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  1. Regional Security in the Asia Pacific

    Regional Security in the Asia Pacific

    Edited by Marika Vicziany, David Wright-Neville, Pete Lentini
    The September 2001 terrorist attacks shocked the world. But what did they change? In this book Asia specialists from academe and policy think tanks assess the impact of 9/11 on the Asia Pacific. Drawing on unique fieldwork, access to a wide range of documents and inside expertise, the authors consider how old geo-strategic and cultural fault lines have been overlaid with new security threats from state and non-state actors. With chapters on specific countries and regions, defense policies, terrorism, and current and potential conflict zones, this collection critically examines the Asia Pacific region’s post-9/11, as well as post-Iraq war, security architecture. Learn More
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    2004   Paperback Price: $ 74.00   Web: $ 59.20
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  2. Justice and Home Affairs in the EU

    Justice and Home Affairs in the EU

    Edited by Joanna Apap
    This topical book analyses the main difficulties facing both existing, and candidate, EU countries in the area of Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) on the eve of enlargement. It also presents an excellent compendium of constructive policy recommendations, which the authors believe are needed to pave the way towards and after enlargement. The policy recommendations reflect the richness and difficulty of the debate as well as the sensitivity of the issues at stake – seeking to strike a balance between security, liberty and justice in the EU at this challenging time. Learn More
    2004   Hardback Price: $ 164.00   Web: $ 147.60
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  3. Globalisation and the New Terror

    Globalisation and the New Terror

    Edited by David M. Jones
    This rigorously analytical yet readable book examines trends in new terror – understood here to be the capacity of sub-state actors to secure religious or politically motivated objectives by violent means. The contributors argue that whilst the use of violence to achieve political ends is scarcely original, what distinguishes new terror is its potential for lethality. This, combined with its evolving capacity to draw upon the resources of globalisation, particularly the revolution in communications which has advanced global markets, has also rendered them, and the more developed core states in the international trading order, increasingly vulnerable to asymmetric threats. Learn More
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  4. The Economics of Defence

    The Economics of Defence

    Edited by Keith Hartley, Todd Sandler
    This three-volume set presents over 100 of the most influential articles in defence economics, which have been selected for their enduring value and importance and for their contribution to an understanding of the field. Learn More
    2001   Hardback Price: $ 882.00   Web: $ 793.80
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  5. Security Issues in the Post-cold War World

    Security Issues in the Post-cold War World

    Edited by M. J. Davis
    Security Issues in the Post-Cold War World focuses on the changing international security agenda and the serious political instabilities – many rooted in ethnic nationalisms and long-standing border disputes – which have resurfaced with the end of the Cold War. After essays re-examining perennial security problems – including collective security, nuclear proliferation and environmental security – a series of regional studies focuses on the particular problems facing Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Learn More
    1996   Hardback Price: $ 145.00   Web: $ 130.50
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  6. The Economics of Defence, Disarmament and Peace

    The Economics of Defence, Disarmament and Peace

    Keith Hartley, Nick Hooper
    This major reference work is a comprehensive critical guide to the large and growing literature on the economics of defence, disarmament and peace. It covers the cost of defence spending and its effects on growth, investment, unemployment, technical change and other aspects of a nation’s economic performance. It includes material on the determinants of defence spending namely defence budgets, programme budgeting and procurement policy. It also deals with the economic impact of arms limitation, disarmament and the conversion from military production to products with peaceful uses. Learn More
    1990   Hardback Price: $ 270.00   Web: $ 243.00
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