1. Critical Ideas in Economics series

    Series editors: Kevin D. Hoover, Duke University, US and the late Mark Blaug, formerly of the University of London and University of Buckingham, UK

    This major new series will be an essential reference source for students, researchers and lecturers in economics. Each volume - prepared by a leading specialist - focuses on the concept widely used in economics, the historic uses and abuses of that concept, and the impact that the concept has had on the terms of references in the field of economics. The series is an important landmark in economics publishing, and will make a major contribution both to research and teaching. It will improve access to important areas of literature which will not be available in the archives of many of the newer libraries.

Books in this series

  1. Competition


    Edited by Jack High
    Competition follows the development of the idea, as an analytical tool and also as a policy ideal, from Adam Smith through the marginal revolution to the modern concept of perfect competition. The editor’s original introductory essay shows how the scope of competition has narrowed in modern times. It also emphasizes the distinctions between competition as an end state and competition as a process. Learn More
    2001   Hardback Price: $ 312.00   Web: $ 280.80
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  2. Economic Welfare

    Economic Welfare

    Edited by Tyler Cowen
    Economic Welfare presents an important collection of leading writings in the fields of policy evaluation. The volume focuses on the conceptual issues behind welfare economics, drawing upon contributions from economics, moral philosophy and social philosophy. The selected readings are designed to present the case both for and against extant approaches to economic welfare. Learn More
    2000   Hardback Price: $ 419.00   Web: $ 377.10
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  3. Equilibrium


    Edited by Donald A. Walker
    The concept of equilibrium is of enormous significance in economics and is central to economic analysis. Volume I provides historical perspectives on the origins, development and criticisms of the idea of economic equilibrium and explains the meaning of modern equilibrium theory and the methods and techniques that are used. Volume II presents the classic literature on perfectly competitive equilibrium and the important models that explore equilibrium in imperfectly competitive markets. Volume III reveals the variety of recent developments and applications of the equilibrium concept, including stationary, temporary, underemployment, growth, rational expectations, Bayesian, and cooperative and non-cooperative game theoretic equilibrium. Learn More
    2000   Hardback Price: $ 1,059.00   Web: $ 953.10
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  4. Economic Regulation

    Economic Regulation

    Edited by Paul L. Joskow
    Beyond the New Public Management is an important book which provides a comprehensive analysis of current conceptual debates in public management and governance; and critically reviews attempts made over the last two decades to apply the ‘new public management’ model in developed and developing countries. Learn More
    2000   Hardback Price: $ 419.00   Web: $ 377.10
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