1. Advances in Critical Policy Studies series

    Series editors: Frank Fischer, Rutgers University, New Jersey, US, Holger Strassheim, Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany, Steven Griggs, De Montfort University, UK and Laureen Elgert, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, US

    The Advances in Critical Policy Studies series offers scholars and practitioners an innovative and interdisciplinary forum to further the understanding and analysis of public policy. Critical policy studies as a field of inquiry has emerged as an effort to understand policy processes not only in terms of apparent inputs and outputs, but more importantly in terms of the interests, values, and normative assumptions that shape and inform the practices of policy-making. Led by distinguished series editors, and supported by an esteemed international advisory board, this series brings together critical approaches to policy studies and invites scholars to engage actively with the interpretive interplay between normative and empirical perspectives, as well as qualitative and quantitative methodological issues. The audience for the Advances in Critical Policy Studies series is global, and books in the series will appeal to those interested in public policy analysis, political theory and analysis, governance, discourse and deliberation, interpretive analysis, policy practices, and methodological issues.

Books in this series

  1. Critical Policy Discourse Analysis

    Critical Policy Discourse Analysis

    Edited by Nicolina Montesano Montessori, Michael Farrelly, Jane Mulderrig
    This book provides a series of contemporary and international policy case studies analysed through discursive methodological approaches in the traditions of critical discourse analysis, social semiotics and discourse theory. This is the first volume that connects this discursive methodology systematically to the field of critical policy analysis and will therefore be an essential book for researchers who wish to include a discursive analysis in their critical policy research. Learn More
    2019   Hardback Price: $ 145.00   Web: $ 130.50
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  2. Public Banks in the Age of Financialization

    Public Banks in the Age of Financialization

    Edited by Christoph Scherrer
    This book asks the important question of whether public banks are a better alternative to profit-seeking private banks. Do public banks provide finance for development? Do they serve as stability anchors in financial markets? What kind of governance keeps public banks accountable to the public? Theoretically the book draws on the works of Minsky for the question on stability and on interpretative policy analysis for the issue of governance. It compares empirically three countries with significant public banks: Brazil, Germany, and India. Learn More
    2017   Hardback Price: $ 145.00   Web: $ 130.50
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  3. The Two Faces of Institutional Innovation

    The Two Faces of Institutional Innovation

    Leonardo Avritzer
    This book evaluates democratic innovations to allow a full analysis of the different practices that have emerged recently in Latin America. These innovations, often viewed in a positive light by a large section of democratic theorists, engendered the idea that all innovations are democratic and all democratic innovations are able to foster citizenship – a view challenged by this work. The book also evaluates the expansion of innovation to the field of judicial institutions. It will benefit democratic theorists by presenting a realistic analysis of the positive and negative aspects of democratic innovation. Learn More
    2017   Hardback Price: $ 110.00   Web: $ 99.00
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    2019   Paperback Price: $ 39.95   Web: $ 31.96
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