1. The Economics of Social Policy

    The Economics of Social Policy

    Peter G. Rosner
    This unique book demonstrates how instruments of economics can be usefully employed to analyse social policy. The merits and limits of social policy programmes are discussed as answers to problems of market societies. Learn More
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  2. Contested Concepts in Gender and Social Politics

    Contested Concepts in Gender and Social Politics

    Edited by Barbara Hobson, Jane Lewis, Birte Siim
    An important contribution to the current literature on gender and social politics, this book challenges mainstream thinking on welfare states, citizenship, family, work, and social policy. Contested Concepts in Gender and Social Politics analyses the corresponding shifts in political discourse, and the changes in socio-political configurations that mirror changing gender relations. Learn More
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  3. The End of Marriage?

    The End of Marriage?

    Jane Lewis
    The modern day sees fewer marriages than before, and cohabitation is a major driver of family change. Jane Lewis questions whether this is – as many commentators argue and fear – a sign of ever-increasing individualism. Just as the order in which sex, marriage, cohabitation and childbirth occur can no longer be assumed, nor can the pattern of contributions that men and women make to the household. The End of Marriage? explores both the way in which the old rules have been eroded and what happens as a result. While there may certainly be something of a vacuum, Jane Lewis suggests that in some quarters at least this is being filled by increased negotiation at the household level. This questions the idea that individualism is necessarily selfish and destructive, which in turn raises issues regarding the regulation of the family, an increasingly delicate task for policymakers. Learn More
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  4. Globalisation and Social Development

    Globalisation and Social Development

    Edited by Ludo Cuyvers
    The impact of globalisation on social development is a critical issue for both developed and developing countries. In Globalisation and Social Development, leading experts investigate this from the perspective of European, and more specifically, Southeast Asian economies including Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam. Learn More
    2001   Hardback Price: $ 167.00   Web: $ 150.30
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  5. The Global Market for Higher Education

    The Global Market for Higher Education

    Tim Mazzarol, Geoffrey N. Soutar
    The authors of The Global Market for Higher Education discuss this industry from a strategic and services marketing perspective and suggest a model to explain how to obtain and maintain a competitive advantage. The book draws on more than ten years of research with students and educational institutions in a number of countries, using both secondary and primary data to develop the model. The results presented suggest that an institution’s internal resources are key determinants of its appropriate strategy. The authors also suggest that decision makers and education marketers take account of the appropriate market literature when developing international plans and considering new international markets. Learn More
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  6. Globalization and the Welfare State

    Globalization and the Welfare State

    Ramesh Mishra
    Globalization and the Welfare State is highly accessible and will be welcomed by students and scholars of social policy, social work, political science and sociology as well as by policymakers in international organizations and government. Learn More
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  7. Urban Affairs and Urban Policy

    Urban Affairs and Urban Policy

    Anthony Downs
    The articles in this book set forth fundamental policy analyses concerning all of the major elements of urban policy. Written in Downs’s exceptionally clear and compelling style they focus on the space-related dimensions of urban affairs, ranging from traffic congestion to telecommunications, education, and housing, with additional analyses of key aspects of real estate finance. Together, these essays form a veritable handbook of how to conduct urban policy analysis in many fields. The analysis and conclusions are directly relevant to the urban problems which are intensifying throughout the world today. Learn More
    1998   Hardback Price: $ 140.00   Web: $ 126.00
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    Jane Lewis
    The Voluntary Sector, the State and Social Work in Britain offers a different perspective which shows that Britain has always had a mixed economy of welfare with the voluntary sector playing a major role. This book traces the ideas and practice of one of the most influential voluntary organisations, the Charity Organisation Society, which became the Family Welfare Association in 1946. It examines the meaning of voluntary personal social service, which became social work, and the nature of the shifting balance in social provision between the voluntary and statutory sectors from the late nineteenth to the twentieth century. Learn More
    1995   Hardback Price: $ 132.00   Web: $ 118.80
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  9. Work and Citizenship in the New Europe

    Work and Citizenship in the New Europe

    Edited by Harry Coenen, Peter Leisink
    This innovative book presents new work by an international group of leading social scientists offers historical analysis and empirical description, as well as theoretical and political assessments, of work and citizenship in Europe. It examines the erosion of the welfare state, the emergence of poverty and the underclass, and the rights and duties connected with social citizenship. After a review of labour rights and obligations in the former socialist countries, it also assesses the state of industrial citizenship. It asks why the technological transformation of work tends to create segmentation and exclusion and argues for a debate about economic citizenship rights. Learn More
    1993   Hardback Price: $ 145.00   Web: $ 130.50
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