1. The Political Economy of Ageing and Later Life

    The Political Economy of Ageing and Later Life

    Edited by Alan Walker, Liam Foster
    This timely new collection presents the most important and influential articles and papers on ageing and later life of the past half century. The editors examine policy creation and implementation, practice and critical gerontology including both feminist and international perspectives. Including an original introduction and key works not available in scholarly libraries, this is a critical assembly of work and will be of immense assistance to anyone looking to understand the consequences of our ageing population on society. Learn More
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  2. New Developments in the Economics of Population Ageing

    New Developments in the Economics of Population Ageing

    Edited by John Creedy, Ross Guest
    This volume provides an important collection of recent papers on the macroeconomic effects of population ageing. The articles are focused into three categories which cover the main channels through which population ageing affects national living standards: productivity and growth; consumption and saving; and labour market and fiscal effects. The papers have been selected for their clear and valuable contributions to this field of study. The book will be an essential reference volume for academic and public sector economists, policy makers and demographers. Learn More
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    Edited by John Creedy
    The fundamental role of individual ageing is something that everyone is necessarily aware of, and the division of the life cycle into a number of distinct stages has been recognised for many centuries. This volume collects 32 articles concerned with a variety of economic aspects of individual and population ageing. They have been arranged under four main headings as follows: individual ageing and the life cycle; population ageing; ageing and social insurance; and macroeconomic effects. The editor has prepared a fresh introduction to accompany the piece which aims to set the context and discuss some of the major issues. Learn More
    1995   Hardback Price: $ 373.00   Web: $ 335.70
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