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  1. The Formation of a Labour Market in Russia

    The Formation of a Labour Market in Russia

    Simon Clarke
    The Russian labour market has been hailed by some economists as being ‘perfectly flexible’ because Russia has achieved enormous employment restructuring with minimal unemployment, and by others as plagued by rigidities since pay structures have been frozen, inequality has increased and job creation has been negligible. Such disagreements reflect both the lack of serious research on the formation of a labour market in Russia and the lack of theoretical agreement as to what constitutes a labour market. Learn More
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  2. Social and Economic Transformation in East Central Europe

    Social and Economic Transformation in East Central Europe

    Terry Cox, Bob Mason
    This book focuses not only on economic and political transformation since the demise of communism in Eastern and Central Europe, but also on the relationships between economic organization, social patterns and institutional change. Learn More
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  3. Structural Adjustment without Mass Unemployment?

    Structural Adjustment without Mass Unemployment?

    Edited by Simon Clarke
    Mass unemployment has usually been seen as a necessary accompaniment to major structural adjustment, yet in Russia, amid economic collapse, enormous structural changes have taken place with remarkably low levels of unemployment. Some have seen low unemployment as a sign that Russia has undergone no real changes, but others see it as a sign of a remarkably flexible labour market, with very high rates of labour turnover and extremes of wage differentiation allowing low-wage (and even no-wage) employment to persist in the old industries alongside the growth of a new private sector. On this interpretation, Russia shows to the world, in extreme form, both the benefits and the costs of labour market flexibility. Learn More
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  4. The SOciology of Politics

    The SOciology of Politics

    Edited by William Outhwaite, Luke Martell
    This scholarly collection presents some of the most important classical and contemporary texts of relevance to political sociology. Volume I offers an overview of the sociological approach to the concepts of power and the state; it examines state theory in the 1970s from both a Marxist and Capitalist point of view, the recent shift of political power from the state to other areas of society, this issue of citizenship, and the welfare state. Learn More
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  5. the sociology of the military

    the sociology of the military

    Edited by Giuseppe Caforio
    The Sociology of the Military is an authoritative selection of articles providing an historical overview of the field and illustrating the major directions of contemporary research. The book considers the forerunners to a sociology of the military and the research trends in America and the rest of the world. Topics covered include models for comparative research, the military profession and the relationship between military and civil society. Finally, the book explores new roles for the armed forces in our changing world. Learn More
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  6. Social Stratification

    Social Stratification

    Edited by John Holmwood
    This major new three volume reference collection includes both classic and contemporary papers and covers the main issues of stratification – status, class, occupation, gender, race and ethnicity. Each article represents a distinctive theoretical contribution which sets research agendas in its area. Together, the volumes offer a comprehensive treatment of issues which lie at the heart of social stratification and the modern discipline of sociology. Learn More
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  7. The Sociology of Gender

    The Sociology of Gender

    Edited by Sarah Franklin
    The Sociology of Gender combines 21 classic articles on this important topic with a broad-ranging editorial introduction. Emphasizing the categorical function of ‘gender’ as a social technology, this volume develops a unique approach to one of the most important areas of late twentieth century sociological thought. Combining accessible and specialized contributions to the sociology of gender, The Sociology of Gender demonstrates the vitality and breadth of gender theory within the social sciences as a whole. The book comprises a unique contribution to gender theory in its own right, while also providing an up- to- date and coherent selection of many of the key articles from the past 20 years addressed to sex and gender categories. Learn More
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    Edited by Graham Crow
    The Sociology of Rural Communities brings together material from a wide range of sources to cover the key issues in this field. Following the editorial introduction, the collection deals in successive chapters with theories of rural society, historical communities, economic and social change, the social impact of geographical mobility, social divisions, social conflicts and community development. The materials have been selected in order to include both classic articles and contemporary writings, and to convey the rich diversity of approaches which have been adopted in the study of rural society. Drawing from analyses of North America and Australasia as well as the UK and Continental Europe, the discussions highlight the centrality of analyses of rural community change for broader theories of social development. Learn More
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  9. The Sociology of the Sciences

    The Sociology of the Sciences

    Edited by Helga Nowotny, Klaus Taschwer
    The Sociology of the Sciences represents one of the most vivid fields in the social sciences today. From a former subfield of sociology, social studies of science and technology (STS) have transformed into a transdisciplinary field of research in its own right – reflecting the still growing dynamics of techno-science in modern societies. The two volume set, The Sociology of the Sciences, is an attempt to map out the broad range of contemporary studies covered in this transdisciplinary research field. The ten sections in the two volumes include selected articles from the most relevant areas of contemporary social studies of science, ranging from studies of scientific knowledge to science policy issues, from the gender-related questions in science to the relations between science and the public. Learn More
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  10. Early French Feminisms, 1830–1940

    Early French Feminisms, 1830–1940

    Felicia Gordon, Máire Cross
    Early French Feminisms, 1830–1940 is a source book of personal and political writings by Flora Tristan, Pauline Roland, Jeanne Deroin, Hélène Brion and Madeleine Pelletier, five key individuals in the development of women’s rights in France. Learn More
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  11. Social Theory and the Crisis of State Socialism

    Social Theory and the Crisis of State Socialism

    Larry Ray
    Drawing on a wide range of social theory, Social Theory and the Crisis of State Socialism offers a comparative analysis of the democratic revolutions, combining historical understanding with accounts of the crisis of communism in Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland and Russia. Larry Ray identifies contradictions within Soviet societies, developing a theory of crisis management that accounts both for the survival of the system over several decades and for its eventual failure. Learn More
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    Edited by Michael Harloe
    The Sociology of Urban Communities provides an authoritative collection of over 60 key articles by leading international contributors to urban sociology, together with an introductory article by the editor. The coverage is comprehensive, ranging from work on the role of cities in the transition from feudalism to capitalism and the nineteenth century origins of urban sociology, through the classic writings associated with the Chicago School and the Marxist new urban sociology of the 1960s and 1970s. The collection is completed by sections which focus on the urban consequences of contemporary economic restructuring and work which reflects recent developments in the sociology of gender, space and postmodernism. Learn More
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  13. Economic Sociology

    Economic Sociology

    Edited by Richard Swedberg
    This volume contains many of the classic articles in economic sociology, both from the early period (especially Max Weber and Joseph Schumpeter) and from the current generation (such as Mark Granovetter and Viviana Zelizer). Learn More
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    Edited by Jerzy Hausner, Bob Jessop, Klaus Nielsen
    Strategic Choice and Path-Dependency in Post-Socialism focuses on the distinctive institutional legacies of state socialism and their impact on the transformation of Poland, Hungary and the former Czechoslovakia. Strategic dilemmas and problems of institutional design involved in the transition from state socialism to democratic and market-orientated societies are also addressed in this ground breaking volume. Learn More
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  15. The Sociology of Religion

    The Sociology of Religion

    Edited by Steve Bruce
    These two volumes of significant writings in the sociology of religion begin with statements of major theoretical positions. Parsons, Bellah, Berger and Luckmann are represented here, as are modern writers in the rational choice school. The changing place of religion has been a major concern for sociologists and the selections include 17 central texts in the debate over secularization. Other areas covered are the forms of religious organization; the nature of conversion, recruitment and commitment; new religious movements; religion and politics; and the links between religion, magic and rationality. Learn More
    1995   Hardback Price: $ 651.00   Web: $ 585.90
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    Edited by Terry Lovell
    Feminist Cultural Studies is a key reference collection covering a broad spectrum including ethnographic studies, audiences and reading, culture in the making of subjectivity, and popular culture such as film, television, dance, make-up and advertising. Other areas addressed include contemporary theory and method, the uses of the female body as a cultural product, and the inter-relationship of ‘race’ and ethnicity in the cultural construction of gender. This collection includes seminal essays by well-known writers such as Susan Bordo, Hazel Carby, Sue-Ellen Case, Rita Felski, Jane Gaines, Susan Gubar, Angela McRobbie, Toril Moi, Toni Morrison, Laura Mulvey, Janice Radway, Jacqueline Rose, Gayatry Spivak, Carolyn Steedman, Catherine Stimpson, Elizabeth Wilson and many others. Learn More
    1995   Hardback Price: $ 637.00   Web: $ 573.30
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    Edited by William C. Cockerham
    The Sociology of Medicine is a collection of essays and research findings representing the work of medical sociologists in several different countries which focus on current ideas, concepts and issues in medical sociology. The selections provide a contemporary overview of the field in the following areas: sociological theory and health, social factors and disease, social demography, social stress, health and illness behaviour, alternative forms of medicine, health professions and occupations, hospitals, and health care delivery and social change. Learn More
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  18. The Workers’ Movement in Russia

    The Workers’ Movement in Russia

    Simon Clarke, Peter Fairbrother, Vadim Borisov
    This major book surveys the development of the new workers’ movement in Russia under perestroika to understand how it connected with the workers at shop floor level and the national and local political authorities to whom it addressed its demands, and whose development it sought to influence. Learn More
    1995   Hardback Price: $ 183.00   Web: $ 164.70
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  19. The Sociology of Development

    The Sociology of Development

    Edited by Bryan R. Roberts, Robert G. Cushing, Charles H. Wood
    This new authoritative two-volume set contains a selection of the most important articles and papers spanning over 30 years on the sociology of development. It is divided under 14 succinct headings covering the main areas of the field, including: Antecedents, Modernization Theory, Dependency, the Global Economy, the Urban and the Rural, Gender and Ethnicity, Environment and Sustainable Development. The editors do not limit their selection of articles on the sociology of development to just one country – papers are included on Africa, Latin America, China, Mexico as well as more general articles on the developing world. The editors have also written an introduction to accompany the piece, explaining their selection of articles chosen. Learn More
    1995   Hardback Price: $ 644.00   Web: $ 579.60
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    Edited by Barbara Einhorn, Eileen J. Yeo
    Women and Market Societies explores the problems and possibilities for women which arise from the transition to a market economy in East Asia, the dismantling of state socialism in Eastern Europe and the restructuring of the economies and welfare states Learn More
    1995   Hardback Price: $ 145.00   Web: $ 130.50
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