1. Technology Strategy and Innovation Management

    Technology Strategy and Innovation Management

    Edited by Michael J. Leiblien, Arvids A. Ziedonis
    This essential volume brings together contributions by leading scholars in strategic management, which analyse contemporary thought in complex, knowledge-intensive and dynamic environments. This set of scholarly articles examines the unique challenges posed in these settings and explores the logic that may be used to evaluate innovative investment proposals. It also considers how to capture value from assets in product or knowledge markets, and how to design organizations to assemble resources in innovative settings. Learn More
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  2. International Management of Research and Development

    International Management of Research and Development

    Edited by Maximilian von Zedtwitz, Julian Birkinshaw, Oliver Gassmann
    International Management of Research and Development brings together the most influential contributions to managing, organising and coordinating R&D and innovation on a global scale. In addition to papers on the fundamental principles, trends and drivers of international R&D, it covers strategies and operations of global R&D. It also provides an introduction to modern concepts such as knowledge networks, open innovation and virtual innovation. It is a key reference collection for professors and researchers wishing to understand the practical implications of industrial R&D and a valuable resource for chief technology and innovation officers keen to develop their corporate R&D more systematically. Learn More
    2008   Hardback Price: $ 342.00   Web: $ 307.80
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  3. Technological Entrepreneurship

    Technological Entrepreneurship

    Edited by Donald S. Siegel
    Professor Siegel – a leading authority in the field – has written a scholarly new introduction which summarizes the key findings of these studies and discusses their managerial and policy implications. Learn More
    2006   Hardback Price: $ 312.00   Web: $ 280.80
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  4. The Economics of Patents

    The Economics of Patents

    Edited by John Cantwell
    This authoritative collection reprints the key articles in the field of the economics of patents. The editor’s selection, contextualised by a comprehensive introduction, examines the classic literature on the design and evolution of the patent system, the now well-established body of work on the use of patent statistics as a measure of invention and technological change, and the new interest in the analysis of corporate patenting. Learn More
    2006   Hardback Price: $ 609.00   Web: $ 548.10
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  5. The Management of Innovation

    The Management of Innovation

    Edited by John Storey
    This is the definitive collection on the subject of innovation and innovation management. It brings together in two volumes the essential analyses in the field from its leading authorities. Learn More
    2004   Hardback Price: $ 769.00   Web: $ 692.10
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  6. Structural Change, Industrial Location and Competitiveness

    Structural Change, Industrial Location and Competitiveness

    Edited by Joanne E. Oxley, Bernard Yeung
    Rapid technological developments in communications and transportation, economic liberalization and the emergence of new economies with vast market potential have changed the shape of international production. This scholarly selection of articles represents some of the most important contributions to an understanding of this ongoing, global economic restructuring and its impact on the geographic configuration of production and the economic competitiveness of nations in the world economy. Learn More
    1998   Hardback Price: $ 389.00   Web: $ 350.10
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