanese agriculture continues to be highly protected. All these topics are covered in this two volume set, which brings together the best writing on the subject from leading agricultural economists, political scientists and rural sociologists from across the world. Learn More
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  4. Sustainable Agriculture in Brazil

    Sustainable Agriculture in Brazil

    Jill L. Caviglia
    This book explores the relationship between the land use choices of small-scale farmers and the rate of deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon. Although sustainable agriculture was introduced to the Amazon area about 10 years ago, it has been adopted by only a few farmers. Jill L. Caviglia analyses why this practice has not been more widely adopted and offers policy prescriptions to address this. Learn More
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  5. Sustainable Agriculture and Environment

    Sustainable Agriculture and Environment

    Edited by Andrew K. Dragun, Clem Tisdell
    Globalisation of the world economy portends a wide range of benefits to citizens of all countries. However, this ground-breaking book finds that the impacts of trade liberalisation and globalisation appear to have a negative impact on agricultural sustainability in developing countries. Learn More
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  6. Agricultural Policy in Western Europe and the United States

    Agricultural Policy in Western Europe and the United States

    Ken A. Ingersent, A. J. Rayner
    This comprehensive volume provides an indispensable analysis of the development of agricultural policy in Western Europe and the United States. Learn More
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  7. Global Environmental Change and Agriculture

    Global Environmental Change and Agriculture

    Edited by George Frisvold, Betsey Kuhn
    Global Environmental Change and Agriculture offers a comprehensive perspective on the causes, consequences and possible policy solutions for climatic change as we move into the twenty-first century. It assesses the impact of potential future global climate change on agriculture and the need to sustain agricultural growth for economic development. Learn More
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  8. Economic Development and Agricultural Productivity

    Economic Development and Agricultural Productivity

    Edited by Amit Bhaduri, Rune Skarstein
    This important book challenges conventional development theory by addressing not only technological but also socio-economic factors influencing low agricultural productivity in the developing world. Learn More
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    Edited by George H. Peters
    Agriculture has been a significant source of economic and political conflict between nations during the last twenty years. This timely volume focuses on the role and operation of agriculture in developed market economies. It opens with a set of papers dealing with the basic economic organization of farming and with the market setting in which it operates. A section on agricultural policy analysis is followed by material relating to policy studies in the national and international settings. An additional dimension is supplied by a short selection of material relevant to problems of agriculture in the Third World. The emphasis throughout is on the economic analysis of policy measures which affect agriculture worldwide, including the most recent important developments. Learn More
    1995   Hardback Price: $ 390.00   Web: $ 351.00
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