1. Organizational Learning and Knowledge Management

    Organizational Learning and Knowledge Management

    Edited by William H. Starbuck
    For this three-volume set the editors have selected many of the most influential articles published since 1984 on the topics of knowledge management and the improvement of organizational learning, developmental learning by individual organizations and the development of populations of organizations. New, authoritative introductions to each volume by the editors offer a comprehensive overview and informative discussion of the issues. Learn More
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  2. The Economic Theory of Invention and Innovation

    The Economic Theory of Invention and Innovation

    Edited by Albert N. Link
    This comprehensive collection presents the classic articles in the economics of invention and innovation. It covers topics related to sources of inventive and innovative activity, including exogenous and endogenous innovation, with an emphasis on R&D activity and the diffusion of new techniques. Professor Link has prepared an original introduction, which offers an authoritative overview of a subject that is of growing importance to both economists and management scientists. Learn More
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  3. Innovation and Economic Development

    Innovation and Economic Development

    Edited by Lynn K. Mytelka
    This wide-ranging collection approaches innovation and development with a focus upon the developing world and includes a number of articles from eminent scholars in developing countries. With papers ranging from 1973, the book provides an authoritative account of how thinking has evolved in this area. It provides a firm theoretical foundation in innovation systems, processes, institutions and policies from the perspective of developing countries. Topics include capacity building, learning, industrial development, agricultural innovation and sustainable development. The collection will provide a valuable reference to new students, postgraduates and professional economists seeking to broaden and deepen their knowledge of development and innovation in the developing world. Learn More
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  4. Computing


    Edited by Shane M. Greenstein
    This authoritative book presents a selection of the most important published articles and papers on the computing industry – an industry that after five decades of growth permeates virtually all areas of modern economic activity. Many economists believe the diffusion of computing has been a catalyst and a driver of economic growth. This has stimulated research into the microeconomic determinants and consequences of computing. This collection provides a state-of-the-art survey of advances in applied and empirical approaches to the industrial economics of computing. Learn More
    2006   Hardback Price: $ 308.00   Web: $ 277.20
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  5. The Economics of Biotechnology

    The Economics of Biotechnology

    Edited by Maureen McKelvey, Luigi Orsenigo
    This authoritative collection covers the economics and business side of the social scientific debate about the economics of ‘modern biotechnology’ or ‘the biotechnology industry’. Biotechnology has attracted an enormous interest. Research has spawned work on a variety of theoretical issues about economic dynamics, about innovation systems and about what might be called – in the current jargon – the modern ‘learning economy’. Learn More
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  6. The Economics of Patents

    The Economics of Patents

    Edited by John Cantwell
    This authoritative collection reprints the key articles in the field of the economics of patents. The editor’s selection, contextualised by a comprehensive introduction, examines the classic literature on the design and evolution of the patent system, the now well-established body of work on the use of patent statistics as a measure of invention and technological change, and the new interest in the analysis of corporate patenting. Learn More
    2006   Hardback Price: $ 560.00   Web: $ 504.00
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  7. Technological Entrepreneurship

    Technological Entrepreneurship

    Edited by Donald S. Siegel
    Professor Siegel – a leading authority in the field – has written a scholarly new introduction which summarizes the key findings of these studies and discusses their managerial and policy implications. Learn More
    2006   Hardback Price: $ 287.00   Web: $ 258.30
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  8. The Growth of Cities

    The Growth of Cities

    Edited by Zoltán J. Ács
    To understand why some regions grow and others stagnate, we need to understand the interactions between economic growth, economic geography and the economics of innovation. Each of these individual approaches has strengths and weaknesses, but when integrated it is possible, as evidenced by this volume, to develop an appropriate model of technology-led regional economic development. Learn More
    2006   Hardback Price: $ 350.00   Web: $ 315.00
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  9. Entrepreneurship and Technology Policy

    Entrepreneurship and Technology Policy

    Edited by Albert N. Link
    The terms entrepreneur and entrepreneurship take on a very specific and somewhat narrow meaning with regard to the connection between entrepreneurship and technology policy. In the context of this volume, entrepreneurship is defined to refer to the innovative and risk taking activities that are specific to small firms. Learn More
    2006   Hardback Price: $ 210.00   Web: $ 189.00
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  10. The Management of Innovation

    The Management of Innovation

    Edited by John Storey
    This is the definitive collection on the subject of innovation and innovation management. It brings together in two volumes the essential analyses in the field from its leading authorities. Learn More
    2004   Hardback Price: $ 707.00   Web: $ 636.30
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  11. The Economics of Technology Transfer

    The Economics of Technology Transfer

    Edited by Sanjaya Lall
    The Economics of Technology Transfer presents a selection of the most important articles in the field, many of which are not easily accessible. The volume pays particular attention to issues facing developing countries in the context of rapid technical change, globalisation of production and the international spread of innovation itself. Learn More
    2002   Hardback Price: $ 273.00   Web: $ 245.70
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  12. Innovation, Evolution of Industry and Economic Growth

    Innovation, Evolution of Industry and Economic Growth

    Edited by David B. Audretsch, Steven Klepper
    In this wide-ranging collection of significant articles by leading scholars, the editors link the impact of innovation to the process by which firms and industries change over time and ultimately to economic development and growth. Learn More
    2000   Hardback Price: $ 826.00   Web: $ 743.40
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  13. Systems of Innovation: Growth, Competitiveness and Employment

    Systems of Innovation: Growth, Competitiveness and Employment

    Edited by Charles Edquist, Maureen McKelvey
    This comprehensive two volume collection is designed to introduce the reader to the systems of innovation literature. This is the first time that one major reference collection brings together some of the best known and most provocative literature from a variety of different perspectives, such as national, sectoral and regional systems of innovation. Classics such as the seminal papers by Schumpeter and List as well as modern authors are included, and the collection focuses on issues of economic growth, competitiveness and employment. Learn More
    2000   Hardback Price: $ 595.00   Web: $ 535.50
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  14. The Political Economy of Science, Technology and Innovation

    The Political Economy of Science, Technology and Innovation

    Edited by Ben R. Martin, Paul Nightingale
    Technical change has radically altered economic development in the industrialised world and it has become ever more important to understand the sources, nature and consequences of innovation. The Political Economy of Science, Technology and Innovation is an authoritative collection of the most important papers by leading international scholars in this field. This collection is divided into five sections which cover the historical roots of the subject, the function of science in technological innovation and economic growth, technological development, the generation of new products and processes, and the climate for innovation in industry. Each section consists of path-breaking classic papers that have defined the field together with more recent papers which indicate current research activity. Learn More
    2000   Hardback Price: $ 385.00   Web: $ 346.50
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  15. The Economics of Science and Innovation

    The Economics of Science and Innovation

    Edited by Paula E. Stephan, David B. Audretsch
    Science and innovation plays an increasingly important role in the growth of economies throughout the world. This two volume collection of previously published articles seeks to provide a comprehensive overview of this key area of the global economy. Learn More
    2000   Hardback Price: $ 546.00   Web: $ 491.40
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  16. Foreign Direct Investment and Technological Change

    Foreign Direct Investment and Technological Change

    Edited by John Cantwell
    This comprehensive new collection provides a careful selection of the major writings to have appeared in the field of foreign direct investment (FDI) and technological change since 1966. Learn More
    1999   Hardback Price: $ 553.00   Web: $ 497.70
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  17. Structural Change, Industrial Location and Competitiveness

    Structural Change, Industrial Location and Competitiveness

    Edited by Joanne E. Oxley, Bernard Yeung
    Rapid technological developments in communications and transportation, economic liberalization and the emergence of new economies with vast market potential have changed the shape of international production. This scholarly selection of articles represents some of the most important contributions to an understanding of this ongoing, global economic restructuring and its impact on the geographic configuration of production and the economic competitiveness of nations in the world economy. Learn More
    1998   Hardback Price: $ 357.00   Web: $ 321.30
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  18. The Sociology of the Sciences

    The Sociology of the Sciences

    Edited by Helga Nowotny, Klaus Taschwer
    The Sociology of the Sciences represents one of the most vivid fields in the social sciences today. From a former subfield of sociology, social studies of science and technology (STS) have transformed into a transdisciplinary field of research in its own right – reflecting the still growing dynamics of techno-science in modern societies. The two volume set, The Sociology of the Sciences, is an attempt to map out the broad range of contemporary studies covered in this transdisciplinary research field. The ten sections in the two volumes include selected articles from the most relevant areas of contemporary social studies of science, ranging from studies of scientific knowledge to science policy issues, from the gender-related questions in science to the relations between science and the public. Learn More
    1996   Hardback Price: $ 602.00   Web: $ 541.80
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    Edited by David J. Jeremy
    This important volume illustrates the diversity of scholarship which has been directed towards understanding the complex process of technology transfer in its business context. The first part considers the theory and process of technology transfer as developed by economists, sociologists and historians. The remainder of the volume presents essays and excerpts on the agencies of technology transfer: artisans and professionals, the state, private business and multinational enterprise. The papers range from the eighteenth century to the present and cover industries from coal and textiles to computers and motor vehicles, in countries as diverse as Britain, the US, Japan, South Korea and India. Learn More
    1994   Hardback Price: $ 371.00   Web: $ 333.90
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    Edited by Edwin Mansfield, Elisabeth Mansfield
    The 25 classic articles in this volume deal with the role of technological change in economic growth, the extent of social and private returns from research and development, the relationship between market structure and technological change, the controversies over intellectual property rights, the processes by which innovations spread, and the management of technology. This volume will prove invaluable to economists, managers and government policymakers. Learn More
    1993   Hardback Price: $ 325.00   Web: $ 292.50
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