1. Current Issues in Ecological Economics series

    Series editors: Sylvie Faucheux, Martin O'Connor, Université de Versailles-Saint Quentin en Yvelines, France, John Proops, formerly of Keele University, UK and Jan van der Straaten, European Centre for Nature Conservation, The Netherlands and formerly of Tilburg University, The Netherlands

    The field of ecological economics has emerged as a result of the need for all social sciences to be brought together in new ways to respond to global environmental problems. This major series aims to present and define the state-of-the-art in this young and yet fast-developing discipline. This series cuts through the vast literature on the subject to present the key tenets and principal problems, techniques and solutions in ecological economics. It is the essential starting point for any practical or theoretical analysis of economy-environment interactions and will provide the basis for future developments within the discipline.

Books in this series

  1. Sustainable Development Indicators in Ecological Economics

    Sustainable Development Indicators in Ecological Economics

    Edited by Philip Lawn
    Since the late 1980s and early 1990s, national governments have introduced a range of policy measures designed to steer their economies along a more sustainable path. Yet how are we to know how successful these have been? This significant new book discusses the ways in which sustainable development indicators can be improved in order to both assess the impact of past policies and avoid the repetition of previous failings. Learn More
    2006   Hardback Price: $ 196.00   Web: $ 176.40
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  2. Modelling in Ecological Economics

    Modelling in Ecological Economics

    Edited by John Proops, Paul Safonov
    This book focuses on modelling in ecological economics and offers a comprehensive overview of current and emerging methods of applying mathematical, computational and conceptual methods to environmental issues. Learn More
    2005   Hardback Price: $ 127.00   Web: $ 114.30
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  3. The Ecological Economics of Consumption

    The Ecological Economics of Consumption

    Edited by Lucia A. Reisch, Inge Røpke
    Research on consumption from an environmental perspective has exploded since the late 1990s. This important new volume cuts across disciplines to present the latest research in the field. Learn More
    2005   Hardback Price: $ 146.00   Web: $ 131.40
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  4. Environmental Thought

    Environmental Thought

    Edited by Edward A. Page, John Proops
    During the past twenty years there has been an explosive growth in research into environmental issues from a social science perspective. Ecological economics, in particular, has emerged as a true transdiscipline which seeks to conceptualise environmental concerns, thus allowing for the formulation of appropriate policy measures. This volume takes stock of this emerging body of work and offers an authoritative insight into current environmental thought. Learn More
    2003   Hardback Price: $ 151.00   Web: $ 135.90
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  5. Waste in Ecological Economics

    Waste in Ecological Economics

    Edited by Katy Bisson, John Proops
    Waste is a quintessentially ecological economic issue. The generation of waste is rooted in the very laws of nature, but waste is also a social construct, and what we understand to be waste has evolved with human societies. Therefore, a crucial issue in modern waste management is the understanding of attitudes towards waste. This book examines the ecological economics approach to waste, its conceptualisation and management. Learn More
    2002   Hardback Price: $ 127.00   Web: $ 114.30
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  6. Nature and Agriculture in the European Union

    Nature and Agriculture in the European Union

    Edited by Floor Brouwer, Jan van der Straaten
    Nature and agriculture both shape the European countryside and one of the main challenges for the years to come will be to strengthen their interaction for the future development of rural areas. In this valuable and highly topical book, the authors demonstrate how economics and ecology can play a critical role in maintaining and sustaining this relationship. The book identifies the dilemmas facing European agriculture and explores their economic and ecological consequences. The authors believe a better understanding of these problems will be crucial in recognising the potential options for the future role of agriculture and nature policy and will guide the identification of suitable policy instruments. Learn More
    2002   Hardback Price: $ 152.00   Web: $ 136.80
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  7. Greening the Accounts

    Greening the Accounts

    Edited by Sandrine Simon, John Proops
    This path-breaking book shows how green accounting can be compatible with ecological economics and how it can contribute to the implementation of sustainability. It explores the history and methodology of green accounting and describes the state-of-the-art construction of green accounts in individual countries. The authors first provide an overview of the history of national accounting and its place in the debate concerning sustainability. In particular they address the social role that accounts play, the relationship of national accounts to economic traditions, and the relationship between green national accounts and ecological economics. They go on to describe issues related to the history of green accounts and the methodologies adopted, and discuss the Dutch experience with the NAMEA system, the use of input–output analysis in national accounting and the conceptual issues raised by green accounting. Finally, the authors show how green accounts are being constructed and used in various countries, by both national governments and corporate businesses. The book features new case studies of green national accounting in Europe, Africa and Canada, the UK experience in establishing green accounts and the process of greening business accounts. Learn More
    2000   Hardback Price: $ 145.00   Web: $ 130.50
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