1. Buckingham Studies in Money, Banking and Central Banking

    Series editor: Tim Congdon, CBE, Professor and Chairman, Institute of International Monetary Research, University of Buckingham, UK

Books in this series

  1. Money in the Great Recession

    Money in the Great Recession

    Edited by Tim Congdon
    No issue is more fundamental in contemporary macroeconomics than the causes of the recent Great Recession. The standard view is that the banks were to blame because they took on too much risk, ‘went bust’ and had to be bailed out by governments. But very few banks actually had losses in excess of their capital. The counter-argument presented in this stimulating new book is that the Great Recession was in fact caused by a collapse in the rate of change of the quantity of money. The book’s argument echoes that on the causes of the Great Depression made by Friedman and Schwartz in their classic book A Monetary History of the United States. Learn More
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