1. Ethics, Environmental Justice and Climate Change

    Ethics, Environmental Justice and Climate Change

    Edited by Paul G. Harris
    Climate change cannot be fully understood or effectively mitigated without considering its ethical aspects. This volume brings together recent journal articles, written by eminent experts in the field, to illuminate the ethics of climate change and the related questions of justice. The editor has selected works that explore the themes of environmental philosophy, duties and responsibilities, intergenerational justice, international equity, cosmopolitanism, human rights, individual obligations and climate policy. With an original introduction by the editor, this volume is an essential resource for scholars, students, activists and policymakers. Learn More
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  2. Environmental Law and Climate Change

    Environmental Law and Climate Change

    Edited by Jonathan Verschuuren
    This timely two-volume set brings together several of the most important and influential journal articles and papers in the broad field of climate law. The editor has selected essential scholarship on the international law making process and mitigation, which discusses important factors including emissions, trading, taxes and the CDM. In addition, the collection discusses adaptation (in a wide variety of fields such as sea level rise, water, biodiversity, cities and agriculture), liability, climate justice and human rights, and climate engineering. Along with an original introduction by Professor Verschuuren, this collection is particularly valuable to university and academic institution libraries, allowing for a convenient single access point to the linchpin articles of the emerging field of climate law. Learn More
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  3. Climate Change and the World Economy

    Climate Change and the World Economy

    Edited by David I. Stern, Frank Jotzo, Leo Dobes
    World economic activity is a cause of climate change and climate change has an impact on economic activity. Adaptation to climate change can occur locally, but action to reduce the extent of climate change requires global cooperation or at least coordination. Covering all aspects of the problem, this collection contains both classic and recent key published articles on this burning issue. Learn More
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  4. Migration and Climate Change

    Migration and Climate Change

    Edited by Graeme Hugo
    In this important collection, Professor Hugo draws together key articles and papers by leading scholars and agencies which investigate the current and future effects of climate change on migration. Topics covered include the impact of climate change on the movement of people within and across countries, the economic and social effects of the forced displacement and resettlement of migrants, the flows of migration resulting from environmental disasters, the risks of conflict and the implications of climate change for vulnerable areas e.g deltas, atolls and coastal regions. The volume concludes with an examination of what the policy responses of governments and international agencies are and should be. Learn More
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  5. The Economics of Pollution Control

    The Economics of Pollution Control

    Edited by Kathleen Segerson
    This volume includes a series of previously published papers that both illustrate basic principles in the economics of pollution control and represent recent advances in the field over the last fifteen years. This authoritative collection includes seminal papers, written by leading scholars in the field, which relate to the overarching issue of designing pollution control policies to reduce environmental threats. The editor successfully covers a wide range of contemporary contexts and issues and includes both theoretical papers and empirical analyses of the impacts of pollution control policies. This volume will serve as an excellent source of reference for researchers, advanced students and practicing economists interested in a contemporary overview of the field. Learn More
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  6. The Economics of Climate Change

    The Economics of Climate Change

    Edited by Graciela Chichilnisky
    This two-volume collection brings together critical essays on the economics of climate change, describing advances in the field ranging from the Kyoto Protocol carbon market, to sustainability criteria, international trade, and the management of catastrophic risks. Learn More
    2010   Hardback Price: $ 599.00   Web: $ 539.10
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  7. Water Resources and Climate Change

    Water Resources and Climate Change

    Edited by Kenneth D. Frederick
    Water Resources and Climate Change presents an authoritative collection of key articles which explore the impact and effect of climatic change on all aspects of the hydrologic cycle. The articles selected focus upon the hydrological implications of climate change and its potential impact on water systems and water use, issues in climate impact assessment, planning and adaptation strategies and socioeconomic assessments of particular case studies. This important volume will be an essential source of reference for water managers and planners as well as those interested in understanding the hydrological, ecological, and socioeconomic implications of climate change. Learn More
    2002   Hardback Price: $ 312.00   Web: $ 280.80
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