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  1. Democracy and the Environment

    Democracy and the Environment

    Edited by William M. Lafferty, James Meadowcroft
    A complex relationship exists between democratic politics and the management of the environment. Democracy and the Environment presents major new work on the challenges and dilemmas which environmental problems pose for the processes of democratic politics. Learn More
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  2. Natural Resource Economics

    Natural Resource Economics

    Allen V. Kneese
    Natural Resource Economics brings together in one accessible volume an outstanding selection of Allen V. Kneese’s papers, published over the past 26 years, and ranging widely over natural resource economics including basic theory, empirical issues and policy analysis. Beginning with a broad overview of the field of natural resource economics, the first part includes papers dealing with ethics and environmental economics, efforts to develop a sustainable economy and optimal organization arrangements for environmental management. The second part explores the history of cost-benefit analysis and Dr Kneese’s work on water allocation in arid areas, including the trading of water rights and water pricing. The final part focuses on environmental economics and policy, including the classic essay ‘Production, Consumption and Externalities’. Learn More
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  3. The Sociology of the Environment

    The Sociology of the Environment

    Edited by Michael R. Redclift, Graham Woodgate
    In The Sociology of the Environment, Michael Redclift and Graham Woodgate have brought together a diverse collection of writings from within the human sciences. These papers chart the progress which sociology has made in addressing the environment. Although they are not all written by sociologists, they do illuminate a number of largely unresolved issues for sociology, which mark important departures for the discipline and which necessitate a radical rethink of inherited assumptions. Learn More
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  4. Economics and Environmental Policy

    Economics and Environmental Policy

    Tom Tietenberg
    Over the last two decades economic analysis has begun to offer increasingly sophisticated and useful insights into environmental problems. Tom Tietenberg has had a significant impact on recent innovations which have enlarged the range of economic policy instruments at our disposal as well as transforming the roles of the various institutions responsible for implementation and enforcement. Learn More
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