1. Economics of Ecological Resources

    Economics of Ecological Resources

    Charles Perrings
    Economics of Ecological Resources presents new or recently published work on ecological economies, sustainability, poverty, resource degradation and decision-making under uncertainty. Learn More
    1997   Hardback Price: $ 145.00   Web: $ 130.50
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  2. Industrial Ecology

    Industrial Ecology

    Robert U. Ayres, Leslie W. Ayres
    Industrial Ecology is perhaps the first serious attempt to go beyond general statements regarding the desirability of ‘clean technology’ and to assess realistically and quantitatively the range of practicable possibilities for reducing materials extraction, consumption and waste. Learn More
    1996   Hardback Price: $ 168.00   Web: $ 151.20
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  3. Ecological Economics

    Ecological Economics

    Malte Faber, Reiner Manstetten, John Proops
    Ecological Economics offers an authoritative overview of a rapidly developing discipline lying at the interface of economics, natural science and philosophy. This pioneering new book focuses on the concepts and methods required to integrate sciences and humanities in order to build ecological economics. Learn More
    1998   Paperback Price: $ 62.00   Web: $ 49.60
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  4. Models of Sustainable Development

    Models of Sustainable Development

    Edited by Sylvie Faucheux, David Pearce, John Proops
    In this new book a wide range of approaches to modelling sustainable development is examined, including neoclassical, evolutionary, ecological economics and neo-Ricardian models. Recognizing that the application of sustainable development requires the reorientation of economic analysis on several fundamental points, a distinguished group of authors re-examines such key issues as intra- and intergenerational equity, the treatment of the very long term, the irreversibility of ecological change, fundamental uncertainty and system complexity, and processes of technological change. The achievements and limitations of different models of sustainable development are explored, with particular reference to their value in support of decision-making. Learn More
    1996   Hardback Price: $ 175.00   Web: $ 157.50
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  5. Ecological Economics and Sustainable Development

    Ecological Economics and Sustainable Development

    Jeroen C.J.M. van den Bergh
    The effectiveness and scope of operational analysis of sustainable development is explored in this major book. Ecological Economics and Sustainable Development offers an integrated treatment of theory, methods and applications for economic–ecological analysis taking into consideration all the relevant interactions between economic, development and physical and biological processes. Learn More
    1996   Hardback Price: $ 151.00   Web: $ 135.90
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