1. Private Firms and Public Water

    Private Firms and Public Water

    Edited by Nick Johnstone, Libby Wood
    While the potential economic benefits of PSP are well-known, the authors extensively discuss the environmental and social implications unique to the sector. The focus of the book is on the crucial role public authorities must continue to play to guarantee sustainability, levels of service and access to a variety of consumers. The authors show how these objectives are realised in very different ways – and not always successfully – in developing countries. The authors critically review the current literature and include new case studies from Manila, Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Abidjan and Mexico City. Learn More
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  2. Institutions, Transaction Costs and Environmental Policy

    Institutions, Transaction Costs and Environmental Policy

    Ray Challen
    Ray Challen introduces and develops a model for the analysis of the problems involved in institutional choice that takes into account constraints in institutional change imposed by history and the value of maintaining options in an uncertain future. The emphasis of institutional analysis shifts from assessing the benefits of particular property rights regimes in isolation to considering the distribution of property rights between levels of governments, communities and individuals in an institutional hierarchy. Conceptual developments in institutional theory are illustrated by using a case study of institutional change in the regulation of water use in irrigated agriculture. Learn More
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  3. Water Management in the 21st Century

    Water Management in the 21st Century

    Terence R. Lee
    The challenge to manage the allocation of water efficiently and equably will become a dominant theme of the new millennium. At a time when the cost of obtaining fresh water is rising throughout the globe, Terence Lee analyses the means for establishing and operating effective water markets. He proposes the application of economic instruments and the transfer of water management administration to the private sector as a means to guarantee acceptable water quality in the future in both developed and developing countries. Learn More
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