1. Dutfield and Suthersanen on Global Intellectual Property Law

    Dutfield and Suthersanen on Global Intellectual Property Law

    Graham Dutfield, Uma Suthersanen
    A much-anticipated new edition of this acclaimed work on intellectual property (IP) in its global context. With intelligent and insightful coverage of IP law from international and comparative perspectives this second edition has been thoroughly revised and expanded. This unique textbook presents the main IP rights, identifying their basic features and tracing their evolution up to the present day by reference to statutes, cases and international treaties. Learn More
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    2020   Paperback Price: $ 65.00   Web: $ 52.00
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  2. European Intellectual Property Law

    European Intellectual Property Law

    Annette Kur, Thomas Dreier, Stefan Luginbuehl
    The second edition of this popular textbook has been thoroughly revised, expanded and updated in order to reflect the recent extensive changes in European IP legislation. Providing an in-depth examination of the core areas of IP law, from copyright, patents and trademarks through to the protection of plant varieties and industrial design, it is perfectly pitched to guide the reader through the complexities of the European IP system. Learn More
    2019   Hardback Price: $ 225.00   Web: $ 202.50
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    2019   Paperback Price: $ 70.00   Web: $ 56.00
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  3. Transnational Intellectual Property Law

    Transnational Intellectual Property Law

    Robert P. Merges, Seagull H. Song
    As companies and organisations increasingly operate across national boundaries, so the incentive to understand how to acquire, deploy and protect IP rights in multiple national jurisdictions has rapidly increased. Transnational Intellectual Property Law meets the need for a book that introduces contemporary intellectual property as it is practiced in today’s global context. Focusing on three major IP regimes – the United States, Europe and China – the unique transnational approach of this textbook will help law students and lawyers across the world understand not only how IP operates in different national contexts, but also how to coordinate IP protection across numerous national jurisdictions. International IP treaties are also covered, but in the context of an overall emphasis on transnational coordination of legal rights and strategies. Learn More
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  4. Advanced Introduction to International Intellectual Property

    Advanced Introduction to International Intellectual Property

    Susy Frankel, Daniel J. Gervais
    Elgar Advanced Introductions are stimulating and thoughtful introductions to major fields in the social sciences and law, expertly written by the world’s leading scholars. Designed to be accessible yet rigorous, they offer concise and lucid surveys of the substantive and policy issues associated with discrete subject areas. Learn More
    March 2016   Hardback Price: $ 99.95   Web: $ 89.96
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  5. International Copyright Law: U.S. and E.U. Perspectives

    International Copyright Law: U.S. and E.U. Perspectives

    Jane C. Ginsburg, Edouard Treppoz
    This ground-breaking casebook provides a comprehensive and comprehensible account of International Copyright Law and its neighbouring rights, helping students to chart a path through these often difficult waters. It illuminates the fundamental influence of the conventions and treaties that have shaped the current set of international norms, from the Berne Convention, and the Rome Convention of 1961, through to the WIPO Copyright Treaty and the TRIPS Agreement. Learn More
    2015   Hardback Price: $ 244.00   Web: $ 219.60
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    2015   Paperback Price: $ 95.00   Web: $ 76.00
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  6. European Intellectual Property Law

    European Intellectual Property Law

    Annette Kur, Thomas Dreier
    This detailed book is designed for all courses on European intellectual property, whether basic or advanced, as well as for practitioners looking for a comprehensive and concise overview on the structure and content of European IP law. Learn More