1. on voting

    on voting

    Gordon Tullock
    On Voting expands present thinking in the Public Choice school and provides a forum for creating new paradigms in the school as well as changing the focus and scope of current studies. It encourages new research by suggesting areas where more work should be done. The book will be of special interest to political scientists as well as those interested in public policy and political economy. Learn More
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  2. post-socialist political economy

    post-socialist political economy

    James M. Buchanan
    This book presents a critical assessment of the political and social order in the post-revolutionary decade of the 1990s in both the transitional economies and Western welfare states confronting fiscal crises. As we enter the new post-socialist century, James M. Buchanan argues that we need to think and act on the premise that the future is uncertain. Learn More
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  3. The Economic Foundations of Property Rights

    The Economic Foundations of Property Rights

    Edited by Svetozar Pejovich
    Property rights formalize the relationship between individuals and goods. They form the cornerstone of the pricing, supply and efficient allocation of scarce resources between individuals. The Economic Foundations of Property Rights is an outstanding collection of some of the most important work from the founders of the field, including James M. Buchanan, Douglass C. North, Richard Posner, Armen Alchian, Lord Peter Bauer and Karl Brunner. Learn More
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  4. Not Just for the Money

    Not Just for the Money

    Bruno S. Frey
    In Not Just for the Money Professor Frey challenges traditional economic theory and argues that people do not act in expectation of monetary gain alone, nor do they work solely because they are paid. Furthermore, the author claims that higher monetary compensation as well as regulations crowd-out motivation in important circumstances. Offering higher pay may make people less committed to their work and may reduce their performance. They thus behave in exactly the opposite way the fundamental price-effect of economics predicts. Learn More
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  5. Beyond Neoclassical Economics

    Beyond Neoclassical Economics

    Edited by Fred E. Foldvary
    Beyond Neoclassical Economics is a remarkable introduction to the main heterodox schools of economic thought which examines their main concepts and their critiques of mainstream theory. Learn More
    1996   Hardback Price: $ 155.00   Web: $ 139.50
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  6. Current Issues in Public Choice

    Current Issues in Public Choice

    Edited by José Casas Pardo, Friedrich Schneider
    In this major book an internationally acclaimed group of scholars examines theoretical and applied topics of particular relevance to public choice analysis. Learn More
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    Charles K. Rowley, Willem Thorbecke, Richard E. Wagner
    Trade Protection in the United States analyzes the history of US trade policy to explain why interest groups are able to foster protectionist policies despite the advantages which free trade offers consumers. The authors also explain why the principles of managed trade – as epitomized in the institution of the GATT – are inevitably subverted by protectionism. This important book concludes with a vigorous justification of unilateral free trade and makes a convincing case for protecting the freedom to trade through an amendment to the US constitution. Learn More
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    Fred E. Foldvary
    Rejecting the market-failure hypothesis, Dr Foldvary argues that an entrepreneur can provide collective goods by consensual community agreements. Instead of focusing particular services, as previous studies have done, this book concerns itself with entire private communities. A series of case studies demonstrates how real world communities, such as Walt Disney World, the Reston Association in Virginia and the private neighbourhoods of St Louis, are in fact financing their own public goods and services in accordance with this theory. For such communities to rise and prosper, the author contends, government must eliminate restrictions such as zoning as well as the taxation of private services. After considering the implications of his work for urban economies – at a time when many of America’s cities are plagued by decay, violence and poverty – Dr Foldvary argues that prosperity can be restored to cities if private communities are allowed to develop. As an original response to an urgent, contemporary problem this well-written book will be welcomed by social scientists, policy makers and business leaders seeking solutions to problems of urban decay. Learn More
    1994   Hardback Price: $ 155.00   Web: $ 139.50
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    Edited by Iain McLean, Fiona Hewitt
    The Marquis de Condorcet (1743–94) was a founding father of social science. He believed that what he called the moral sciences could be studied by the same exacting methods as the natural sciences, and he developed many of the tools for doing so. Learn More
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    William A. Niskanen
    Bureaucracy and Public Economics brings together in one volume the classic book and related articles which put forward the first formal economic theory of the behaviour of bureaucracies. William Niskanen Jr. has consistently argued that bureaucrats have personal objectives – that differ from those of both their political supervisors and the general public – which they further by use of their monopoly power. He develops his argument to contend that government budgets have become too large and should be curtailed. All of Professor Niskanen’s major contributions to this field have been brought together in this one volume including his pioneering article on ‘The Peculiar Economics of Bureaucracy’, the full text of the book ‘Bureaucracy and Representative Government’ and his recent reassessment of the larger body of scholarship on the economics of bureaucracy. Learn More
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  11. the public choice approach to politics

    the public choice approach to politics

    Dennis C. Mueller
    The Public Choice Approach to Politics presents some of Dennis Mueller's most important contributions to public choice and public economics. Learn More
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  12. Property Rights and the Limits of Democracy

    Property Rights and the Limits of Democracy

    Edited by Charles K. Rowley
    Property rights lie at the heart of the economic success of any economy and the extent to which its citizens enjoy economic freedom. At a time when Eastern Europe is breaking free from the yoke of collectivist–socialist ideas, this book presents essays by four political economists evaluating a range of feasible reforms intended to breathe new life into constitutional republicanism. Learn More
    1993   Hardback Price: $ 168.00   Web: $ 151.20
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    Charles K. Rowley
    The Right to Justice reviews the history of legal services in the US from its origins in the 1890s to the multi-million dollar Federal program of the late 20th century. But this is no ordinary text. Charles Rowley skilfully shows how government transfers tend to be dissipated in competitive rent-seeking by special interest groups, that much of what is left tends to be subverted to the agendas of the more powerful groups and that the residuals tend to be inefficiently managed by a poorly monitored and ideologically motivated supply bureaucracy. The upshot is that customer preferences play little or no role in the allocation of resources within the legal services budget. Learn More
    1992   Hardback Price: $ 176.00   Web: $ 158.40
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    Keith M. Dowding
    This illuminating title applies rational choice theory to the power debate, demonstrating the fallacious arguments of all sides. Power is analysed as a bargaining game where the power of actors is assessed in terms of the resources to which they have access. By distinguishing luck from power it shows that many groups widely regarded as powerful are merely lucky, albeit as a result of systematic features of society. Learn More
    1991   Hardback Price: $ 145.00   Web: $ 130.50
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