1. Feminism


    Edited by Susan M. Okin, Jane Mansbridge
    This important reference collection focuses on central issues in contemporary feminist debate. It includes sections on the critique of mainstream political theories, the feminist reconstruction of political concepts, the impact on moral theory of the ‘different voice’ ethic of care, and the equality/difference debate. Feminism includes the most important literature on the central themes of domination and subordination, essentialism, race and class. Learn More
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  2. The Politics of British Feminism, 1918–1970

    The Politics of British Feminism, 1918–1970

    Olive Banks
    The Politics of British Feminism traces the history of the women’s movement from the achievement of suffrage in 1918 to the revival of feminism in the late 1960s. Offering new insights into a neglected period of women’s history, Olive Banks seeks to place the women’s movement in its wider context while exploring the nature of anti-feminism, as well as feminism, over half a century of turbulent history. Learn More
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  3. Women and Social Policies in Europe

    Women and Social Policies in Europe

    Edited by Jane Lewis
    This thoroughly documented book provides an overview of social policies affecting women in Germany, Italy, Denmark, Britain, Ireland, Norway, France and Sweden. The central theme is the relationship between paid and unpaid work, something very few European governments have been prepared explicitly to address as a social issue and which has yet to enter the European Commission’s agenda. Learn More
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    Edited by Carol N. Jacklin
    This major four volume work provides a comprehensive and authoritative selection of the most important articles and papers in psychology and the behavioural sciences, central to gender studies. Each volume is deliberately designed to offer a definitive coverage of the literature and includes a new introductory essay by the editor, surveying the field and providing an integrative link between the articles and papers that are included. Comprehensive in coverage, these volumes will be an essential reference source for both psychologists, sociologists, and anthropologists concerned with gender studies in the behavioural sciences. Learn More
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