1. Social Capital in Business

    Social Capital in Business

    Edited by Kenneth W. Koput, Joseph P. Broschak
    Innovative social investments are key to succeeding in the increasingly connected business environment. Within this authoritative volume, the editors have brought together seminal works which will help managers and entrepreneurs to better understand how to forge investments in social relationships to match the unique needs and circumstances of their business. Rather than comprising a social capital menu from which businesses can order by mimicking others, the selected articles in this volume provide a foundation to grasp the social mechanisms at work in the generation and use of social capital. This important collection provides both scholarly and lay readers an opportunity to weigh the evidence of social capital’s limits as well as its promise. Learn More
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  2. The Economics of Health Behaviours

    The Economics of Health Behaviours

    Edited by John Cawley, Donald S. Kenkel
    This three-volume set brings together the most important and interesting papers on the economics of health behaviours such as smoking, drinking, drug use, and risky sex. Volume I explores the theoretical foundations; it also includes empirical papers on the household production of health and the link between schooling and health. Volume II covers research into the prediction and explanations of health behaviours and into the labour market consequences of unhealthy behaviour. Volume III features interactions between health behaviours and the impact of related public policies. This authoritative collection will be of particular interest to economists, social scientists and health services researchers. Learn More
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  3. Welfare States: Construction, Deconstruction, Reconstruction

    Welfare States: Construction, Deconstruction, Reconstruction

    Edited by Stephan Leibfried, Steffen Mau
    In this three-volume collection Leibfried and Mau have gathered together the most vital articles about the welfare state and its ‘reformation’ written since the mid-1970s. Their choices and organizing principles bring coherence and additional insight to these articles which, together, provide a comprehensive presentation of all the key empirical, conceptual and normative issues. Learn More
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  4. New Developments in the Economics of Population Ageing

    New Developments in the Economics of Population Ageing

    Edited by John Creedy, Ross Guest
    This volume provides an important collection of recent papers on the macroeconomic effects of population ageing. The articles are focused into three categories which cover the main channels through which population ageing affects national living standards: productivity and growth; consumption and saving; and labour market and fiscal effects. The papers have been selected for their clear and valuable contributions to this field of study. The book will be an essential reference volume for academic and public sector economists, policy makers and demographers. Learn More
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  5. Economics of Family Law

    Economics of Family Law

    Edited by Margaret F. Brinig
    The articles within this book explore a range of family law issues and include discussions on a variety of topics including cohabitation, births outside marriage, courtship, premarital contracting, marriage and parenting. The volume includes papers on the division of responsibilities between family and state, the effects of no-fault divorce, alimony, property division and child custody. There are also works on intergenerational transfers and the elderly. Learn More
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  6. Patterns of Work in the Post-Fordist Era

    Patterns of Work in the Post-Fordist Era

    Edited by Huw Beynon, Theo Nichols
    Although the activities of large industrial and financial corporations dominate economies around the world, their impact on the distribution of employment and the use of new production techniques is much disputed. In this two-volume set, the editors examine the changes which have taken place in the organization of work and the nature of employment over the last half century. Learn More
    2006   Hardback Price: $ 670.00   Web: $ 603.00
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  7. Social Planning

    Social Planning

    Edited by Jessie P.H. Poon, Kenneth Button, Peter Nijkamp
    This volume presents a careful selection of the key contributions to social planning produced by leading scholars in the field. It addresses the many ethical and distributional matters which enter into planning processes. Many of these concern the involvement of social values and norms into otherwise positive structures. This authoritative collection includes not only papers which look at social planning from an abstract, academic perspective but also more applied work in the field. Learn More
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  8. The Fordism of Ford and Modern Management

    The Fordism of Ford and Modern Management

    Edited by Huw Beynon, Theo Nichols
    In an attempt to make sense of changes that have taken place in the workplace worldwide, especially since the last quarter of the twentieth century, the two concepts of Fordism and Post-Fordism are often invoked. These volumes perform a valuable service to social scientists in bringing together important previously published contributions which explore this field. Learn More
    2006   Hardback Price: $ 586.00   Web: $ 527.40
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  9. The Economics of Crime

    The Economics of Crime

    Edited by Isaac Ehrlich, Zhiqiang Liu
    This authoritative and comprehensive collection contains the most important published papers and articles on the economics of crime. It presents a variety of different perspectives and will be an essential reference source for both researchers and policymakers. The book examines the theory and methodology of the economics of law enforcement and crime prevention as they affect both public authorities and private individuals. It explores the economics of organized crime from the point of view of the criminal, but also considers the costs to the community of criminal acts and their effects. It studies the causes of crime and the costs and effectiveness of deterrence and punishment. Learn More
    2006   Hardback Price: $ 1,211.00   Web: $ 1,089.90
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  10. New Developments in Economic Sociology

    New Developments in Economic Sociology

    Edited by Richard Swedberg
    Economic sociology has gone through an explosive development, both in the United States and in Europe, in recent years. These new developments are well represented in this work. Articles by key economic sociologists, such as Mark Granovetter, Pierre Bourdieu and Viviana Zelizer, have been included as well as studies by members of a new and rising generation. The topics that are covered include several classical ones, which modern economic sociologists have worked on for a long time, such as firms, markets, networks and the economics/sociology interface. During the last few years several studies have also appeared which deal with new areas, such as finance, law and economics, and entrepreneurship. The reader will finally also be able to follow recent advances in the understanding of the classics in economic sociology, including Weber, Schumpeter and Polanyi. The result is a colourful and unorthodox two volume collection which will be of interest to scholars and researchers alike. Learn More
    2005   Hardback Price: $ 708.00   Web: $ 637.20
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  11. New Developments in Environmental Sociology

    New Developments in Environmental Sociology

    Edited by Michael R. Redclift, Graham Woodgate
    This outstanding collection, which is a fully up to date companion to the title The Sociology of the Environment, published in 1995, represents a landmark in a field of academic research that is increasingly important for wider policy questions. Learn More
    2005   Hardback Price: $ 381.00   Web: $ 342.90
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  12. The Economics of Affirmative Action

    The Economics of Affirmative Action

    Edited by Harry J. Holzer, David Neumark
    2004   Hardback Price: $ 419.00   Web: $ 377.10
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  13. Competing Capitalisms: Institutions and Economies

    Competing Capitalisms: Institutions and Economies

    Edited by Richard Whitley
    This authoritative collection brings together the leading contributions to the comparative study of forms of capitalism. An introductory essay presents the context in which these contributions developed, discusses the major issues raised by such comparative work, and suggests likely future developments. Learn More
    2002   Hardback Price: $ 625.00   Web: $ 562.50
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  14. Economic Theory and the Welfare State

    Economic Theory and the Welfare State

    Edited by Nicholas Barr
    This authoritative collection brings together 100 key articles on the subject of the welfare state selected by one of the world’s leading experts. The first volume discusses the economic theory and related matters which underpin analysis of the welfare state. Volume II is about income transfers, especially social security benefits and poverty relief. Volume III looks at benefits in kind, particularly health care and education. This important work provides an analytical background to the subject whilst illustrating the vast array of literature available. It will be invaluable to students and professionals alike. Learn More
    2001   Hardback Price: $ 1,195.00   Web: $ 1,075.50
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  15. Regulation Theory and the Crisis of Capitalism

    Regulation Theory and the Crisis of Capitalism

    Edited by Bob Jessop
    This five-volume collection (with individual volumes available separately) provides a comprehensive overview of the regulation approach to capitalism and its crisis-tendencies. Edited by a major British contributor to the approach, the collection includes not only key theoretical and empirical works from leading French regulationists but also representative work from other regulation schools and scholars. It also includes major critiques of the approach. Topics covered include regulationist approaches to the labour process, accumulation regimes (especially Fordism and post-Fordism), modes of social regulation, forms of state intervention, and the crisis tendencies of capitalism. Contributions cover different periods and different countries as well as different sectors and the changing global economy as a whole. The set includes both pioneer works and recent theoretical innovations and also explores the links between regulationism and other approaches, such as institutionalism, radical geography, critical discourse analysis, and feminism. This collection will be an essential reference work in institutional and evolutionary economics, in radical political economy, and in all social science disciplines concerned with capitalism and its crisis-tendencies. Learn More
    2001   Hardback Price: $ 1,614.00   Web: $ 1,452.60
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  16. Income Maintenance Policy

    Income Maintenance Policy

    Edited by Michael Hill
    This authoritative collection, which includes a new introduction surveying the fields, contains key contributions from the comparative literature on the politics of income maintenance policy. In recent years theoretical work has been dominated by Gøsta Esping-Andersen’s regime theory. This volume demonstrates how that theory, together with arguments on convergence and path-dependency, has been applied to the comparative study of income maintenance policy. It highlights issues about the difference between social insurance and social assistance and about the important differences in the way women and families are treated. The collection looks at the literature that seeks to explain cutbacks, or their absence, highlighting issues about pensions policy. Learn More
    2001   Hardback Price: $ 312.00   Web: $ 280.80
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  17. The Sociology of Race and Ethnicity

    The Sociology of Race and Ethnicity

    Edited by Malcolm Cross
    The Sociology of Race and Ethnicity is a comprehensive collection of the most significant articles to appear in the last thirty years. It presents the major ideas and approaches in this branch of sociology and covers the main themes in European debates as well as race-related questions in North America. Learn More
    2001   Hardback Price: $ 967.00   Web: $ 870.30
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  18. The Foundations of the Welfare State

    The Foundations of the Welfare State

    Edited by Robert E. Goodin, Deborah Mitchell
    This three-volume compendium reproduces all the key texts on the welfare state – its rise and fall, its varying rationales and instrumentalities, its different forms in different periods and different places. Political history and social theory are interspersed with sociology and economics, and neo-liberal analyses sit alongside socialist and feminist ones, making for an invigorating blend of opposing perspectives. Anglo-American experiences are contrasted not just with those of Germany and Scandinavia but also with Japan and Taiwan, Italy and Hungary, Australia and South Asia, thus highlighting the many distinct styles of welfare states and the distinctive social, economic, political and cultural forces driving them. The juxtaposition of all the standard texts alongside many others which are deeply revealing but virtually unknown makes this an indispensable reference source for all serious students of the welfare state. Learn More
    2000   Hardback Price: $ 960.00   Web: $ 864.00
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  19. Gender and Migration

    Gender and Migration

    Edited by Katie Willis, Brenda Yeoh
    This volume demonstrates the ways in which a gender perspective has been incorporated into existing themes and methods of migration research and has also led to the development of new areas of interest. It draws together the most important published articles on gender and migration in North America, Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia in order to highlight major theoretical developments relating to employment, gender relations, household organisation, identity, citizenship, transnationalism and migration policy. In the introduction the editors provide an overview of these key developments in gender and migration research, as well as suggesting topics for future research. Learn More
    2000   Hardback Price: $ 320.00   Web: $ 288.00
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  20. Education Policy

    Education Policy

    Edited by James Marshall, Michael Peters
    There have been dramatic changes in education policy throughout the world in the final quarter of the 20th Century. This important volume presents an invaluable collection of previously published and specially commissioned articles which capture these major changes in educational policy. Learn More
    1999   Hardback Price: $ 494.00   Web: $ 444.60
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